November 24, 2009

Ruining a perfectly good Thanksgiving.

I start traditions. All by myself. Wording traditions
P1030518See our family of fabulously cute Salt and Pepper “Publix” Pilgrim shakers:
I am sure they were modeled after our forefathers... who were much thiner, less happy and dirtier.
They're twin Brothers, twin Sisters and each set had one child; A boy and a girl. 
OK, I made all that stuff up, for my own interesting story line.
These are made specifically for Thanksgiving. You have to use them at Thanksgiving. Or else. If you fail to use them at Thanksgiving, well the day is ruined…drop the turkey leg…ditch the pie…don’t even think about the cranberry sauce (with the ridges of course) it is over. according to me.
One year we loaded ourselves up in the busy bee mobile, picked up my Mom in GA and rented a place in the NC mountains. My Aunt, Uncle and Cuz Patrick joined us. We had a long weekend and It was loads of fun. Loads I tell you.
BUT…I forgot the salt and pepper shakers. It only took me 3 seconds before I declared that Thanksgiving was ruined.
OF course, it was not really ruined, but that statement was made many times that day between myself and the girls.
Now, anytime around a holiday if one little thing goes wrong, well the holiday is considered a disaster. ruined. done. kaput. This is all in good fun, because we know what a real disaster is…so we are a bit melodramatic. Melodramatic can be fun.

Anyhoo, back to my Pilgrim people.
I adore the commercials for my Pilgrim Shakers. Publix apparently has a great ad agency, they always come up with the cutest advertisements.
Please note the adorable Boxer… almost as cute as the little kid.
ok, the boxer IS cuter than the kid…what can I say?

Clearly the TV pilgrims are more durable, you can see that one of my MEN has a chipped hat.
When he was dropped and chipped, that Thanksgiving WAS not ruined.
I hope nothing ruins YOUR Thanksgiving!!


  1. Yeah, I've heard that. You forget the Publix shakers and you might as well be put in stocks, ala the pilgrims.

    I just wonder what happens to us unlucky folks who don't have any Publix stores around?

  2. First of all, I couldn't stop laughing about your lies about how the family tree was made up.

    That commercial really was well done. So cute!!

    No fair that they only can see the light of day for one day out of the year.

  3. You're right -- this is a cute commercial. The boxer is as cute as shakers. I'm hoping that nothing ruins your Thanksgiving.

  4. I wish we had a proper Thanksgiving.

    OK maybe we had one last month but I forgot all about it. Yours sounds so much more FAB!!

    Have a delicious time! :)

  5. That is a cute commercial--and new to me because we don't have Publix here.

  6. um...did you try to link the commercial to this post? Cuz, I don't see it. What boxer are you talking about? Help, I'm confused. :(

  7. We have the same set in our house! :) How cute!

  8. ok, i'm going to ask a dumb question. what the heck is publix? and where's the boxer?

    now, i hope everyone in your family has
    a great turkey day with no disasters.


  9. I have never heard of this PUblix cute.
    sandy toe

  10. Oh My Gosh---I'm in tears. My Thanksgiving is ruined... I don't have any of those little pilgrim people.... Gosh Darn---I feel horrible. Where is the nearest Publix??? Do you think they'll have any left?????? I need to go there RIGHT NOW...(George is looking at me --wondering what in the world is wrong????? ha ha ha)

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend. We are going hiking for a few days---after eating all of that turkey on Thurs. We'll definitely need the exercise. ha.....

    Betsy---who can be as much of a Drama Queen as YOU

  11. I love the commercials and the shakers but I don't have any! uh oh! I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.

  12. Cute commercial. We don't have Publix here so haven't seen this commerical but cute none the less. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving no matter what! XXOO Lori

  13. Oh my gosh this is so cute! I love Pilgrim People-got get me some of them. ha!
    Gobble Gobggle.
    OH NO! I just googled it---this is the last year for them. ?? :( I'm off to ebay........

  14. I know I've said it before, but really, you are a hoot! I love your little pilgrim salt and pepper people!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  15. Well, I admit to feeling a tad worldly right now because, although we don't have a Publix here, I know what it is!

    You made me laugh....more than once!

    Happy, Happy Thanksgiving.....

  16. Is Publix a grocery store? Oh, well, speaking of grocery stores. I was at the Giant last night and I spent $149. Is that crazy? You might not think it is crazy since you buy dog food and what not but that is crazy for just 3 people. I told everyone they weren't allowed to eat (or drink) any longer. I knew if anyone would support me it would be you : ) Oh yes I did!

  17. thanks sue, very cute commercial! i had never heard of publix, sorry.
    have a great one.

  18. Now THAT looks like Thanksgiving. I love the little pilgrims. So cute.
    I went to Publix when I was in Florida and it was my favourite store. okay, Have a great time.

  19. Once my mother baked the turkey upside down. Thanksgiving was not ruined. In fact, we all still laugh about it.
    Cute tradition with the pilgrim families.

  20. Well, I sure hope you remember those salt and pepper shakers tomorrow, because i wouldn't want your Thanksgiving to be ruined ;)

    Have a great Thanksgiving day!!

  21. Oh how I love to shop in the Publix stores! Gotta love a place where you can get groceries, booze and now pilgrim shakers! Canada has nothing like this! LOL

  22. HECK TO THE YEAH! I lurrrrrrrve Publix AND my salt shakers. You should've seen how my sis and I jumped up and down when our mom gave those to us one year. Ah ha

  23. I NEED those salt and pepper shakers! We hold Thanksgiving at our house every year and right now I have ugly camping-style salt and pepper shakers...I must find these!!


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