November 08, 2009


I could not think of a great I word today. But I do have some interesting tidbits from Sunday.

The girls and I were driving out to Lo’s school for scrimmage softball games. A few miles from our house we see this flashing sign on the side of the road:

Caution Caution Caution

Watch for Loose Cattle.

The girls and laughed it up. Of course, you know with my wacky brain…I was picturing LOOSE cattle; Cows with push-up bras, high heels and deep red lipstick. .

And I totally thought of YOU (Caution) as well. 




Then, midway through the third game of the day, Coach casually shouts in the direction of the spectators:

“Is there a Dad here brave enough to go catch that baby alligator in right field?” 

A moment passed amid gasps and still no one volunteered. Coach ran out there and shooed the ‘baby’ alligator out of the fence line.

I would not classify him as a ‘baby’…more like a teenager. He was about 3-4 feet long.

Needless to say, the rest of the game the outfielders were more concerned about what might be behind them than the balls coming at them.

Hopefully, the lil’ guy went back to the lake and told the tale of his day!


Coach told us later on regarding the lil’ gator: I think he was scared! How does one know if a gator is scared??


I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Minus reptiles and running  bovine!!! 



Happy Monday to everyone.

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  1. HA HA! One of the best posts i've ever read! I love the way your mind works!!!!

  2. Life is never dull around you, is it? I hope you have no more run-ins with loose cattle or teenage alligators.

  3. Are you kidding?! An alligator in the outfield??!! there was a ladybug in the cat's waterdish...I took it outside to dump it in the bushes...

  4. Did he pee himself? The gator, not your husband. Then, he's scared!

    Loose cows, I need to forward that picture to my mom. That's just the kind of joke she would make.

    Fun stuff!

  5. ...hahaha! As soon as I read "Loose Cattle" I knew where you were going to take it, but your description cracked me up (very Far Side, remember that cartoon?).

  6. Your Floridians sure know how to roll with it!

  7. Funny post, Suz.... I'm so tired and it's LATE (for me)--but I still took a minute just to picture those LOOSE COWS.... HA HA HA HA

    You lead such an interesting life... Who else has a 'brave'???? hubby who fought the BIG---I mean BIG---gator.... I'm still laughing.


  8. You have a most INTERESTING life, Sue, and I'm so grateful we get little sneak peeks. Love it! I'm not even going to comment on the whole reptilian infatuation your family seems to have. But loose cattle? Well, they must have been from California. Ha!

    It's been a week, hasn't it? I'm relieved that Chris is well and safe, and heartbroken for those who are not. Please let him know how deeply my family appreciates his service and his sacrifice. God bless him and our military.

  9. bwahahahahaha that is so funny! i wonder how much bovine charge?


  10. This post made me laugh this morning! Thanks for starting my day with a smile.

    Maybe the alligator was scared because he caught a glimpse of a cow in a push-up bra and heels!

  11. Happy Monday Suz!
    So sad no dads steppedd up to the plate.

  12. I have all these images in my head now!!! You are too funny and thanks for starting my day with a smile!

  13. Thank-you for thinking of me. I would have misunderstood the "loose" reference for certain, too.
    He actually thought some dad would catch the alligator? Yikes. I guess I don't have an ounce of Florida in me. And why is anyone playing softball in November? Oh, yes, it's that Florida thing again.

  14. LOL! Now that's something you will NEVER find out in the outfield here! Happy manic Monday!

  15. Umm, wow! Life in FL IS interesting!!

  16. I dunno, would I hug an alligator? Maybe not!
    Thanks for following my blog Suz,
    had to move my blog, ran out of memory

  17. Yeah, watch out for those loose cows (only your mind) hee hee ;)
    I can't imagine an alligator out in the field, yikes!
    We have to watch out for rattlesnakes here and sometimes scorpions.

  18. Alligators in the outfield sounds pretty unique to me! Loose cattle, now, that's not so unusual in Utah. They all wear high heels, ha, ha.

  19. Man, I thought they had tamed the Wild West, South, or whatever by now! We get sheriff's reports of cows in the road from time to time and it's good for a laugh. (Probably your loose floozy cows hitchhiking up our way)

  20. I miss Steve :(

    Gone, but never forgotten. I wonder how his wife and kids are coping.

    Baby gators, only in Florida eh? You guys are braaaaaaaaaave!

  21. Just poppin in to see what's going on in your end of the world. I don't blame those kids for being worried about that reptile!!! My friend that lives in Naples has an alligator in her back yard and thinks it's no big deal. Alligators scare me to death especially when they aren't caged in the zoo where they belong!!

    Much love from NJ,

  22. and you did not bring him home to add to the menagerie?? :) i guess gg blvd & wilson were closed sat nite because of those loose cattle! what an interesting place indeed!

    (saw you called... sorry i missed you!)

  23. alligator? You are a hoot, and Coach is brave.

  24. That would have been "game over" for me! Your Coach is a wonderful guy.

  25. You always have to watch out for loose cattle. I mean, no matter how you watch them, they are so shady you just never know what could happen!

    Baby Alligator? Awwwwwwwwwwwww. That is sweetness for sure! Sweetness since it wasn't me chasing it : )


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