October 28, 2009

It makes me happy that…

  • …My husband loves any dinner I prepare, be it a fantastic compilation I have poured hours into or a soup and sandwich kind of night.
  • …I enjoy being around my girls and vice versa.
  • …I never run out of things to talk to my Mom about.
  • …I have tivo.
  • …My washer and dryer are wonderful.
  •  …I found this photo on my laptop that Lo took of herself trying to go ‘cross eyed’.

  • …I can sleep in most weekends, and no one gives me any grief.
  • …Fall will be here *fingers crossed* soon.
  • …I have a new grocery store right around the corner.

  • Tomorrow is my Uncle Jim’s birthday. He is the best Uncle in the universe and he looks really snazzy in a fuchsia tie. Remember the book: Real men eat quiche?  Well I say: Real men wear fuchsia.



Ok, for the negative Nancy in me…I have only TWO Unhappy moments {so far} this week to share:

It makes me unhappy that:

…*someone* accidentally threw away her $300.00 retainer yesterday at school. “Um, hello Mrs. Dr. Orthodontist, guess what…”

...Our garage door decided that it has had enough of this opening and closing business and it’s taking a ‘break’. Literally. If you were my car, wouldn’t  you be scared? Two of the panels are hanging by a prayer in midair with a few large bolts laying on the garage floor!


  • Looks like another $expensive$ week at Casa Day by Day.
  • I hope your happy’s outweigh your NOT happy’s today too.

What you are happy about today?


  1. I cannot believe that your Dyson is not on this list!!!
    I'm happy that the sun is shining today in GA and the leaves seem to have changed overnight!
    Enjoy your day, and go apologize to the Dyson.

  2. Love that it's not 100 degrees outside anymore.... but hate that it hasn't been very sunny lately. I guess I should love that my garage door isn't broken... I'm not TRAPPED. Sorry, couldn't resist. Our opener has broken and I just about freaked thinking I was stuck. lol I love my Dyson... it gets the cat hair like nothing else. We $tart brace$ in Dec, $o thank$ for cheering me up about the day$ ahead, too. LOL

  3. Happy-B-day unlce J. I think that it is wonderful that you always remember your families b-days.

    I am happy I no longer have to spend winters in Boston.
    Today in Austin it is 76 degree's and I am very grateful.

  4. I am happy I have a DVR too!

  5. my happies definitely out weigh my sads today, the bean peed in the potty chair!!! woo-hoo!! we are training in full force!!

  6. Your daughters obviously inherited your sense of humor! Loved the cross-eyed photo! Sorry to hear about your garage door! (Reminds me of the time my dad's garage door came down on his car - could be worse - lol!!)
    Today I am happy about celebrating my anniversary and having my snuggly 50 lb pup in my lap!

  7. I'm happy that we're having our first snow.
    Speaking of "real" men, steve once had me dye all of his athletic socks pink, because our 2 boys kept "borrowing" them. The boys wouldn't touch the pink ones, of course. Steve looked a little funny, but hey, at least he had socks!
    Sorry about the demise of the garage door and retainer...

  8. Okay, where to begin: you probably didn't see this, because your mind is much too clean, but it looks like you wrote "sexspensive" with your $ at both ends of the word, so you may get some more "fun" google searches here. Feel free to delete this comment, as it may spark even more.

    Your garage door reminds me of the news about the Oakland-Bay Bridge in San Francisco this morning.

    I love your gratitude. You may want to sign up at for their email each morning. No day (here) is complete without it. Some days, MB and I email sarcastic comments back and forth about it (when we are feeling particularly menopausal), but we still love it!

    About retainers...David is currently without one, since he refused to wear the last one, and now it doesn't fit. I've told him that I will buy him a new one when/if he decides to wear it, and that, if he needs braces again, they will be on HIS dental plan (when he has a full-time job).

    You have a wonderful family...and you deserve it! XO

  9. I'm glad your happy list is longer than your unhappy list. We had to get a new garage door and opener this year. Big $$$. If you can avoid that you'll have one more thing to add to your happy list!

  10. I am happy my husband lets me order food out, so I don't have to cook. Oh and I am extremely happy that while eating out, my dvr is recording all of the stuff I am missing on tv.

    Happy Birthday Uncle with the fuscia tie :)

    And I am unhappy that we paid for invisiline retainers, that a certain cheerleader continously forgets to wear, and now may need braces again. She is unhappy that if she wants straight teeth again, she will have to pay for those braces.

  11. I'm happy that Halloween is 2 days away. I'm unhappy that it's supposed to rain that day. Life sux sometimes but when you have kids going crossed eyed it makes it all better. Oh, and tell Mr. Fuchsia that your girls on your blog think he looks snazzy.

  12. Ohhh I just had a flashback to throwing away my retainers about 3 times. Pretty sure if my parents were ever going to give me back, it was going to be over retainers.

    I am happy it's 5 AM and I have time to leisurely read blogs and drink coffee before going to school this morning.

  13. Garage looks horrible, but the doggy is so cute!

  14. Oh gosh we just had our garage door fixed, it had been broken since early July... it's still not 100% but hey, it's the curse eh?

    I too am blessed to have a hubby that loves anything I make for him, as long as it's food he's happy :)

    I cook, he eats, what a team :-D

  15. Cute post... Sorry about your garage doo-dad... We had to get a new one of those fairly recently... Fun Fun!!!!

    I'm happy today just to be home with George. I love my childhood friends very much--but GADS--how I miss my man when I'm gone. Thank God I don't have to do it again for a year.


  16. I'm glad that you have so many things to be happy about. I have a lot to be happy about too. Right now, I am happy because my little people and husband are sleeping and I am getting some alone time to be on the computor. My house is totally peaceful and it!

  17. I love how you are parked so nice on one side of the garage. I am a garage hog!

  18. I am happy my math lesson was a hit.

  19. I'm sorry about your garage door and the retainer! :)

    BUT i'm so happy that the :)'s out weigh the :('s!

    What am I happy about?
    2. His costume came in the mail!
    3. That I have an amazing boss!
    4. That I have a mommy that makes me so happy and I love spending time with her too
    5. That I'm not sick anymore! wooohoo! :)

  20. My Tivo makes me happy too!

    sandy toe

  21. I'm so happy that my 4 babes are healthy (so far) as we are hearing more outbreaks of swine flu all around us each day!

  22. Happy Burfday Uncle Jim! :-) Love that tie.

    I'm happy that Laverne has lost another 4.8 pounds, and Shirley another 2.3 pounds! God bless 'em, they are healthier and friskier as each day goes by. Laverne actually runs at full speed now.

    I'm not happy that Milo has a growth on his tail that looks like a tumor. We're going to the vet tomorrow. I hope it is not cancerous.

    Great post!

  23. I am happy that I can fit into size 4 jeans and I look GOOD in them (yay ME!).
    I am happy that I had the day off from work.
    I am happy that I had a great lunch with my very funny 79 year old Daddy.
    I am happy that I have two healthy, happy funny kids.
    I am happy that I have a great husband who loves me, and whom I love.
    I am happy for blue skies and Fall colors on the trees.
    I am happy that, even though we still struggle financially, we have enough for all our needs. (Our "wants are just that.... WANTS.)
    I am happy that God has given me peace and joy within my heart.
    I am happy EVERY TIME I read Suz's blog... because she is one of THE funniest people I know. :)


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