October 15, 2009

From The RUFF Streets…

To my 600 thread count Sheets!


And the loveseat. P1030191

And the leather sectional.


And sometimes even on a dog bed.


This week is our one year anniversary since we Adopted our Ozzie

Boy, did this guy win the lottery?

On second thought, perhaps we are the winners?

We still wonder what his life was before he was rescued. He was found wandering the mean streets of Tampa…39 lbs, scared, hungry and sick with heartworms. His ears were clipped (badly) his tail docked (badly) and he was not fixed yet.

He is now a healthy 60lb happy boy.

What a year for him. He has a nice home, a nice friend to run from play with. A new family…including two teenagers that like to dress him up on occasion. Ok, I dress him up too. I think he likes it.


He spent new years eve in a beautiful mountain home in N.C with his family. Family vacations around here, usually include the dogs too!


He is living the life… He gets at least two car rides a day and two square meals a day plus cookies and bananas.

And of course, he gets lots of love and kisses!

Two of my favorite posts regarding our boxers:

How owning boxers is somewhat similar to living with Angelina Jolie.



I can’t stress how much adopting a rescue dog has enhanced our lives. I will never ever get another pet anywhere without trying to go through a rescue organization first.

If you know anyone looking for a pet, please encourage them to seek a rescue group or the local shelter. There are rescue groups out there for just about EVERY breed of dog or cat..and of course the Heinz 57’s (mutts) are always a treat too.

There are so many needy pets out there!!!

And remember:

Please spay and neuter all your animals…and any weird relatives too. Especially that strange Uncle.


  1. i hope you offer up an aniversary wish for bartholomew when his year comes around!

    so glad that this pup has added so much to your life... and yes. he hit the jackpot. big time. i'm thinking of playing the same lottery!

  2. Happy Dogiversary! This looks like a win-win situation. I never knew about rescue organizations for adult pets until I "met" you and KBL. You are both great advocates, and you practice what you preach.
    I hope Ozzie's day is (almost) as good as Coach's birthday.
    And I wish I knew how to get the weird relatives neutered. But if that had happened, maybe I wouldn't be here!

  3. Wow, they look so nice and healthy. Great job, Mom! And I wouldn't mind curling up on your bed either - it look sooooo comfy! Do ya think your hubby would mind? ;)

  4. Pets really do add something special to your lives...I mean besides the extra pooper scooping and hair:)

  5. Yep... I think you both won the lottery when you found each other. *Both* those doggies are very well loved! I can tell. : )

  6. He is one happy boy--that's obvious.

  7. What a sweet post!! Happy 1 Year Ozzie Anniversary!!

  8. We are all winners when we rescue a pet. He is beautiful and it warms my heart to see him get the love and respect he deserves. My niece's dog that I posted about (on the calendar for Piedmont Park) was a rescue. He had been chained to a tree in Macon w/o water & food in the summer. One other dog with him did not survive, but Brooke cared for and gave Maddox the love he deserved. God bless you for being a voice for abused animals Suz.

  9. Yey! Happy gotcha day to the lucky little guy. :)

  10. Yep, Ozzie sure hit the jackpot... so... can you adopt ME please?

    *puts on sad, sad eyes*

  11. Aw...Happy Dog-iversary! Jeez, how did a year fly by already? I vividly remember when you posted about getting Ozzie. :)

  12. AWWW happy anniversary pups! Such a honey! Get some licks for me! :) I'm glad you are all equally in love!

  13. Does Ozzie get a party today? On second thought, it looks as if every day might be a special day for him. Lucky Ozzie and lucky you.

  14. I love your dogs :) I love seeing them cuddled together! I truly admire though that they go everywhere and your place is so tidy and clean!

  15. I love the {wings}!

    sandy toe

  16. it's a dog's life indeed. they're completely ruined the pair of 'em. but so lucky that you love them so much.

  17. Great post, Suzanne. You all did a great thing by rescuing Ozzie. You all may be the lucky ones---but Ozzie is ALSO. I've always heard that when you rescue a dog (or animal), they know it ---and become some of the best pets that one can have.

    I'll be sure and make sure that that old uncle of mine is neutered!!!!! ha ha

  18. Now that's a happy post! He's a beautiful dog. When do you adopt the next one?

  19. What a great post. It was fun to watch him blossom this year : ) Oh yes it was. That sheet picture made me want to crawl back into bed...

  20. Oh boy! Both men in your life having such big boy days!!! Happy "Gotcha" Day Ozzie Baby! Happy Birthday Coach! (hubba hubba!)

    I absolutely believe that animals know if you've rescued them. It is a shame to buy pet dogs when so many languish in shelters and pounds. Millions are put to sleep for lack of space and funding. Laverne & Shirley were on the 30 day list before the rescue picked them up.

    I am so in love with you and your family for welcoming Ozzie (and all those creepy reptiles!) into your hearts and into your home. He certainly did win the lottery, but as you and I know, it is WE who truly have won life's lottery.

    So, give your precious furbabies lots of licks and snuffles, and be sure to wag your little nub of a tail excitedly every time Ozzie and the gang walk into a room. Turnabout is only fair!

    Ok, how adorable is that picture of you and Coach!!!?????? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaHHHHHHHhahahaha! It has had me giggling for quite some time.

    Here's the interesting part for me...I don't know if you have Photoshop or some other photo software, but if you took your '85 photo, separated the images, and superimposed the teenage angels between you from the '09 photo, how much difference would there really be??? It is intriguing to see that you two were as comfortable & happy in love/lust with each other back then as you are now. Coach even stands the exact same way, slight switch of the hips, "Hellz yah that's mah gurl!" I love it.

    People often change drastically over a span of 20 years, and I don't just mean physically. But you two are an inspiration for me. Nothing much has changed in your life together, except for the fact that it has grown. Amen. True love and real friendship truly are the elixir of life.

    So, after a long dissertation, I hope Coach had a wonderful birthday. Maybe you'll be generous and provide licks and wags when he walks into a room also. :-)

    Have a great weekend dear Blogistani Bud!

  21. I was looking at Roscoe last night all stretched out on the couch and thinking how much his life has changed, too. I'm so glad we rescued him.

  22. Ohhhh I so dearly love 600 thread count sheets. Worth every penny.

    Your house is lovely, I'd want to be adopted too!

  23. those dogs look so happy! they're doing one of my favorite past times, napping!

  24. what a lovely post, for a lovely dog. I love boxers

  25. that "strange uncle", my brother, neutered himself, he's gay.

    we don't have pets, we have toddlers, the last thing we need right now is to fill the house with screams of "HALEY, QUIT PULLING HIS TAIL!!" or "NO BEAN, DON'T EAT OUT OF THE DOG DISH!!"

    Haley recently confessed to me she asked Santa for a Skateboard and a Puppy, we are going to get one of those robot puppies i think or a note in her stocking from santa that says she has to wait until she has a big enough house.

  26. Aww, Suz. You always give me the warm and fuzzys.

  27. Ozzie TOTALLY won the lottery! And yes, Ruby (our rescue) won the lottery to. Here's a cross-country "toast" to Wonderful Rescue Dogs everywhere! They are SOOOOO grateful to have a loving home! :)

  28. I feel embarassed that I haven't been here in so long. Please love me anyway... : )


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