November 17, 2009

The upside of Face Book; reuniting with an old bully.

I have touched on it before; high school sucked big ol’ lemons for me.

Mid way through 10th grade I moved again. I was at my third high school.

We all know how wonderful and welcoming teenage girls are to each other, but imagine being 5 ft nothing and 80 lbs. I was quiet. I was nervous. I was terrified of being ‘jumped’ in this huge school in the middle of the ‘hood. I was approached in the hallways to buy drugs … I saw and heard things I had only seen on TV documentaries.

I was living the opposite of “green acres”….this was not the place for me.

It took some time, but I finally settled in. I had a circle of friends and I was going to survive…but there was a thorn in my side…at the end of my school days…and my thorn was the ‘bus bully.’

The bus bully was a real humdinger. She had no reason to be mean to me other than she was a mean spirited beyotch. Oh how I loathed her. Oh, how I wished a dozen curses on her.

Well, my wish has been granted. kinda. One of my Face Book friends just became ‘friends’ with the bully. (apparently she only bullied short/skinny/new chicks)

I was able to see a picture of the bully.

Oh my lucky day!!! Thank you SO much karma. BB has not only been hit with the ugly stick several hundred times, she was also run over by the ‘horrid hair of the 80’s’ bus!

Plain and simple, she looks like crap.

I know it is not nice to wish bad hair upon people…but I can only hope under that mop of hair and frumpy clothes that she is miserable and constantly battles cold sores.


I only had to do a little editing on PicNik. (I love that site) She is all ready for next Halloween. I did not edit the hair…that over-permed stringy mop is all hers!


This has made my week. This brought on a spontaneous happy dance that was so much fun, I actually burnt calories without realizing it!

Wouldn’t an event like this bring everyone a little joy…Or is there something wrong with me?

Did you ever get bullied in school or in the neighborhood? Would you love to see them now…perhaps behind bars or on ‘Cops’?


  1. YES!!! I was the world's wimpiest teen; bashful, skinny with big hair and there were a few bullies that enjoyed making life miserable for me too. On the rare occasions that I'm dressed nicely and have on makeup, I hope to run into them wearing pink hair rollers and bedroom slippers!!! It has not happened yet but you've given me hope!!!

  2. There is one girl in high school who didn't bully, but was the biggest snob I've ever met before, during, or since. I saw her not long ago and her skin has turned into a leathery, wrinkled mess. ;)

  3. I was never bullied, but I remember in horror the bus rides of my middle-school years. We took a city bus that was ruled by the pot- and cigarette-smoking seniors. I practically sat in the bus driver's lap I was so scared out of my mind.

  4. Oh I know those bullies all too well. Those bullies picked on my brother who is mentally handicapped. He is almost 2 years older then me but they put him through school with me so that I could watch out for him. It was my job to protect him and if I wasn't sucessfull then I got it at home. Early on, I learned to be tough(homelife) and to stick up for the underdogs at school. I was the one getting in fist fights sticking up for him or others that got picked on because they wore glasses, had braces, were over weight, were from the country, were not rich and snotty like them, or for whatever reason they chose to pick on people. I do not like mean girls or mean people period. I no longer get into fist fights sticking up for people :) but if I were to be honest, if it came down to it, I would. Thankfully I have learned other (better) ways to deal with mean people that pick on people.

    So, yes Suz it would bring me joy too!

  5. BAHHHHH HA HA HA HA!!! This was PERFECT! I burst out loud laughing in the middle of the office! :) Karma is a BIYOTCH! :) Who knew how things would change. The skinny-shy-new girl is now a hot (super funny) mama and well... the picture says it all about the bully :)

    Ahhh facebook... so totally worth it!

  6. my dear suz, oh yes i was bullied. in elementery school, kids spit on me, pulled my braids, and called me every fat name imaginable. because we were poor and lived in the projects. i had NO self esteem and didnt fight back out of fear. moving away was the only thing that saved me. i have forever been an anti-bully advocate just because of my own experience, and hypervigantly so with my kids. then, in the past few years i have been so heartbroken over the deaths of innocent kids due to internet bullying.. i just cant believe it still goes on. i'm sure you've heard of those 3 teens who set a boy on fire? now he is struggling to survive with over 65% body burns. i hope he passes away peacefully in his sleep because he will be in pain the rest of his life even if he recovers. thats how far things have gone awry, it is totally despicable to me and there should be severe punishment for bullies. oh i could go on and on... but wont...

    good post.


  7. Hahahaha, payback is a "witch"!

    I looked up my old boyfriend on Facebook, and tried to "friend" him, and he replied, "You've got to be kidding me"

    Guess he's still not over me :) And he has gained quite a few pounds, which made me so happy....but also feel guilty!

  8. Oh my gosh LOVE love LOVE that picture. Pure genius! : ) You are so brilliant.

    There was this boy that was like in 10th grade. When I was in 1st or 2nd or 3rd grade I was fat (as I am still) and this boy named Steve said to all the people on the bus "Look at Becky. She has jugs already/" Referring to my boobs. It was interesting because I didn't know what jugs were but I did know that it made me feel bad. I knew then I didn't want to be fat forever. I used to pray at night and ask God to please make me normal like the other girls. He never did. MAN!

  9. I was lucky -- I really did have a Green Acres experience going to school. I went to 2-room schools for the first eight years and all four teachers knew my parents and most of the other parents as well. Even the bus driver would talk to the parents if you misbehaved on his bus. My, how times have changed!

  10. Yes.. I was bullied at school. Only I guess they didn't call it that way back then. I don't know what they called it... maybe it was 'teased' or 'made fun of' or 'picked on', but all of those fit. I was short, skinny and very shy/quiet. It pained me just to walk into the school. And then to feel like every eye was on my every move was just awful. And then there were the ones that really picked... name calling...everything from just being skinny, to diff body parts (!!!) to the fact that sometimes my pants were too short (we didn't have a lot). I HATED middle school and high school. I was so glad when it was over. But since there is nothing new under the sun, 'our' kids seem to come in contact with the same kinds of kids today. I will never understand it.

    The bullying I endured as a kid is one of the main reasons we chose private school when Boo started. But she even had that problem at the first school she attended. But now she is at a great place and has found her niche of buddies to fit in with and doesn't have any of those problems.

    And no, I have not even thought about 'friending' people from the school days. I just don't care.

  11. i promise i will never be mean to you. you have to promise never to do that to my picture!!
    but it is good that facebook is good for something besides bejeweled :)

  12. I really hated high school. I had a very hard time and had very few friends. I definitely had a bully. I don't remember her name.

  13. i was bullied by so many i wouldn't even know where to begin, it would take a cauldron of witches to curse them all.
    i heard some are standing in welfare lines, others are junkies, some are getting beaten by their boyfriends.
    ugh maybe they all forgot how to go potty and are cursed to wear diapers and are at the mercy of underpaid nursing to change their poopiness!!
    ok so your revenge, not so bad. hope she doesn't blog!!!

  14. i hate bullies! karma will always get ya!

  15. I can't say I was ever bullied, but I surely knew who the bullies were! I think you should have left BB's face untouched, as to show the real her!! Wicked Witch!

  16. Fb hasn't been so kind to me. My classmates have aged well and all seem to be happy ~ even the she who is now a he.

  17. I moved to a new high school when I was a junior. I wouldn't say I was bullied, exactly, but I did meet up with some Wicked Witches upon whom I would wish bad hair and cold sores!
    I love the green face.

  18. I hate to tell you this Suz---but I was just at the 'bully's' website. I saw a picture of YOU on there---with a little help from PicNik...She gave you the big, frizzy, over-permed hair also---and not just a green face, but a bright pink one... You had better check it out... I think the entire internet is visiting her page---just to see that girl named Suzanne.... Check it out!!!!!!!!!! Har Har Har.....

    The word BULLY wasn't used when I was younger--but I'm sure there was lots of meanness going on. There was a little boy who used to be a neighbor who chased me once with a big stick.. Scared me to death!!!!! (And--he was smaller than I was!!! ha ha )

    Cute post...

  19. Same thing here, and I am going to speak plainly: some of my fb friends are fb friends with some F##KHEADS from high school, and I do NOT want to reopen those wounds. But it is perhaps a little satisfying to see that they are losers and some have been in and out of jail and that they are ugly to boot :)
    My. Listen to me.
    I like your blog Suz, you have a way with writing and issues that speaks to me, I mean it. Thanks.

  20. To put it another way, you keep shaking the tree and golden apples keep falling out. This is really one of my favorite blogs :)

  21. I had to laugh at this boys asked me not long ago if "girls ever get over the drama". I told them that I am "forty-something" and received a friend request from someone with whom I had horrible relationship in HS and I second guessed whether I really wanted to "Friend" her. It all came flooding back for me.

    But, yeah, it's a good thing to count your blessings.

  22. This is so timely. I wasn't bullied, but my neighbor was a total mean girl to me. She just added me on facebook and she looks like she's 45. Which is not bad at all, if you ARE 45+. She just looks terrible. I had a small smile inside. So, if you are awful, I am too!

  23. No, I never really had any problems in highschool...I loved it! But, when I was younger I had a mean neighbor...I saw her on Facebook but I never befriended her...some relationships are meant to be dormant.
    sandy toe

  24. Most of us either have bullied or were bullied at one time or another. Kids are mean by nature when they're in groups. The nicest kid can feel pressured to join in bullying just to avoid being the next target.

    This might not be popular, but remember I'm old, so treat me kindly... ;) :

    Bullies have usually been bullied, often at home and have zero self-esteem. The only way they can make themselves feel better is to bully someone else and try to bring that person down. You're never privvy to someone's personal story, what makes them tick, and as a kid you don't care, BUT as an adult might you some day be able to look back at her young bus-bully self and forgive her...for your own sake, not hers.

    Gosh, I sound preachy and old farty, but I really believe what I say. You alone can change the ripple-effect of your bullied past. And, believe me, ripple-effects are perpetual.

  25. I have never tried to find any classmates on Face Book...never been to any reunions, high school or college. I wasn't bullied and had a reasonably happy high school experience, but I've kept up with the friends I liked and forgotten about the others. Ooh...that sounds cold, doesn't it?

  26. Oh Yes..I too moved to a new town,new hig school in Grad 10. Girls are mean. They decide on first site if they are going to love you ofr hate you!
    Glad Karma found your BB seems to have attacked her hair!

  27. So, I need to know one thing......

    are you going to "friend" her?

  28. Looks like she's been beaten w/ an ugly stick the size of a baseball bat!! So sorry to hear this wench of a person picked on you! Must be something about school buses. During middle school one winter, I had this boy chase me off the bus and shove snow down the front of my shirt almost every day. He used to say - well you're flat down there so what's the big deal. By the way, when high school rolled around, he turned into a druggie and his parents sent him to a military school. KARMA baby!!!

  29. Aaaaaaaaaaaahahha! That is brilliant, BB!

    I see you did very little editing, she probably looks BETTER with the "makeup" :-D

    btw you got me hooked on Picnic, yeah i handed over the cash LOL!

  30. It seems like 50% loved high school and the other 50% hated it. I was on the side of hating it. I've gone to reunions. Now they'll speak to me LOL.

  31. Maybe I can say this only because I was not bullied (talked about behind my back, that's a different story!). But, I'm willing to bet any amount of money that your bully was first bullied herself. Probably at home by her parents and family. People, especially kids, have to learn behavior from somewhere. Perhaps you should feel sympathy for her instead of anger towards her. After all, your life turned out pretty well and apparently she can not even afford a decent hair cut. Count your blessings, pray for her, and move on!
    "If your enemy is hungry, feed him;
    if he is thirsty, give him something to drink.
    In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head."
    - Romans 12:20


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