October 05, 2009

My camera was on fire.

This past weekend.

And I won’t bore you all with ALL the photos I took. All 300 of them. See how caring I am??

We had a fantastic weekend. Really Super Duper Fantastic. And I don’t normally throw around that many adjectives.

The home we stayed in: outrageously beautimus maximus.

The rehearsal dinner that my aunt and uncle hosted: fantasmus.

The wedding: gorgeous maximus.

The folks we spent the weekend with: total awesomeness.

I will break it down as best as I can.


The house.

St. Simons Island, GA.


4 story. Overlooking the wawah with infinity pool. so cool.  

P1020835 P1020828 P1020831 P1020834 

P1020860 Yes, with an elevator. Now, my Mother has ONE more story to go down in infamy…’the night she was trapped in the elevator. with a full bladder’. Pretty funny…If it was not YOU. The coach and I heard all the commotion going on. And we almost got up from bed to see what was happening, almost but decided my Mom and Aunt were just being silly. again. oops.


Isn’t this a lovely family? Looks like a professional photo. Thank you Riley and my super duper little awesome Panasonic.


Suz, Mom,Lo, Linds and The Coach.


     P1020867 P1020871  P1020894 P1020913

There was much laughter, food and fellowship.

Add a few trillion dolphins, a young couple in love, great weather and you have the perfect weekend!


wedding collage


wedding collage 2

I could go on and on and on…but then you will see how charmed my life is and not enjoy spending time with me anymore.

Don’t you loathe charmed peeps? NO? Oh, me neither.

I hope you all had your own wonderful weekend full of memories. I will catch up with all you folks soon…and the laundry…oh the dreaded laundry. Does that ever end???? Um. NO. 



  1. Quite possibly one of my all time favorite Suz posts, and there isn't even a doggie photo in the bunch! Ha!!!

    The pictures of Coach with his little girls tugged at my heart. They look so grown up all dressed up. I wonder what Coach was thinking as he stood there gazing at his little women. I bet he was remembering when they were (((this))) little. Awww.

    I also love the professional all family picture, and of course, the gorgeous man in the uniform.


  2. I am absolutely drop dead JEALOUS that you spent the weekend in St. Simons Island. Please tell me you've read the Eugenia Price books. I've wanted to visit there ever since I read them.

  3. I'm such a dork! I was picturing your camera literally on fire, hee hee.
    Anyway, very nice photos, looks like all had a great time.

  4. wow - I want to swim in that pool. So glad you all had fun and laughter - and some good memories were made - nothing better than that!

  5. A really gorgeous wedding couple and the home and its location are fab! Great pictures of you with your family. So glad you had a fun weekend.

  6. awwwww honey! how beautiful everything looks! what lucky dogs you all are to have spent time in such a place. ohmygod it looks beautiful. and the handsome cuzzin, congrats to them and may god always keep him safe, and bless their marriage.
    i am SO jealous! stuck here i nthe midwest.

    it's supposed to snow saturday.


  7. You can never post too many photos Suz! What a beautiful place - gorgeous family! I would've been out in that water swimming w/ those dolphins! Ha!

  8. That house looked amazing!! And the picture of you and your daughters looks like you are all sisters! Seriously, you are sooooo tiny and cute :)

  9. Just give me one hour in that amazing pool!
    sandy toe

  10. Wow. Just wow. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful trip... so jealous. It's so pretty there! Great pics of the fam too. Love the pic of you laughing and looking off to the side... just shows what a fun time you were having! : )

  11. What a wonderful weekend! St Simons is just beautiful. The low country is one of my most favorite areas!!

  12. Oh Suz, I LOVE it. I didn't know you all were at St. Simon's... That's one of my favorite places --as you know since I've blogged about it alot.

    Love the pictures of you and your family. You--my dear--are such a beautiful young woman and your daughters are getting more and more beautiful every day. Coach is one lucky guy!!!!

    I'm sure the wedding was fabulous. The bride and groom look so happy. Thanks so much for sharing. I LOVE seeing your pictures. Fabulous blog.
    P.S. Thanks for the wonderful email.

  13. What a wonderful wedding and weekend! Your pictures are great and everyone looks extremely happy. We were on St. Simons last year and know how beautiful it is.

  14. Great pics of your family, and in such a fantastically lovely place. I love your invented adjectives!

  15. OMG! My weekend was almost IDENTICAL, minus the nice house, the view, the wedding, the people, and the fun. But other than that? Like a CARBON COPY.

    Am I dating myself with that last comment?

  16. What a beautiful place for a wedding! You guys all look great, but that wedding dress is TO. DIE. FOR.

    We are heading down to VA Beach for a wedding this Camp Pendleton! I LURVE a good wedding (reception);)

    **snort** @ Baby Favorite!

  17. What a wonderful fairytale like weekend! Everyone looks so cute, and the bride and groom are lucky to have such great memories for years to come....charming memories! :))

  18. Oh my hell! I can't believe how grown up your 'babies' look! They are gorgeous! I love the picture of them with their daddy. He looks so proud. :)

    What a glorious weekend. Couldn't have happened to a nicer family!

  19. great post- really enjoyed it

  20. I have decided that I must stop reading blogs as it only solidifies all the things I don't have/get to do. Thanks for all the spare time you're allowing me to have!!!

  21. What a beautiful family you have! (Is it my imagination, or are you getting tinier in each photo??) The house was fab too. I KNOW I'm gonna wish we had an elevator in our cabin when I'm a few years older. 3 floors. What was I thinking? Thanks for sharing your families joy with us.

    Blessings, Cassie

  22. awesome pictures!! wow, do you have any you would like done up? i can photo shop you know. let me know we can do presents for family and all you would need to do is decide what size prints.

  23. So many things to say...first of all, I LOVE the family photos. I think you may have your Christmas card pic in there. You look FAB in your dresses! Really, Suz. Your girls are lovely, and so sweet-looking. Your mom and Coach are both adorable!
    That did you find it? What a heavenly place to rent for a weekend away with the family. The view! The pool! Wow.
    Okay, and the bride's "mermaid" dress? Killer figure and fantastic look. What an inspiration to all prospective brides!
    God bless the newlyweds and your entire family!

  24. Lucky couple indeed :)
    Fabulous family photos of you....except for your doggies!

  25. Your whole family is gorgeous! and what a beautiful event. I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend and that the weather was good too. Maybe next time pack a family flag and lay claim to the real estate. I don't know if that works, but I've always been tempted to try. Love your shoes!

  26. The Golden Isles never looked more golden! Glad it was such a good trip.

  27. Wow I want to be there! Looks like such a gorgeous time, place and family. Cheers for you all - you clearly deserved it. But I'm thinking my invite just got lost in the mail? I supposed I'll forgive you this one time....

  28. Those photos saved you like, a million words :-d

    Beyond awesome - it was like a peek into paradise... just what you needed after all you've been through lately.

    Everyone is beautiful, as is the weather, the scenery, and all the love emanating from the happy smiles and group hugs.

    Love the photo arrangements, how do you get the pics to be organized like that?

    Glad you're back!


  29. One enchanted weekend!
    y'all look great. :)
    ..and I was stuck at home with a turkey. (that's a hint of my post tomorrow)

  30. I want to see all 300 pictures. I love the house. Seriously love it. Would like to go move into it right this second. I NEED an escalator : ) Oh yes I do!

  31. OOooohhhh, thanks for sharing the pictures....sooooo fun!


  32. That looks so much like California for a minute I was peeved you didn't look me up when you were here :)
    Love the family shot. Thanks for sharing. I don't think I've seen a photo of you all together.

  33. Your pictures (and location) are just so amazing. You can see the joy!

  34. Much gorgeousness abounding in your photos.


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