November 01, 2009

J is for JoyJoyJoy.

Although there are some days I don’t feel the JOY…I still try.

It is all around us, if we look hard enough.

Some of my best joy moments come from the smallest clips of time.

Some of my recent joy clips:

As I was being a couch potato yesterday and I was searching through the tivo list, I saw that Coach had recorded a Dave Matthews live concert for me to watch…at my leisure. He knows what a special bond Dave and I have together.

Dave Matthews; Cabana boy.And, yesterday I found some leisure. Double joy.

My little pig kitchen sign.

I put up inspirational notes. My kids update them for me…

P1020626P1020637 P1020641P1020647

They are quite funny huh? Funny brings me little bits of joy.

One of my long time dear friends had a ‘surprise’ baby last month. cruz and suzThere is nothing better or sweeter than a new baby in the family. A surprise baby for someone who never dreamed of this, oh, that is just even sweeter. I love to hear the joy in the new parents voices and see the love in their eyes . Here, he and I are having a bonding moment with our fingers.

If you only knew how hard it was for me to NOT kidnap him. Such a challenge.

Grandma Tree 11-1-09

Seeing the Grandma tree, as it is flourishing, I get little bursts of joy. This happens many, many times a day.

Joy in seeing that my orchid is blooming again and that Bartholomew is making his own ‘green’ mask!

P1030376 P1030379

On Halloween, I had a day filled with little bits of joy…shopping and lunch with my girls.

Making “mummy dogs” and cocoa krispie treats with Linds; we finished the day by watching The Proposal.

Mummy Dogs Cocoa krispies treats

I hope this week brings many more moments of joy for my family and for YOU as well!

Brought to you in part by: A-Z mondays.


  1. I just love your daughters sense of humor - those notes on the pig made me laugh out loud! There is a lot of JOY in your life!!!

  2. I love this post! It makes me so happy to see all the joy in your life. You are so right, it is all around us. Your girls are too funny. It sounds like a perfect day with your family...thank you for sharing your joy with us! XXOO

  3. your call brought me joy :) and your comment, too! for a second i worried that i was the one who had the surprise baby. then i felt joy that it was not me. and joy for the peron who actually has that baby! sounds like a story waiting to be told. you picked a great "j"
    love ya!

  4. New babies are the best. My brother was a surprise baby. Our family wouldn't be complete without him.

  5. My JOY is reading your blog posts, Suz.... I love them--since your life is always just so interesting...

    My Texas son and daughter-in-law (the ones with two girls just like you and Coach) love Dave Matthews also. A couple of years ago--they went to a concert and Lara was in HEAVEN. So--you'll have to share Dave with Lara!!!!! ha

    Great post.

  6. I'm so glad you found some joy! I especially liked the pig with the chalkboard joy.

  7. I can just see the humor and the happiness that radiates from your home. I hope I am as cool as you when Aidyn man is a teenager.. and I hope he is even a fraction as cool as your daughters :))

  8. You yourself always give a joyful vibe!

  9. you bring ME joy everytime i come by and read your post! you always inspire me suz, if we lived close by i would SO wanna be your friend, just because you are SO cute and nice and funny... and i love me some boxers and you gots 2 of dem... yep, i'd be your friend 4 sho! we would have fun... bless your lil pig sign in the kitchen heart! have a great day!


  10. It's always a JOY to read your posts. You always put a smile on my face. Wishing you a joyful week.

  11. Happy Monday Suz!
    These little snippets of joy are such a blessing to each day.~~ enJoy them. ;)

  12. Reading your post gave me joy. And those mummy dogs really gave me a joyous laugh!

  13. Love the clever revisions to your signs. Humor is is that tiny little hand. Welcome baby!

  14. I can't begin to tell you how appropriate it is that you chose JOY for your 'J' post. While I'm glad you have such joy in your life, I'm even more glad that you spread joy to through your blog.

  15. Love your little pics of joy! So many little things... but usually those are THE things we remember later on....just everyday little snippets of life! I love that. : )

    Just don't eat your arm, k?! : )

  16. I aspire to have my kids grow up as silly as yours. I faintly remember a post you did about notes to and fro with them--I think involving hair (?)
    Gosh, I would die of pride if emily were as clever as your girls.
    PS DM rules!

  17. A surprise baby?? hahaha. I like JOY, joy, joy. Great J word deary.

  18. omigosh, you made choco crispy treats with WORMS!

  19. What a great post for J!

    I’m with you, some days it is just impossible to find joy in my day, until I stop to consider some of the blessings I may otherwise overlook. We don’t even have to look hard enough. We just have to look.

    And look I did….at your blog! Ta-dah! Found some JOY! Your daughters make me laugh OUT LOUD. I want carbon copies!!! They certainly do not fall far from their mama tree! Eat your arm? Ha ha ha! Sounds exactly like something I would say.

    I feel your pain sistah. I too feel the unexpected urge to kidnap other people’s babies, specifically, their FURBABIES. Lately I’ve had a hankerin’ for a boxer, or two.

    KIDDING!!! :-) Wouldn't wanna start a fight or nuthin'!

    That is an “awwww” picture with widdle baby’s fingers wrapped around yours. How special for your friends. I have many friends who have struggled to have a child, and when they do, they are the absolute definition of magical. So cool.

    Perfect sprinkles of joy in your Grandma tree and with St. Bart…but why, oh why, must there be reptiles on an otherwise perfect rice krispy treat? (((shudder)))

  20. This made me so happy today. I just loved it. It totally brought me joy Suz! You bring me joy all the time with your wonderful posts of inspiration and encouragement. Oh and laughter. Please excuse my quick comment but I am off to rewind my vhs movies and then eat my arm for dinner. XO

    Please kidnap the baby. I think a new baby would be just perfect for this blog!

  21. Looks like joy popping out all over the place! Dave Matthews' music is pretty joyous sounding, now that you mention it.

  22. You found some great joy and spread it around here...thank you.
    Those wrapped hot dogs? We used to make them, too, with Pillsbury Croissant dough and turkey kielbasa...haven't had them in years - YUM! Thanks for the memories (visions of Bob Hope just appeared in my head)!

  23. I love all of your joy moments. And I love that little pig! I need to get something similar for my mom, she'd love it.

    Aw, sweet bebeh fingers, love them. I hear you, I want to snatch all the Chinese babies around me. So cute!

    I just bought The Proposal on DVD here, but haven't watch it yet. Fun coincidence!

  24. Oh..I love those mummy dogs how cute!
    sandy toe

  25. You are a hoot! And apparently you have passed that good humor onto your kiddos.


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