October 31, 2009

If you put a group of Mean Girls up against the Taliban, who would win?

My money would be on the mean girls.

It has been a week filled with lil’ bits of drama.

*MSMG* has hit our house. Have you heard of this disease?

*Middle School Mean Girls.* They are like a cancer. They infiltrate healthy friends and healthy relationships and make them sickly.

Linds is learning life lessons: some people are not happy until they make others miserable

It will take some time for her to acquire her ‘mean girl radar.’ But she is catching on.

It breaks my heart to see her hurting, she has such a huge heart, is such a good friend and a cheerleader for the underdogs(bullied, slow, challenged kids) in school.

I am pretty sure mean girls come from grown up mean Mommies. Shame on the mean mommies.

Anyhoo. ON the brighter side of life…

Linds went to a Halloween party last night.

P1030333 P1030343 P1030345

I told her to “strike a pose” Give me attitude. She is a professional pose striker and attitude giver. :)

Hey, Madonna does not take crap from anyone, now does she?

And just for sh*ts and giggles, a Halloween pose from 10 years ago:


Scan_Pic0001 P1030332


She has not changed much, has she??? Gosh, I could just nibble her little butterfly cheeks off!!!

We are not trick or treating this year. Last year was our last.

I remember when they were little and we had so many “firsts.” Now we seem to have the milestone “lasts”…you know that makes me weepy!

We don’t get trick or treater’s where we live (in the woods) I think we may go see a movie, or do some baking tonight.

Have a wonderful night filled with treats and NO mean girls!!!


  1. Oh, How I hate Mean Girl Situations...our youngest suffered sooo...even to the point of some medication for awhile...
    Have you read the book? I have it on my shelf...

    Love the photos. Yes, enjoy all the 'lasts'...but remember after the 'lasts' there comes awesome adult like friendships with your own daughters...words cannot describe how wonderful this is!!

    Happy Halloween. Stay safe and warm ~Natalie

  2. ...great costume!! I remember that look well--when it wasn't a costume! Mean Girls eventually fade away and get wrinkles, but oh my the drama they cause. I think you're right. They usually have mean, wrinkled mamas.

  3. You really should read the book, "Queen Bees and Wannabees." Good info.

    Happy Halloween--we will be driving to teen parties tonight.

  4. Oh I feel so sorry for kids that are bullied... It's much worse these days than it used to be. And you are right---GIRLS can be the worst.

    Linds is such a gorgeous young gal. I'm sure that the others are just JEALOUS. However, anytime we see our own kids hurt by others, it hurts us too.... She will find out who her TRUE friends are---and will learn to stay away from the others.

    Love the little butterfly... Oh--how she's grown up. Enjoy them NOW because soon they'll be like mine GROWN AND GONE. Sniff Sniff..

    Have fun tonight whatever you all do.

  5. Oooohhh, lemme at 'em, lemme at 'em! Those little meanies - I remember when this started with Katie (it was in GRADE SCHOOL!) - it's horrible for the girls, and horrible for loving moms to witness. My heart is with yours, and with hers.
    She's so pretty. Those other girls are probably just jealous.
    We live in the woods, too, so we don't usually get any trick or treaters.
    Happy Halloween to all of you!

  6. Boo on mean girls and their mean mommies!!!!!

  7. Why doesn't she pay the mean girls off?

    That is Obama wants to do with the them money!

    sandy toe

  8. You're right, mean girls come from mean mommies. We have a few here too! Blah!
    Your daughter is a cutie!
    Happy Halloween!

  9. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with mean girls. We went through a lot of that at DD's old school. It was awful. I like your thoughts on where mean girls 'come from'. Probably not off the mark much at all. (sadly)

    I'm glad your girl is for the underdog... sometimes underdogs only need one classmate to cheer them on to bloom and grow. So good for your girl! : )

  10. OH! don't get me started on MSMG, you're right THEY could stomp out the Taliban.
    I still get angry when I think about the mental terrorists that tried psychological warfare on my daughter back in the day. thankfully she weathered the storm relatively unscathed. I, however, was lusting for blood.
    Tell Linds she looks amazing. A sweet nature always wins through.

  11. Tell Linds to continue giving treats and no tricks (the mean girl kind) she will gain so much more. Well you already know're a good mom.
    We don't have trick or treaters either, but that doesn't stop me from buying the variety 80 pieces of goodies in a bag. :)

  12. Wishing you all an enjoyable, memorable Halloween night no matter what you choose to do!

  13. The Taliban wouldn't have a chance -- they'd be clamoring for a safe haven in Guantanamo Bay! MSMG is about as bad as it gets, but I'm betting that Linds will survive and rise above it.

  14. I think many parents would be shocked to know how their children behave when around their friends...

    On that note: happy 50% off post-halloween candy day!

  15. Sorry about the Mean Girls. I went through that with my daughter. It's sad that some kids just can't feel important unless they're making someone else miserable.
    Cute Halloween photos. I love that little butterfly.

  16. OMFG! She's is SO damn adorable! She looks so much like you, it's scary. And, screw the Mean Girls!!! That's just one more reason I thank God everyday that I had a boy.

  17. Mean girls are the worst and make us Mommies feel so helpless! I think they are raising them to start younger and younger too.
    Hope things getter better for your baby!

  18. i would like to place an order. i will take 3 fabulous popsicle stick crosses. let me know how much $$! she looks great... hang in there!

  19. I would be the most ultimate mean girl to the effing Taliban, believe me! But mean girls to your precious butterfly!????? Whoa! You better tell 'em what kind of gangsta friends you've got out here in Blogistan! One of 'em descends from Afghan warrior women, and she is NOT afraid to take a b*^&h OUT.

    Just kidding.

    Ok, not.

    By the way, thanks for posting the picture! What a great costume. Her '99 pictures makes me want to gobble her up. She looks ADORABLE!!! Give her a big hug and let her know mean girls never ever get very far. Ever.

    Happy Halloween!

  20. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I LOVE your comments, always! I haven't had a chance to tell you, but I'm looking into Live Writer. This week Blogger hasn't pissed me off very much, but when next it does, I'm throwin' down with Live Writer!

    Also, I threatened to fight a Halloween trick or treater last night. Shameless! Don't know if you caught the video or not, but afterwards I said to Ed that I wondered what your daughter would have told you about the incident if SHE were the one trick or treating at our house..."Uhhh, Mom, there's a crazy dog lady living in that house with the red door!" Ha ha ha!

    Take care!

  21. Boo to mean girls and even more so to mean girls who become mean women because we all know women that like and get enjoyment out making people miserable.

    Love the pictures...she is so beautiful and what a cute little pumpkin...makes me want to kiss those cheeks.

  22. She is incredibly beautiful.

    Mean girls suck! I love the movie, but the reality of it is, that they are horrible. They seem to be getting worse as time goes on. Tell her to hang in there. Keep being the cheerleader,,,, she'll look back in years to come and be proud. I promise you I can still remember times when i've hurt people, and came down to the level of some of the mean girls in our school, but the moments i'm most proud of are the ones when I stood up for what I knew was right, and didn't take their s*it!

    I hope you are a proud mommy, your girls are beautiful, and seem to have amazing hearts and self assurance! :) Hope your Halloween was SPECTACULAR! What movie did you see?

  23. Mean Girls....already dealing with that too. I have to admit, I had my mean moments as a girl, but my mom took care of that by grounding me. You're right, it's the moms that let it continue who are to blame.
    LOVE the Madonna look on her :)

  24. Mean Girls Suck!! My "baby" experienced the same thing in Middle School. It's not easy to side with the underdogs, but she stuck with it. Now, she's a confident Senior, who doesn't really care too much what other people think!!! Hang in there, Linds. The good guys really DO win;)

    Want me to come down there and pop a cap in someone's mommy's @$$?

  25. Your mean girl is Fab U!

  26. Ugh, reading this brought back memories of my own mean girls in my life. So sorry she has to go through this, I'm glad she has a good mom to guide her.

    I don't know how she grew up to have cheeks, I would have nommed those right off years ago! She was too cute.


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