December 16, 2009

Blonde Moment #13-14

I left yesterday morning with a long list full of stuff to accomplish. I even left the house on time.
Dropped Linds off at school and headed for destination #1: My dentist.
I got on the interstate and proceeded to drive right on by the exit.  How did I do that? I have not a clue. I don’t think I have ever done this before. I was 7 minutes late. I loathe being late. And for this, I had to have x-rays. I know they did this part just to make me suffer. I asked  mid x-ray, “hey, do they make those cardboard thingies in a bigger size? I don’t feel that my mouth is bleeding yet.”  
I then headed to my many other stops. All is good.I got many items checked off my list.
I get home, had a little bit of sushi for lunch. (I want the name of the guy who put crab in my California rolls!) 
I changed my ‘running errand clothes’ to gym shorts and a tank and lost the cute sandals to my flips. I then headed out to pick up Lo from the bus stop. We came home, I had some cleaning to do. (thank you cat that threw up on my couch!)
As I was bustling around the house and getting ready for us to run to our next destination, I caught a glimpse of my feet.
Left foot.
Right foot.
See anything wrong with this?
I am not stressed about Christmas.
I am not stressed about our party on Saturday. Really.
I don’t know what to blame this on.


  1. least they sort of match?? Hehehe, that is adorable. I am sending you some Chinese zen for your party. It will be great! Everyone will love it!

    I hate those thingies at the dentist too. Blech. They make me gag everytime.

  2. Oh. my. goodness!!!! Too funny! Don't stress out--just enjoy the beautiful time of love and laughter that the holidays bring to us!

  3. I don't see a thing wrong. At. All.

    Your local t.v. station just announced that your party is going to be the social event of the year. So it's a foregone conclusion. Enjoy!

  4. Don't stress out...even if you just served peanut butter and jelly everybody would have a blast! So relax! : )

    And yes, I hate those cardboard thingies too. :p

  5. i think you should definitely wear those shoes to the party :) i will wear two different shoes, too. no. maybe i won't. but it is the thought that counts? haha!

    you have never driven by an exit before? wow. you probably wouldn't have been late if you just slammed on the brakes and backed up :)

  6. Too funny! I worked with a lady once who came to work wearing one black pump and one navy!

  7. Suz, you're so cute!!! My mother did that once at work. She probably would have never noticed, nor would have her coworkers, since she normally would have been sitting behind a desk all day. But, this particular day, her boss asked all the employees to stand up and join him in a big circle while they remembered a coworker who had recently passed. So, here they are, all standing around, holding hands, heads bowed, when my mother spots her shoes. To make matters worse, so did her friend next to her, who started the nudge train. Soon there was a small group of them, all stifling their giggles in the middle of what should have been a sober moment!!! She's still mortified, and that happened nearly 20 years ago!!!!

  8. that is not stressed that is 'mach 3' with your hair on fire and the wrong shoes on!!!
    at least you weren't wearing socks!!! awesome, i love the busy holiday i love that i am not alone in this and your girls are too precious for words!! you need to send me that thing you posted about a while back the deal where you upload to your blog faster then the way i do it. i don't have time to upload and blog at all right now and some helpful quickies would really come in handy. i think it was some kind of windows upload to blogger. you said it was much faster then before and easier to manipulate too. merry christmas!!

  9. I'm sure I've done that in the past. More than once, actually. Just act like you MEANT to wear two different shoes;)

    Cardboard dental x-ray thingies are the Devil's spawn.

  10. I'm just jealous that you're in flip flops and shorts in December.

  11. HOLY CATS no way?
    Those xray things are like the absolute WORST.
    And it is snowing here. Not exactly sandal weather, and you are torturing me!

  12. Too funny. Did the xrays cause this - yeh it was the xray.

  13. I'd go with the black ones, they are more slimming.

    yes, I read your post---I just wanted to see if you even remembered what you wrote about. HA!

  14. LOL, that is hysterical!!! They must be exactly the same sole thickness for you not to notice!!!

  15. I thought you were just in the vanguard of a new fashion trend. Or perhaps you're serving Black- and White- Label at your party?

  16. I looked at that picture for quite some time and I can't seem to find a thing wrong? Hmmm...

  17. What? I don't see anything wrong with that.

    It's fashion, baby! :-D

    Now celebrate with a two-toned martini, you deserve it!

    (hope all went well at the dentist!)

  18. LMAO :)


    I am stressed out about my party, but thats because it is tomorrow! I have almost NOTHING done! ugh.. why am I blogging....

    you are addicting Suz. If I wear mis-matched shoes tomorrow, I am blaming it on you :) lol

  19. Funny Suz...Reminded me of the time I wore my slippers to the mall... Yipes!!!! ha ha ....

    I'd do most anything to keep from going to the dentist...My problem goes back to my childhood when our dentist NEVER used novacaine. Yipes!!!! NO FUN!!!

    Hope tomorrow is another 'interesting' day for you.

  20. Perhaps people thought it was a fashion statement?

  21. This is SO something I would do. Thank you for making the rest of us feel better.
    I scrolled down to see cutie-pa-tootie daughters dancing and ball playing. How sweet that your dad loved both. : )

  22. lmao bwahahahahahaha now that is so cute and so funny!
    only you, suz,,,,


  23. Nobody brought this to your attention because OBVIOUSLY it was intentional - a fashion statement by someone on the bleeding edge!

    Tooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

  24. O.M.G. I've done that. Of course mine weren't even the same style, and I was working at the time. No one said a word all day.

  25. Nice toes! Oh I miss flip flops! I have an award for you at my blog :)

  26. You crack me up girl! This is exactly how I feel right now. Next time I go out I'll have to make an effort to check my feet after reading your post. Oh, I love the picture of the girls! It's so sweet!

  27. I forgot to ask what turn off to take to get to your party. AND I'm coming to Florida in May so watch out!

  28. Well at least they are the same style sandals - lol! And I'm jealous, I won't be wearing sandals for another 4-5 months!

  29. So you wore these how long before noticing? The good news, no one else noticed. My niece and I once traded one shoe with each other and went shopping around the mall for a couple hours. No. One. Noticed. We finally sat down and dangled our feet out where people could see them. Nothing. nada. Zip.
    People don't pay attention!

    And yeah it's 30 degrees here so how dare you wear those flip flops...

  30. You are so funny - especially because you are so NORMAL. I have driven past my exit before, lost deep in thought. And yes, who designed those #@%&*?! x-ray cardboard things? I'd like to have a CHAT with that sadist.

    As for your shoes, we had a darling nurse in the hospital who came in one day wearing one brown and one black clog. She said she had gotten dressed in the dark. She was a beautiful blonde, too. =) XO

  31. Whoa!!!lol...Could it have been the guy who put crab in your sushi that was responsible for...this? Looking on the bright side, at least you got a lot of things done. Never mind the mismatched sandals. At least your feet were looking so pretty with those red pedicured nails.

  32. I am stuck on the fact that you are wearing sandals and obviously shorts to notice that you are wearing 2 different sandals. I can hardly wrap my head around the thought of stepping outside my house without being bundled up and boots on. Man I'm jealous! Hope your party is lots and lots of fun! XX

  33. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA HA! OH MY GOSH so funny. I am going to pray that your party is wonderfully fun! You do a great job every year. And I know you will photograph beautifully! How could you not? You are gorgeous as can be!


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