November 30, 2009

If loving YOU is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

Is it wrong that I…

..Look forward to garbage night? Like ‘date night.’ And by garbage, you know I mean recycling!!!  It is the ONE date each week that I can count on. I love empty cans. I love purging. I may have a problem. 

..Love shopping at Lowes and Home Depot more than the mall?

…Talk to the TV? Hello… The Real Housewives need to hear MY very expert opinions on everything they are doing wrong.

…Talk to the dogs? About serious stuff, and not in the funny animal/baby talk either. I use my real voice. And so do they.


…sometimes I don’t shower until 2:00 pm?

…never tire of listening to Culture club? Is it also wrong that there was a time in the 80’s that I had Boy George ‘makeup application envy’?    boygeorge_0_0_0x0_346x423

…fuss at the kids for leaving their stuff on the kitchen counter? But if it is MY stuff, well, that is acceptable.

I know. I am bad, bad person.  

I did the crime, I must do my time. PLEASE send me to my room. Pleeeeaaasssse.

What are you guilty of that would get you locked up for a few hours long time?

solitary confinement anyone?


  1. I LOVE all of the Real Housewives series. Such a guilty pleasure!

  2. There's no need to shower early when you are busy getting stuff done. And they're YOUR counters--your stuff is okay, anyone else's is not. These are simple, but logical rules!

  3. I might be the slightest bit of a hypocrite about my mess in relation to other people's messes as well.

    I do however feel quite justified in passing judgment and throwing stones at the real housewives.

  4. I thought it was only me that gets annoyed by everyone else's stuff laying, bags, clothes, papers...

    Have a great Tuesday. ~Natalie

  5. I don't for one minute believe that YOU leave ANYTHING on your kitchen counters! I've seen the pictures of your anal-retentively clean kitchen, so you ain't foolin' me, Sista!

    However, I do the exact same thing, except it's the kitchen table. My crap is ALWAYS covering the table, but God forbid Stud leaves one little thing on the table, I lose it!

    I am so with you about garbage day. Ours was today! AND, I couldn't agree more about Home Depot trumping the mall. I HATE THE MALL, but I heart Home Depot, big time!!

  6. Oh believe me, I would love to be put in a time out for even an hour. What do I have to do to get that? Solitary confinement? Sounds like a dream. I also love garbage/recycling day because I love having my bins completely empty. I also talk to the tv and did talk to my dog when she was still alive but she never talked back to me...:) XX Lori

  7. Ha Ha Suzanne... It's alright if it is OUR mess--but nobody else can do it... Right???????

    Love this post... Cute!!! Nice header also.

  8. I have been going through blog withdrawls! I needed them tonight! (or early this a.m) :) I love that you talk to your dog! :)TOO CUTE! It has been two years now since we lost our "Molly" but I think we are getting another in a few weeks! I CAN-NOT wait! :))) I'm sure I'll be a criminal just like you as soon as we get him/her :)!

  9. The Real Housewives hear my dialog EVERY time it's on!

  10. well, i am SO bad about NOT rinsing off my dish with my one good arm... erm, and NOT answering the phone if i dont recognize the number... and um, oh yeah, the BIGGIE that i really need to be punished for and locked away for a long time, for is-

    i cant say it... you'll hate me.
    you'll delete me from your blogroll....

    oh crap, ok ok you twisted me arm [the broken one so thats why i'm fessin up]

    the biggie is that sometimes i do not recycle 100%.

    [shaking in fear]

    ouch dont hurt me, suz.... yikes. dont kick me there! oh noooooooo runs with the gimpy arm please stop pinching me... i'm sorry i'm sorry!

    [holds up good arm to guard face from slapping]

    whew. i thought i was gonna die, there.
    for a lil woman you sure put a good scare in me!

    and lady, you can RUN!

    but i still love ya....

    please 4-give me.
    it's bad enough diane yells at me.... sometimes she with holds the kleenex when i have to really blow me nose.

    and she is known for slow torturing me by making me wait till she's done drinking her morning cuppa before she'll get mine..
    and one time, .... oops best not reveal that one.
    SHE is the big recyclist around here. we all do our best and may faulter occaisionally but SHE nevah does.

    she's just like you, suz...

    perfect in every way.

    cute as a cranberry muffin.

    only taller.

    with darker hair.

    and an english accent.

    [oh and she's one of those lesbian peoples].

    aside from that, you could be twins!!!!

    sometimes i have trouble tellin you's apart.

    i best shut my mouth before i dig the hole SO big i fall all the way down to china.



  11. it is not wrong...
    but it is a little insane.
    but i have come to expect that...
    and i just have to love you anyway!

  12. I say hello to animals, plants and inanimate objects and I answer myself back for them.....they all call me 'Mommy.' It's what can happen when your kids grow up and live far away.... Now THAT sounds scary!

    And I do your numbers 1-4 with gusto!

  13. You are like a man's dream wife....Home Depot, taking out the trash, purging the house of clutter...I better not let my hubby read this post!!

  14. I think Betsy would like to lock me up for the way I keep my desk. There are piles of papers and books everywhere, but I can drive her nuts by always being able to go whatever she needs without any problem.

  15. I'll give you a pass o all of the above 'cause I am in denial of all things related here. ha!

  16. ahem, speaking of DATES and recycling :)

  17. Please do school the Real Housewives...and start in Atlanta. They dont actually live in the city...people here call them the Real Housewives of OTP (outside the perimeter).

    I'll tumble for ya!

  18. Well I don't watch the real housewifes but i do find myself being rather upset at teh way the house looks especially when i work evenings. I'll have it cleaned up and I come home to a mess. Anyway missed visiting your blog and hopefully soon I can make a full return.

  19. We are so superior to those housewives, and the dog needs to hear about it! Every Tuesday night my husband and I wish each other "happy trash day eve!" :)

  20. Don't worry BB, you're so very normal LOL!

    Me, well... let's just say I am too quick to jump to conclusions and blame hubby for stuff that, half the time, I'm responsible for!

    Shhhh. Our secret :-D

  21. Yelling. I should get locked up for yelling. Send me away this instant. : )

    Real Housewives are so ridiculous. I just can NOT get enough of them. Are humans actually like them? Seriously?

  22. ha ha, i used to envy boy george's perfect makeup too - i mean he's prettier than me, dang!
    and the big one for me, is how everyone's stuff that is out bugs me, but i don't mind my stuff at all. we're right on with that one ;D

  23. I love love love wandering around Home Depot, thinking about all the projects I could do if I were skilled/talented enough. It's my favorite place!

  24. I don't talk to anyone on television. I save all my meaningful talk for my steering wheel as I go drive to work, too far and too early.

  25. I was going to say that I am guilty of having a messy desk but then I looked at it and felt so guilty that I spent an hour clearing it off.
    so now I'm perfect again.

  26. ...oh my gosh. Now I know who is corrupting me. You evil woman...I wondered who set me on the slippery slide to transgression! ;-)

  27. The rule in this house is that if shoes aren't put away, they get thrown out into the back yard where one hopes they won't land in dog waste or be chewed by aforementioned dog. This behavior modification trick works completely ineffectively with my children. This morning, my daughter missed the bus because MY shoes had been thrown into the backyard where they lay undiscovered by me for quite some time. You ask if I will put my shoes away tonight? Of course not.

  28. I live alone, so when "someone" piles a heap of stuff where it doesn't belong I put myself in time-out by taking a nap.

  29. Did I ever show you this video that my friend Paul made about Garbage Day? He wrote (and sings) it. I hope it makes you feel less alone about loving Garbage Night.

  30. If the house is a mess and it's not mine...clean this crap up! But if it's mine...well, that's different!

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