November 22, 2009


My favorite color is green. I love all shades of green.

Recycling green is so gorgeous….


Recycling green is almost as great as my green eyes…oh the green things my eyes have seen!!!

I painted our mudroom green. Pretty great, for a mudroom…


I painted our guest room green. Goodness..I love our guest room.


I painted the plant ledge in the dining room green. Good Golly, I love my green ledge!


I have some special “green” tacked in the mud room…it has been there for years, I can’t believe it has not been grabbed yet…


I love my outside greenery too…I planted a few tomato plants in pots a few months ago (thanks to my MIL)


and I noticed this weekend…I have lil’ baby green tomatoes!!! This makes me so happy.


Are you GREEN with envy over my  green ‘maters?

What is your favorite color?????

To see how others used the letter G: Go visit Jen at A-Z Mondays.


I may be MIA for a few days…I have my Great family here from Georgia, they keep me going and going and going…good gracious, we are a goofy group!!

Happy MOndAy!!!


  1. Green is my favorite too. This was a great post and I love all your green things.

  2. I love that color in your mudroom!!

  3. Our recycling bins are blue here! LOL!

    Green is such a better color although I love both... blue in the sky and in my eyes, green on my thumb and on my walls.

    In my dreams :)

    ps: baby tomahto sooo cuuuute!
    pps: i want your mudroom :)

  4. Our recycling bins are blue here, too. Weird, huh?

    I have the exact same runner as the one you have in your mudroom. Great minds think alike! :)

    Many walls in my house are green, too. My downstairs bathroom, half the basement, and half my kitchen. Love it! I'm not done yet, either. I'm thinking of painting my living room a pretty sage.

    Green has always been my favorite color, ever since I can remember. Years ago I figured out that it probably has something to do with the fact that my birthstone is emerald.

  5. Your family is here from Georgia! I am green with envy! I know that any family of yours is wonderful as can be : )

  6. That's the cleanest mudroom I have ever seen, Suz.... Wow!!!!! I have never considered myself a 'green' person; however, the outside of our wood house is GREEN and we have GREEN carpet throughout the house. SO---I guess I do like green!!!

    Blue was always my favorite color ---but I have almost nothing blue now... Oh Well!!!!!!

    Your maters look great ..... Bet they'll taste good in a few weeks.

  7. you're so funny, you do love your green, dont you. my kitchen is a soft green.
    but my fav color is teal, it has a little green.

  8. just beautiful, suz... i too enjoy green but have no green walls!

    c have fun with your family.

  9. Nalley and I are envious of your green maters! We wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving.

  10. You know, your guestroom is lovely, but I would be happy to move into your mudroom with my Aero bed......

    You have baby tomatoes now?! Are you in California?

  11. I love all of your green things. And yes I am green with envy over your green garden in November. Happy Monday! XXOO Lori

  12. the Guest room..and the mudroom..Green is one of my faves also..and yes, my eyes are recycle bin is PURPLE...
    oh pretty little Green tomatoes fed the squirrels until the early October snow froze Goes life in Denver,Colorado..
    have a Glorious day!

  13. I have a bit of a crush on your mudroom. How come it's not crammed full of dogs and dog beds and laundry bins an ummm mud? LOL

    PS our recycling bins are blue!

  14. I'm green with envy of both your indoor and outdoor greenery. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your Georgia gang!

  15. has your mudroom always been green?
    i hope you have a great time with your fmaily. and i hope you will be fitting in some time to picket out in front of publix! you cna talk them into it... i just know it!

  16. Nice job with all the "greenery"! And, well, I do have a green sweater on today. You must be set for St. Patrick's Day!

  17. Happy Monday Suz!!
    Love your Green! we are sin twisters; I just painted our mudroom and guest room green too!!
    Oh just move your computer into the bathroom....your relatives won't know the difference. Better hurry, or you'll miss my giveaway.

  18. Does everyone with green eyes love the color green? Cuz I have blue eyes, and I love me some blue!

  19. I think I saw this one coming! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family sweetie!

  20. Your mud room and guest room make me happy! Maybe I should do some green painting!

  21. my walls are green too!
    love the photos.
    take more over thanksgiving.
    you may have a few days off to eat turkey.
    but hurry back.

  22. Green is my favorite color, too. Your green walls are gorgeous.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  23. What great and gorgeous G's! You really do like green. I'm green with envy over the tomatoes. We certainly don't have any of those growing here in November!

  24. Oh, my I love your guest room too. Aren't you not supposed to make them so beautiful and cozy, guest might not ever leave.

  25. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family.

    Those green colors you've painted with are gorgeous. You've got a great (green) eye!

  26. Checkered is going to paint our bathroom green this week. He doesn't know that yet, but surprise is good for the soul.

    Enjoy that family!!

    Seriously, you have a garden growing now?? I've got to get out of Michigan more often...

  27. Love your blog, very interesting! Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the tips, Ladybird

  28. I love all your green stuff, too! Especially your green walls.


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