November 15, 2009

H= A ‘Handfull’ of my favorite H vocabulary words.

Hogwash! I just love this word. You should all vow to use it at least ONE time daily. I say break it out at your next business meeting or PTA event. Please put an exclamation point behind it as well for more impact. 

Hoity toity: hoity-toity pompous, self important and snobbish.

That is what my Dad’s third wife (Mama Kong) referred to me as. (mind you, I was only 21)  If the shoe fits, I will wear that title. By the way, anyone who wore shoes inside the 7-11…she referred to as Hoity Toity.  Yep, she was waaay classy.   Classy=ending up on 2 daytime talk shows (one of them Maury) 2 weeks after your husband dies. I should write a book.

Hog tie: What the police have to do to some crazy folks on ‘Cops.’  Speaking of ‘Cops’, a few weeks ago Coach came out of his man cave and said the funniest line ever to me: “I have been watching cops for so many years, and today, finally today, I recognize someone I know on Cops.” Knowing the group he grew up with, it is a huge surprise this took so long. 


Holier than thou: What I feel at times, but really, it is just a passing phase. I promise.

Homo sapiens: Who I hope is reading this blog. Or is it WHOM? Does that make me more hoity toity that I am concerned with grammar rules?

Homo phobia: Not this girl. I embrace anyone with taste as good as or better than mine. I actually need more gay friends. If they are hoity toity, all the better.

Honey Comb: That silly cereal commercial with the song that I can still sing verbatim. “Honeycomb’s big, ya ya ya, it’s not small, no no no.”

Hook {a girl} Up: I shall use this in a sentence. Me holding a nice shoe and speaking to the shoe salesman at Macy’s: “Hi, can you hook a girl up with this in size 8?” If he knows what is good for him, he will, or else I will shout HOGWASH!! and then HOG TIE him right there in the ‘better shoes’ department! christian-louboutin-prive-paillette-platforms

Just kidding. I don’t use the work hook-up outside the house. I have my limits. barely.

To see how some normal folks used the letter H today, visit:  A-Z Mondays!!!   And hook a girl up for heaven's sake! 


  1. Do hook another girl up with those hoity toity shoes, please!

    Now I'm in the mood to watch Cops. I wanna strike gold and find someone I know too.

  2. I do need to use the word Hoity Toity more often.

  3. I love an old-fashioned word myself. I just wish more people understood what I was talking about when I said, "Pshaw!"

  4. I love your H words! You so crack me up Suz. Thank you! You must tell about more about your dad's 3rd wife or maybe you should just write a book...I would buy it. Suz, you are so darn creative!

  5. You have the best "H" words! I can't wait to use that word HOGWASH! That's the word I should've used when I received my $557.00 vet bill for Scout the other day! Instead I said What the @#$!
    I'm coming to you now Suz for all my words.
    P.S. You have me intrigued about your stepmom - you'll have to share more!

  6. You have me laughing again. Nalley loves Cops and turns the volume up real loud! Now I am craving Honey Comb too! What a great post Suzanne! Enjoy your week.

  7. One of the funniest segments on Cops involved a very large woman calling the police on her very tiny but abusive husband. When the police arrived, she had him hog-tied and laying on the curb!!

  8. hey :-)
    having hard humps.

  9. You, hoity-toity? Hogwash! We should hogtie that horrible third wife and make her eat Honeycombs.

  10. sorry... never never never have i thought of you as hoity toity! not even when you wrongly accused my husband of stealing your silverware! oh wait. he did. but even then, you were nice :) but now i need some honey combs... yeah yeah yeah!

  11. I love your H words. I should have known you'd take the word Hog tie...which is really two words....but since Coach knows people on Cops he just might know how to Hog tie...YOU. Wouldn't that he Hilarious? Another good H word...Hilarious! BWAAAAAHH :)

  12. Only you can make me laugh so hard, so late when I'm so tired!

    Honey, I'm
    Home and very
    Hungry for
    Hummus and a

    There, that was my contribution.

    Hood Night!

  13. You never fail to make me laugh, Suz.... Great "H" words.... I can almost hear you saying "HOGWASH" to anybody who will listen.... ha ha

    Great post.

  14. Happy Monday Suz!
    That's a Handy Heaping of Helpful H words.

  15. Maury...and Cops. Oh my! That's kinda scary. LOL

  16. Great post! I was laughing all the way through it. Now if you see the 3rd wife on Cops, your life will be complete.

  17. Hello Suz!
    Thanks for the delightfully hilarious post!
    Like all the others..please tell us about wifey #3! Inquiring minds NEED to know!
    still laughing at the thoughts of hogtied hogwash!

  18. I love the word "hogwash" and use it often.

  19. Hee Hee!

    (From your newest Harmless stalker)

  20. I WANT THOSE SHOES. Of course, I would take them off to go INTO the 7-11 so they did not get ruined.

  21. Holy Cow! You may be Hoity toity (Hogwash!), but in my Humble opinion this is a Hilarious post.

  22. helluva post!! helluva, i thought i made that word up. guess not, haley is one of my favorite 'h' words!!

  23. Oh girl you are a scream!! Want to hear something funny? I just used the word hoity toidy the other day! Can't remember who I was referring to, but it made my friend laugh. That (I'm sure) was the point, you know us comediennes! Now the Honeycomb reference I did not get, but there was a song in the 50's that went like this: Honeycomb won't you be my baby, Honeycomb be my own. A hank of hair and a piece of bone. She's a walkin', talkin' honeycomb.

    She sounds like a real work, eigh??!!Blessings,C

  24. Girl, you were going through the dictionary today. You've got me laughing, as usual. Keep up the good laughter, Miss Hoity Toity!

  25. I resolve to use the word "hogwash" in the course fo doing my work this week. (There are worse words that mean essentially the same thing; this is a good one to keep things relatively polite!)

  26. how 'bout hoe-bag? like the hoe-bag who dropped me arm after da x-ray? hoity toity bitch hoe-bag hag!


  27. I solemnly vow to use the word "Hogwash" once a day.

  28. Oh...I love those shoes. In fact, if you go far back into my blog, I have a picture of the same shoes! Great minds think alike! I also remember they were $900 or so, and I will never own them. *sniff*

    I LOVE COPS and what your husband said cracked me up. Oh, I aspire to one day recognize someone I know on COPS.

    Your Dad's 3rd wife sounds like quite a piece of work! I bet you have some good stories....

  29. This was so much fun!

    How come I haven't had hardly a hootchie holler 'howdy'?!

  30. What? People actually wear shoes inside 7-11? That is CLASSY with a capital K.

    Those shoes at the end are fab! Like so fab it is ridiculous!


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