September 08, 2009

You think it is Tuesday, but really it is Monday

Because yesterday was Sunday. We had 2 Saturdays this weekend. Get it? I knew you would.

My G’ma update. She is finally home. Finally. She was supposed to get released on Friday. She was supposed to get released on Saturday. She was promised she would be released on Sunday. She was finally sent home on Monday. To clarify, her Dr. released her on Friday. It took until Monday to get the transportation set up and coordination with the home health care people to get their phone calls and paper work in order. It is such a damn shame to make a 96 year old woman wait that long. ALL she has wanted, was to be HOME.

Ok, for some fun news!!!!

The Coach bought this cookbook while we were in Colorado. It is a man cookbook. arrrrggghhhh.


It is full of PICTURES and Easy recipes. Should I be embarrassed that I am still a fan of picture books?


Don't you think it is funny that this cookbook is geared towards men and it is full of pictures? Me too. But I like it.

I have the man. He bought the cans. We have the grill.

For lunch we had this:P1020732

A delicious & juicy turkey/mushroom burger. (of course topped with the mandatory wickles pickles)

For dinner we had this:


Buffalo chicken pizza. Right off the grill. YUMMO!!!

Don’t you know *someone* else was drooling over the pizza smell too!!! OZZIE!


The best part????? I did not have to go to the grocery store or cook all day!!!!

Which was nice so I had free time to do ironing and 4 loads of laundry. Fun, I know! Ok, I was actually able to get in a great workout and some productive scrapbooking also. Oh, don’t be jealous of my glamorous life.

There are a few more dinner plans this week too out of the book…this week has to be good, right? right.


  1. I am happy that Grandma is finally home. What a shame that the paperwork/coordination takes that long!
    That cookbook looks like a good one. I agree with Ozzie, that pizza is pretty tempting! That is the cutest picture of him "eyeing" that pizza! I HOPE it is a good week for everyone!

  2. just eat it. whatever he cooks. that's my motto. eat it and shut up cos you didn't have to make it. :-)

  3. At least he brought home a useful souvenir (and yes I looked that up at and it still doesn't look right, IMO)! And tasty too! We don't even have a grill. We talk about it but it never happens. It's hot 'out there' (where the grill is). : )

  4. ps..I'm glad your grandma fiiiiinally made it home. You're right.... people really should cut some of that red tape and get the lady back to her house already, huh?!

  5. I don't have a pan to make pizza on the grill. Do you think if I got one that 1) my husband would cook, 2) I would cook, and 3) I could stop pretending I'm starting a diet today?

  6. yea for Grandma!! and yes - the system is not a good one. Glad she was in her own bed last night though. No one can rest in a hospital...

    I AM jealous of your glamorous life, except the ironing - that part you can keep!

  7. I'm glad that your grandma is home but sorry it took so darn long. Damn red tape. This cookbook looks great. My husband would love something like that since he loves to cook and loves the grill. I have always wanted to make pizza on the grill but always chicken out. I just may have to try it when I'm feeling better.

  8. That pizza looks very delicious. I'll bet even I could cook up something if the book has enough pictures. I'm glad to hear that your Grandma is finally home.

  9. I'm so happy your Grandma is home! And YUM! YUM! YUM!

  10. That pizza looks and sounds delish! If it will keep me from having to cook, I'm going to get that cookbook right now!!

  11. I love picture books, too. It's not immaturity; it's because we are VISUAL, okay? =)

    Those look like delicious meals. My attitude about men and cooking is BRING IT ON! It's much more fun to do everyday tasks together, & to surrender the "lead role" now and then. We have a cooperative kitchen, especially because Gregg loves his BBQ so much! And I love that he loves it.

  12. P.S. SO glad to read that Grandam is back at home! XO

  13. Good for grandma, glad she's home.
    I should get one of those cook books, my husband tries to cook, but it doesn't turn out to well :o

  14. i had one saturday and two sundays... just to be clear :)
    so glad your grandma is home!! and feeling better!! and that you don't have to make that scary drive to another country this week!
    love coach's picture-cookbook! i love that it is also a board book. that is what i would be worried about.. not the pictures! but the food looks great!

  15. Yeah for Grandma and no-cooking!! That would make me so happy :)

  16. And do I have to remind you that you probably spent a zillion hours beating the pants off me at Bejeweled Blitz?

    Ozzie and JJ need their own cookbook...or cook.

  17. Welcome home Grandma! :)
    I love the picture book - I don't like cooking something I've never made before without seeing what it's suppose to look like.
    Now if that burger was suppose to looke like it had mustard and pickles on it...I wouldn't make it. ha!

  18. ....that is a pretty cool seems as if it's magic, created by a woman to get her man to cook! (I wish they had a book like that for me--I like recipes with pictures!)

  19. If that book can get men cooking, where can I find the book that gets them to pick their grunders off the bedroom floor and leave the toilet seat down?

  20. I'm glad to hear your grandma made it home at last.
    I love pics in cook books!
    Your meals look great. I hope Ozzie got some pizza crust.

  21. Hey Girlie, Sounds like you all DID have a great weekend. I want your recipe for that chicken pizza. Sounds good...

    Glad Grandma is FINALLY home. GOSH--people sometimes are treated so horrible when it comes to hospitals, etc. I know it was a long weekend for her. Bless her heart.


  22. that food looks totally divine ( but not gallstone friendly sadly).
    glad grandma is home. I feel she and I have a lot in common...

  23. Just 4 loads..... Please, Suz. Your life is so glamorous, you can't fool me. It smells good from here.

  24. I must order this book for my husband -


    He loves comic books anyways so this is perfect!

    thank you , thank you, thank you!

  25. I think i'll add that to my shopping list of man qualities i'm seeking in a FH. (future husband)

    *MUST COOK!!!!* (because I certainly cant!)

    lol :) loved all the yummy food pics! Made me hungry!

  26. Thanks for the update on your grandma. That is a shame but I'm glad she's home.
    That burger looks soooo good. I love it when the cheese does that.

  27. I'm glad your grandma is home! And for real, my mouth is watering right now looking at that pizza...YUM!

    I need that cookbook. I am a man when I cook!

  28. I gave my BIL that book as an apartment-warming present when he moved out--it's pretty cool.


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