October 09, 2009

TGIF; Speaking of weather, well that makes me crabby.

Or I could have titled this: I am a crab cake today.

Nothing puts me to sleep as quickly as someone talking about the weather. You start ranting about the weather, and I have an instant case of Narcolepsy. “It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s windy, blah blah blah, yada yada yada.” ZZZzzzzzz

I believe in un-sharing certain subjects: Religion, money, politics and weather. Unless there is a major snow storm headed for Miami, I am so not interested. Keep it to yourself and your imaginary friends living in the pantry. :) Do your imaginary pantry friends eat as much as ours do???

Speaking of narcolepsy. IT is NOT funny. Unless you witness someone suffering with narcolepsy while bowling. Then it is hilarious.

Narcoleptic Timmy Goes Bowling

I am pretty sure Timmy just overheard someone complaining about the weather seconds before he ‘fell out.’ Poor Timmy.

I have been so darn tired since we got home from our whirlwind weekend. Perhaps the reason I am feeling like a crabby Patty?? I am starting to wonder if I have come down with a tumor. Or M.S. or Anemia. Or Diabetes. Or Coach is slipping ruffies into my coffee. I just can’t shake this tiredness. Most people come down with a cold, not me, always more dramatic and life threatening. I missed my calling when I skipped drama class. Ok, I was late signing up for the class, I was busy doing laundry.

Any subject that takes you down to sleepy-land quickly? Do people who talk about narcolepsy, ruffies and their teenage kids get on your nerves????

Have you ever heard this from a 16 year old?

Lo: “Mom, I can’t drive to school this morning, I have to ‘put on my face. ”

My reply: What are you…70???”

Have a fantastic weekend. I hope you get all the sleep you need, at appropriate times and places. I wish for you glorious weather and if your weather is less than perfect, remember the un-sharing rule.

Be nice to strangers. Call your Mom. And for heavens sakes, clean out the fridge!!!


  1. Poor baby---You are really struggling, aren't you????? I think you need a vacation--to get over the vacation.

    Seriously, you went through some trauma and grief along with pure joy at the wedding. Your poor body is probably worn out emotionally and physically. Take care this weekend --and do something just for YOU.

    By the way, you may not like me (or my blog) anymore since I LOVE the weather. I love to talk about it, see what the weather is in other places, find out what is predicted for us, etc. I truly LOVE it. George says that I must have been a weather girl in another life. Sorry, Friend!!!!

    We're on our way to Hendersonville today. Company coming tomorrow. Yipes.
    Loads of Hugs,

  2. crabby PATTY!???
    why us?
    Patty's are nice pleasant people. Really.

    Not only do I hate it when people talk about the weather, I actually get angry. I don't know why. It's the most boring conversation filler/ender i.m.o. If I want to know what the weather's like I look out the window.

    uh-oh maybe crabby Patty fits me after all.

  3. Honey, you have just hit the wall. That's what I called it after I lost my dad. I was drained and tired and just felt like I couldn't move... down to the bone. Get some rest, friend.

    Loved the crabby patty... we call salmon croquettes 'crabby patties' in an effort to make the food sound more 'fun', not that I would ever stoop to 'kid food' level around my house. ahem.

  4. I'm always nice to strangers. I will probably call my mom. I am not going to clean out the fridge. I will complain about the weather. I do suffer rude bouts of yawning when people talk about their work, so why did I post all about my job today! I should have typed a ? but couldn't find it in time. So there, crabby cakes. I think that rant should have made me feel better. Oddly enough, it didn'.

  5. Well, at least it wasn't "Oh, I can drive and put on my face at the same time."

  6. Grief causes extreme tiredness. Listen to your body and rest when you need to. Take care and have a nice quiet weekend.

  7. Oh I do like your un-sharing rule. I will not bore you with my rainy foreacast:)
    GO get some sleep, you have had a stressful few weeks.

  8. girl your in Florida, drink some Orange Juice!! it will help wake you up. i was feeling that way too, i am also starving!!! but i am sticking with my diet.
    Though wes made me mad because i said i was not going to be dieting on the weekends, meaning i would allow myself some carbs, but not over eat, and we had planned to get some breakfast on the way to his moms, he wants to leave at 6 in the morning, now he is like oh i will just have a protein shake and some fruit.
    Well sorry buddy i will not, i need more food then that and i wanted some toast!!! then i said for lunch i don't want to go to a buffet, he said i want to go somewhere where i can get a chicken salad. well i am not getting a chicken salad, i have been eating those all week. i may get a burger, but no fries but i feel all guilty because he is being mr. diet man and i am weak.

  9. Well, I hope YOU have a good weekend! Hang in there!

  10. Do I HAVE to clean out the fridge? I'd honestly rather clean a toilet...what does that say about me...and about our fridge? EEeew.

    I agree with you about talking about the weather, esp. living here in WA. It is what it is (but once in a while, I will complain - true confession).

    Perhaps you are tired from the extremes of emotion that you've just experienced: walking with your dear Grandma as she faced her dying, feeling that loss, and then, hot on the heels of it, a wedding - a celebration of love and a new life? It makes me kind of tired, just writing it here. Maybe you need a little rest from the extreme emotional impacts. You are such a loving caregiver; maybe it's your turn for a bit? Sending loving thoughts and hugs as you TAKE GOOD CARE OF SUZ. XO

  11. You know what makes me tired? Grocery shopping. I don't know if it's the lights or the huge amount of decision making ahead, but I walk in the door and immediately start yawning.

  12. Hey woman!! hope you get your energy back!! that is what most people notice first on Reliv - better sleep and an energetic stamina... just FYI - for more info - have a great weekend!

  13. Have a good weekend!

    I never put on my face..I am doing good if I brushed my teeth!

    sandy toe

  14. You have been through a lot lately..I think a nap is in order here.
    Blessings and sweet dreams to you. ;)
    btw;it's raining again here today.

  15. I'm thinking about dieting religiously, so I will quit eating during church.

    I also tried sleeping while driving once. That didn't work out too well. Sleep apnea is also not too funny a topic when you're the one afflicted with it, but my neck gets plenty of exercise in church.

  16. It sounds as if you need a vacation from your vacation -- I feel that way every time we get home from a trip. I think you should be grateful that Lo realizes it's not smart to drive and put on her face at the same time. Have a restful weekend.

  17. Suz - you really had me laughing at this post today (more like "guffawing!") You and I agree on so many things! :-) Lol at the bowling narcopletic. One of my good friend's wives has narcolepsy - she's fallen asleep several times when we've gone to dinner w/ them. (I wait till me and the hubby are headed home till I laugh!)
    have a great weekend Suz - and no, I'm not cleaning that fridge out. I'm going to make the stepson do it as one of his chores -ha,ha!

  18. LOL I know you're talking about me! I rant about the weather all the time. Why do you still read me, are you a masochist?

    Kidding :-D

    Secretly you love it.


  19. I get tired like that when I'm about to get sick. Hope you are feeling more energy soon!

    People talking excessively about their kids. Blah blah blah blah blah. I love kids, but there are limits.

  20. You just lost your beloved Grandma. Loss wears you out like nothing else. Take naps. You need it.

  21. ...I'm catching up and just saw your post on your grandma. I'm so sorry...
    If your grandma and my grandma meet up in heaven, they will have a blast (and probably get in trouble). I have a photo of my grandma in the same peek-a-boo knee pose! Sending you warm thoughts...

  22. First of all- sorry. I do moan about the weather but ....I AM BRITISH AFTER ALL.
    I will talk to my imaginary friends from now on- they are really nice to me.
    What are ruffies?

  23. I pretty much fall asleep when people talk about their addiction to white flour and sugar. Maybe it's because I have one. Hope you are having a relaxing weekend. You deserve it!

  24. I do think that coach is slipping roofies into your coffee. He looks VERY suspicious lately. And I could almost swear in the last family picture he had his hand curled up and it looked like the pills were inside. This is serious!

    My fridge needs to be cleaned out. We are talking a soy sauce drip. This is serious. And 2 weeks old. I didn't do it yet. And chances are good, I am NOT going to want to tomorrow. Oh no I am not Suz!

  25. even when you bee crabby- you bee cute!



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