November 13, 2009

TGI {random} F

I have been on a purging rampage this week. Not a food purging, I bond with my groceries too easily for that.  I am de-cluttering cabinets, drawers and closets. This rampage is benefiting a local charity.  I not only have issues with clutter I can see…I have issues with clutter behind closed doors. If only I could get rid of my X-ray eyesight!


We are having glorious weather here. Thank goodness Mother Nature finally turned her calendar page from August to November. A minute later, and I would have packed my bags and moved north. Of course, North for me would be N. Florida. Lets NOT get crazy.

DSCN4757Brrrr…it is 74 degrees!! 


Lo got hit in the face by a softball on Tuesday night. I don’t remember her ever getting hit in the face before (in 11 years!!) But her sweet perfect lips have gone through some transformations this week. On Tuesday night, she looked a little bit like Angelina Jolie. By Thursday night, she looked a bit more like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. (at the end, when she was beat up) Bless her heart…she kept on keeping on.


Linds is still rising above the mean girls. I now refer to the mean girls as: The Raccoons, for all the black eyeliner/eye shadow they wear…plus they have the nerve to dye their hair black too. Ugghh.  I told her last night how proud I was of her for not cowering down. She already knows that if idiots call you names, it means nothing. We have had the conversation about: If someone you actually cared about was mean to you, well then that would mean something. She is a better person for it.


Heading to Costco today, for I am out of gum. Doesn’t everyone buy their gum by the case(s)? I am always end up annoyed because of the ‘sample vultures.’ You know those people, they hover around the sample tables and clog up ALL mobility in the store. HELLO People, they are giving away a piece of ham the size of your thumbnail, NOT gold bars!!! Makes me almost want to put off purchasing my 12 year supply of dental floss. Almost. But we all know how important flossing is!!!

Do you ever shop at those warehouse stores? What do you buy?P1020695

Happy weekend everyone. I hope you have glorious weather, fun family moments and stress free shopping!!!


  1. We don't have a Costco near us, so we go to Sam's Club. It has the same traffic jams around the sample tables. We buy all kinds of things there, so it is hard to categorize. You should be proud of both your girls (I think you are!). Have a great weekend.

  2. I buy my gum at Costco too:)

    Seriously - no pictures of the lips???

  3. Went to Costco's yesterday! Loaded up on Toilet Paper, cream cheese and chocolate chips. hmmm Weird combo there!

    Another boo for the mean girls.

  4. Hi There, I won't allow 'clutter' out where someone can see it--but I guess I don't have X-ray vision since I don't see (or even care) what is hidden in a drawer---UNTIL the drawer is so full that it won't close.

    I know you are proud of both girls. Sorry that Linds got hit---and hope that she is okay now. Glad it didn't knock out a tooth .... Yipes!!! AND--you are communicating with Linds about the Raccoon girls. You know that they have 'issues' since they need to dress in black and wear lots of black make-up... I'm glad Linds is NOT one of them!!!!! You have GREAT young ladies, Suz.

    We only have a Sam's near us--but we do help the economy when we go there. George loves those big wampy DILL pickles (yuk) --so we buy them by the huge glass jars full at Sam's....

    Have a great day. Have GOOD LUCK today.

  5. We have a Sam's Club but I haven't yet figured out what the good deals are. I always come home and think I really didn't do any better than I would have in a grocery store. Plus now I have to find a place to store the gigantic stockpile.

    I also wanted to say thank you for reading and commenting on my guest post at JennyMac's place today. :)

  6. Poor Lo, I hope she recovers quickly.
    And good for Linds for rising above. The more she ignores them the less power they have.
    We have Costco and Sams, but we don't shop there. Don't have any room for jumbo sized items :0

  7. Good Afternoon Suzanne: We never shop Costco or Sam's since it's just the two of us. If I could still chew gum comfortably, I probably would! I am not one to take food samples at the grocery store - for one things my hands feel germy. When the deli slices our sandwich meat, they always offer me the first cut - ooooh! Too bad I can't take Harriet in; she would take it!!! You tell your girls I am proud of them both. Hope you all enjoy your weekend too.

  8. I do shop at Costco. In the summer. When the kids are home. For lunch. Not the $1.50 hotdog. But the samples. Yes. Those samples feed my children. 4 children X multiple samples. It works for me.

    Your girls have had a terrible week (for this, I will write in complete sentences.) A softball to the face is a little too frightening. If she were part of this family, that would be the end of her softball career. Of course, if she were a part of this family, she wouldn't even play at all.

    And bullies? There really seems to be no solution. Calling parents never helps. THe schools don't help. Prayer does though, so I'll pray for her (and wisdom for this situation for you.)

  9. Oh gosh... no, they aren't giving away gold bars, are they?! LOL

    I go to Sams Club...we don't have Costco here. I get what I've got to get and bug out. I've been buying chicken breasts and tenders there and repackaging them for one family serving and then I can thaw out 'just that much'. : ) I also get big cans of chicken there. It's not mushy like the stuff at the store. Good for a quickie chicken salad or something.

    I feel for your girl and the 'coons'! I hate that for her. We've been there too and it isn't pleasant to watch. Hope they move on soon.

  10. The first time I went to Sam's I had done some homework first. I priced what I wanted to buy at my home store, and then figured the cost by buying in bulk. I only bought what would same me money. You do have to be careful. It also helps if you have room to store the products. I buy toilet paper, paper towels, kleenex, laundry soap, cleaning products, and of course the big can of Planter's Mixed Nuts always a staple at our house. I have bought gum before, also, and breath mints.

  11. Wish we were having glorious weather here :( Rain, wind, cold... ugh yuck!

    Poor Lo's lip. CG has a fat lip too, but hers is from an airbag, courtesy of car in tree. Hope Lo's recovers soon!

    I don't like mean girls... at all! So glad mine was never a mean girl :)

    We do Sam's Club, and I buy my gum there too :)

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Oh Suz, why are kids mean in school? Geeez....
    But MY GOODNESS your dog looks sharp in the hoodie!

  13. No more warehouse shopping for us. Cases of candy bars in the house is NOT a good thing.
    Shop Wisely.

  14. Well, OF COURSE I buy my gum by the case! But, at Sam's, not Costco. And, I'm SOOO with you about the sample vultures!! I can't STAND them!! Get the hell out of my way!! Can't you see I'm stocking up for the winter! Jeez!

    Glad to hear Linds is handling the Mean Girls so well. Good for her! Sorry about Lo's lips. Mine hurt just thinking about it. :(

  15. AAAUGHH don't tell me it is time to d-clutter!! noooooooo... i hate doing that stuff.
    we have to go to sams club, and yes wes buys his gum in bulk too. we get our diapers, now training pants there, cheese and some other important things, we get the same stuff there everytime, we usually don't stray from the list. but we go for the free lunches(samples if you will) when they put enough out there you can fill up for free!!

  16. what up Suz, follwed over from gary's blog. i actually never shopped at those large quantity stores. not sure why, maybe the idea of small community markets still calls me. but buying large packs of things like gum could make sense, and its nice to have extra. my dad goes to those stores, but he's a Texan, maybe its a southern thing.

  17. all stocked up on gum? i know how you LOVE your gum! how about those gold bars? were the giving them out? one day they just might so those people have to keep checking back :)

    glad linds is overcoming... and that she won't be asking for that black hair dye anytime soon!!

    and i sure hope lo's lips will be back to normal soon :)

    happy bee-a-u-ti-ful weather! i mean weekend!

  18. Okay..I had to just laugh with the purple stripe jacket on the dog!!!
    sandy toe

  19. in order of my remembering the content of your post cos it's way up there and my comment is way down here;
    #1 costco. love it. toilet rolls and free samples. sorry for clogging up the aisles, they're feeding me here, just go around.
    #2. gum. by the multipack. not the case. i fear bad breath so i chew a lot of gum. but never in a slack jawed way, that's just common.
    #3 sorry for Lo's Lips. :-(
    #4 we are also having lovely weather here. balmy and mild. lots of crunchy leaves to walk thru.
    #5 purging is my life. clutter not the food. i hang on to what i eat. but i love to purge closets, drawers etc. where does it all come from? i donate it to charity too. they love me.
    #6. Linds. if you need me i will come down there and sort those raccoons out for you. but i sense that you are handling them very well. keep your chin up and keep a sense of humour. all will pass.
    that's it.

  20. Oh poor Lo.....but really as long as there's no permanent damage, some folks pay big bucks for those lips. Does Linds want some of the pink, purple and fusha hair coloring that we used on my grandkids? We have plenty left over!!

    And....since I'm not a gum chewer I don't go to Costco. Well, we don't have a Costco. Now when my kids were around the age of yours, we'd go to Costco for "lunch".....all the samples. LOL

  21. good luck on getting rid of all the clutter. i do that every now and then, but it all seems to come back!
    I never shop when I don't have to and I hate lines, so that pretty much puts warehouse stores off limits...

  22. My gum of choice is Cinnamon Orbit and the Orbit pack at Costco only has that flavor in the mixed pack. Sadly, I must buy it by the 3-pack.

  23. are you winding us up over here in UK? We would kill for 74 degrees in our summer!! The weather here is dire today- sigh

  24. That kitchen pig makes me laugh every time!

    I bought a case of gum at Costo once, last year or so. I still have a few packs left. I call it "rock gum" now.

    Have a great rest of weekend!

  25. i LOVE your dog. And it was 31 here this morning. Sigh. I need to move south.

    Missed reading your blog ... I'm back!

  26. I buy my gum by the case--at Costco! I totally get you.

  27. Mean girls? WHAT! When did I miss that? Why in the world would anyone be mean to any of your offspring. I think I need to come to Florida!

    I don't shop at those clubs. I am too cheap. my best friend Jen and I go this grocery store OUTLET! We buy questionable food. Sometimes it is good. Sometimes it is not. We eat it anyway : ) Poor Kaish and Gary : )

    Someday I will be cool like you and shop at clubs. I am holding my breath that it will be a long time from now though because my man cake is earning as much as he possibly can and it is just not enough for the club fees : )

  28. Okay, I caNOT believe that your sweet daughter got hit in the face with a ball! That's what happened during my first co-ed softball game, decades ago, and that was IT for me. OVER! She is a brave woman!
    As to the "mean girls," you are handling this beautifully. They do not triumph in the end (as your later posting about the "bus bully" shows). Hugs to both of the girls - and you (& Coach), too!


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