October 30, 2009

TGIF; Driving lessons begin in the garage.

Remember Wednesday when I was Unhappy about our broken garage door? Well, I did not know the full story. Sometimes it is better to NOT know the full story.

What I knew: After hearing a large crash in  the garage at 6:20 am, Coach re-enters the house and tells me “You can’t get your car out, get someone to take Linds to school and please call a garage repair guy”

Me still asleep: OK.

Good news: The garage repair guy comes, works on it for about 15 minutes puts it all back together and finds nothing mechanically wrong with it. He is confuzzled. I am confuzzled. He charges me NOTHING and I give him a big kiss thank you!

Around 2:30 that day Coach calls me and inquires about the door status. I give him the good news and then he tells me the rest of the story:

“Well your daughter (Lo) put her backpack in the back seat of my truck and unknowingly closed the truck door with the garage door motor cord stuck in the truck door , she then proceeded to back out of the garage….bringing with the garage door with US!!!”

P1030324 The ‘just a bit too long’ cord.

In hindsight, it is pretty funny. Well it is hilarious since no one and neither vehicle were injured. 

The really funny part? I did  this same thing about a year ago, but with different results. When I unknowingly caught the cord in my car, I pulled out and as the hood of my car exited the garage, the door came down at lightening speed and narrowly missed my hood. It took me till later that day to figure out what I did to make the garage door come crashing down.

Today’s To Do List: Shorten that darn cord!!!


I hope you all have nice plans this weekend, or NO plans at all…that is nice too. Remember to fall back Sunday morning.

Anyone having a big weekend??? 


Caution/Lisa said...

That is a wonderful story!! We don't do things like that here. Nope. Never.

We don't have big week-ends, either. Just sports, homework, church. It even sounds boring to me.

George said...

I'm glad the garage door story had a happy -- and amusing -- ending. Has the cord been shortened?

Jan said...

The garage door cord thing? Sounds COMPLETELY like something I'd do.

Thanks for stopping by the Sushi Bar. Looking at your sidebar, I see you have a picture of the uniform of a professional picky eater. WOW. The Young One? Pickiest eater EVER. No striped socks, but the Cons? The only shoes he'll wear.

I Am Woody said...


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Omigosh!!!!!!!!!!!! And I thought it was a GHOST!

Kay said...

Oh my goodness! Yeah... YOUR daughter.. nice touch, huh?! LOL Too funny. We have one of those cords, but it's pretty short, so it doesn't catch on things. Although hubs has to move his head to the side a tad to walk past it, so it's around 6 feet from the ground. Yes, cut off that silly cord. I'm just glad no cars or people or dogs were harmed the making of this blog story. LOL

Kristina P. said...

Too funny! Glad you guys figured it out!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suz
I am seriously scouting out some new republican talent!!!
Its good to be back!
I once backed ou of the garage,tore out the front bumper of the car and in the process knocked out the eye of the door(usually at the side of the door)
Had to call the guy but he did not charge anything.I would have kissed him out of sheer relief if he was cute!

Unknown said...

Having kids is the best source of entertainment that I know in this world. Happy Halloween weekend to you!

Janie said...

Funny story about the garage. Glad no one was hurt and no real damage done on either occasion. Yep, shorten that cord, quickly, before you forget!

Jen said...

Purley an accident. So glad to hear no one will get shanked as a result. ;)

Betsy Banks Adams said...

You are right... That cord is too long. Ours is short --so don't think we'd have that problem.

No big plans for the weekend here --other than year work. I got out and blew leaves this afternoon---and only made a small dent in the yard. of course it is supposed to rain --so I may not get to do it tomorrow. Darn!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween.

Anonymous said...

When Nalley could drive, he asked me to move his truck which was OUTSIDE the garage and I proceeded to back into the garage door frame! The force "bent" the wood but no real damage; just my feelings! Happy Halloween!

Technodoll said...

haaaaa that's terrible but oh so funny! yes braid that cord why don't you... make a nice bow out of it :)

thanks for the laugh and have a great weekend!

Najia said...

Ha ha ha! I'm glad none of you have been hurt by that crazy cord! Why is it that long?!

Weekend revolves around my "kids"...going to Random Rambling Sue's Halloween Party for the Goldens tomorrow, then Navy football, then Ed's Yankees' game, then a baby shower I'm throwing for my Anna (for her human baby!)....are you dressing up??? Post pics of costumes please!


Margo said...

We have a garage door guy on speed dial! Happy Halloween - no big plans. I'm glad that the new section of our neighborhood has taken over as trick or treat central... for a few years we got over 300 kids! Way too much sugar in the house for an addict!

Tins and Treasures said...

Yikes...could have been bad! I'm glad you have the situation taken care of.
The weekend will be pretty uneventful here. Happy Halloween ~Natalie

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm not going to complain about having to get up on the ladder to pull that cord when the power goes out ever again!

C said...


i mean i'm sorry that happened to your door.. [LMAO]

glad no one was hurt.

have a happy halloweenie, and thanks for the bag of candy.... it does help....


Rebecca Foster said...

Oh, that is so something I would do. In the future, when I have a garage again, I'll keep an eye on the cord. I'm a bit shocked I've never done it!

Your family is awesome.

Lori said...

Too funny Suz! Glad no one and no vehicle was injured in the excitement! Happy weekend to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

why is there a cord? i've never seen that. glad no one and nothing was injured.
have a great weekend!

Clippy Mat said...

i love garages. i don't have one. winter is coming and i soon will have to scrape snow and ice off my truck every morning.
that's all i thought about when i read your post. written from a warm, sunny place with a BIG garage.
it made me sad :-(

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I can't keep commenting because my arm is calling and I am starving!