October 14, 2009

I find older men distinguished.

Is 44 considered older? Maybe. If you are 20. Which I used to be.

Jeff as a boy Coach, circa 1971.

Who knew that way back in 1985, we would still be celebrating birthdays together??Jeff Suz 1985 2

The Love birds. Circa 1985. This was Halloween; we just started dating in September. Your Mom took this picture. I can only imagine what she thought about me: HOOKER? French maid???

Of course, back then we did not have a clue what was ahead of us. All good. Mostly Good. Ok, mostly ALL good.

For the big 44, I have got you some great gifts to commemorate the day.

Oh, and don’t stress about the money. I’ve finally after 6 weeks of playing won the lottery!!!

Not enough for you to retire…yet, but a nice little purse full of moolah for the man himself. Well, I mean for me to buy the man himself some gifts. You know how I am such a brilliant shopper and all!!!!

First of all I will traded in your pick up truck and get you a new less stained, less dented model:


It has that new car smell, not the new athlete smell.

It is all ready to go, I even put in a nice rubber mat in the bed so all your softball equipment won’t roll around.

And for the work days, this will make your commute much nicer. Don’t you think?


It is deluxe, right down to the built in refrigerator. You know, so you can keep your beef jerky fresh raspberry tea cold.

This could possibly be your favorite gift of all:

The Dolphins will win the super bowl this year!!!!! Yes, it is a miracle.


I have arranged for a helicopter to drop us and 34 2 of our closest friends right at the stadium in Tampa. VIP all the way baby!!!!

And also, I called all the world leaders the powers that be, and we will have this flippin’ economy booming in a week or two. Get that manufacturing plant full of employees again, we will be rolling in the dough work!!!!


I took the liberty to move mountains hypnotize all the softball parents prior to our season starting. They WILL all act properly this year. They will all see beyond their own daughter and actually THINK OF THE TEAM AS A WHOLE, and not just ONE kid . Yep, no more whining 40 year old Dads!!!! No more threatening of your life!!!

LoLo slapping Mom in background praying.


It will actually BE FUN this year!!

I know, this is amazing. And some thought the parting the red seas was a miracle????

And of course, the year would not be complete without the best gift ever. And this one I can actually PROMISE to you: The undying, unfaltering love of your wife and the two cutest teenager daughters in the world. That is a given.

Everything else is just icing on the cake of life!!!!


Speaking of cake? I am assuming you still love Carvel??????

Happy Birthday Baby!!!!


  1. Fun post/photos and my happy birthday wishes to Coach!

  2. Happy B-day coach. Busy Bee u alwasy bring back memories, I believe I too had a hooker costume same yr no kidding and you also reminded me that I too will be 44 this month....were does the time go!!!

    Enjoy your day coach and the Carvel Too!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Coach! What are ya wearing for halloween this year? ;^)

  4. So cute and so sweet! Your costume cracked me up... what a look, though... soooo 80's. LOL I like the recent pic best though. You have such a beautiful family! : )

  5. Great birthday post. Happy Bday Coach. And LOVE your family pic. You all look beautiful.

  6. Happy Birthday Coach!! Awesome girl you got there!!

  7. Happy 44th!!! :) Hope you make the day special for your honey! What a hilarious and sweet post! I love the family picture, what a gorgeous family!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Coach
    you are a winner!

  9. Happy Birthday Coach!! I can't seem to make it beyond the Halloween picture though;)

  10. okay, friend... you made me cry. real. tears.

    that was after i hoped to God that picture was taken on halloween... good thing you mentioned that :)

    i sure love the way the two of you love each other... through it all (and that is a lot of ALL!) laughing all the way (cuz it is just better than crying!)

    happy birthday, coach
    (i know you read this and LOVE how your wife makes us all laugh!!) i think your wife is probably the best birthday gift you could get! (okay, i know it would be nice if she really could hypnotize those whiny parents, but have you tried duct tape?)

  11. Happy Birthday Coach - you are rockin' that almost-tux and 'ahem - I can see why you were smart enough to hang on to that gorgeous woman all these years! Enjoy

    GREAT POST - awesome photos.

  12. Cute, although if I offered my husband either undying love or a new truck, I would hate to hear the answer!!!

  13. cool post, love the halloween photo, so 80's :)
    happy b'day to the coach!

  14. Happy Birthday! I think you already scored the bes present every.

  15. OMGoodness, I LOVELOVELOVE that Halloween photo! Your girls must love it even more than I do.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Coach! I think the world of you, because you make my friend Suz so happy every day. Wishing you the best day (and year) you've ever had!

  16. Totally H.Y.S.T.E.R.I.C.A.L!!!

  17. Coach, you are a lucky, lucky man. But you already know that.

  18. You are so adorable! I haven't been to your blog in weeks, and because I am home SICK today, I have a chance to read blogs... and HOORAY it's Coach's B-Day! Happy Bday Coach! LOVE the "Chippendale-and-French-Maid" photo, Suz. That's Klassy with a Kapital K, babe. :) (But hey, it was the 80s... I'm sure Ron and I have something just as funny somewhere!)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope this next year is the most spectacular yet!

  19. Happy Birthday, Coach!! I LOVE that Halloween picture. Totally awesome! My favorite picture, though, is the family shot. That should be your Christmas card, Suz!

  20. Oh what a wonderful post, Suzanne. Happy Birthday Coach.... You are lucky to have him---and he is lucky to have you... What a neat couple.. AND those two teen girls are both gorgeous.... What a nice life!!!!! I'm happy for all of you.

    Love the 'Halloween' ?????? costume picture...
    Betsy--From my laptop in Georgia

  21. You guys are SOOOO cute! Now and then! I love your costumes, hehe. Obviously he has a taste for French maids. ;)

    Hope you guys have a great time celebrating!

  22. Happy Birthday to your hubby! I can't let my hubby read this or he'll be asking me "why can't you spoil me like this?!" You really are a good looking family!!

  23. I have to say, you guys have aged wonderfully! No contest on when you look the best, LOL!

    Although the french maid outfit is HOT HOT HOT!

    Coach, what WERE you thinking LOL!

    Happiest of birthdays!!

  24. What a nice birthday post. It really was nice of you to arrange all of those gifts for Coach. I must admit that I liked the 1985 picture. It deserves to become a classics.

  25. Happy Birthday to your sweet, sweet coach! I could tell I loved him the first time I ever saw his picture. He has a happy smile! I hope he likes his new truck AND his new car. No one can ever say you are NOT giving Suz! : )

  26. Good Morning,
    You have the most adorable family and pets...I always love stopping by your blog. Haven't seen you around for a couple of days...I hope you are all OK.

    Happy Birthday to your Hubby and give those dogs...and cats...a pat from me!!

    Enjoy Sunday ~Natalie

  27. OMG...LOVE the halloween outfits!!


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