September 09, 2009

This may be my fast-pass to H*LL.

And that is not an abbreviation for hall. Cause, you don't get a fast pass to the hall. To the principles office maybe, but not the hall. Well, I can only guess about the principles office too...remember how I told all of you I was a good girl??? If you believed me then, well, that is blown to heck now too.

I know it is not nice to make fun of people. I know it is not nice to make fun of people in front of your children. But what if my MOM brings this to my attention first??? Then is it ok?

Don’t answer that. I am seeing a pattern here…Mom, Me, Children. We are all going down and using the HOV lane too.

Ok, really, we were not making fun, we were having fun. See the difference? I hope God does.

While visiting a well known attraction in The Peach State we came across this delightful lady with large hair. And yes, I said we were in the Peach state, not The Lone Star state. I thought there was a law too about big hair only residing in TX, but whatever, this lady is a rebel.

butterfly hair

Can you see the hair to head ratio?

It was not just the largeness of her hair that amazed us, it was that her large hair contained various items. Some of them, may have been living at one time.

Can you see the butterfly? Yeah….I know. And the butterfly has a mate that is on the other side, wondering why the heck it is in someone's hair. On the back? A huge brown bow. HUGE I say.

My cousin Chris pondered that perhaps she had just come from the butterfly exhibit and inadvertently picked up some hitchhikers.

I am sure she is a delightful lady and I just hope that she has plenty of joy in her life, because she made everyone in our family giddy for a few moments.

I sincerely hope God has a sense of humor…so I can live to see another day!


Speaking of hair and critters...

When I was about 16, I was standing in front of a Regis hair salon in the mall waiting for my hair appointment. I saw this woman with loads of hair walk about 8 feet in front of me going into get her hair done. I noticed in a split second, a large Palmetto Bug (don’t click if you don’t like bugs) crawl out of her hair and then back into her hair. AS SHE WAS ABOUT TO GET HER HAIR DONE.

I don't recall any screaming when she was getting shampooed or cut...but can you imagine the poor stylist finding this?

I was in shock and could not say anything.The one time I was tongue tied, I could have potentially saved someone from terror.

But what could I say? "Hey, lady, you have a roach in your hair."

How many years later..I will never forget the shock I felt.

So, butterflies in the hair, they are a good thing I suppose.


  1. how sweet of you to blur her face to protect the... uh... innocent? that is some hair... really. thank you for being brave enough to get the picture and share it for a smile or two! and really... i'm not sure this will be the thing that will send you to the... hall :)

  2. Oh my, that IS some large hair!!! I often see older ladies with REALLY big hair bows like maybe they got cheated as a little girl and they are trying to make up for it!

  3. Can you imagine how much fun she must be? No one with hair like that is boring. Rock on, big hair lady!

    That bug story? *SHUDDER* AAAAHHHH! Thanks a lot, BBS! Now I am going to be obsessively checking my hair for bugs!

  4. you won't go to hell for having a sense of humor, obviously our higher power likes for us to laugh out load sometimes. just reading and catching up on your weekend, glad your granny is home, where she belongs. glad your honey cooked for you even if he needed pictures to do it, now for the big question, did ozzie get some pizza?

  5. I watched a roach crawl out of and back into a girls hair in 7th grade. I thought I was going to die. But did I tell her? No. I've felt guilty ever since!

  6. If you aren't into making fun or laughing at other people's expense, you probably shouldn't go have a look at I'm just sayin...since you are a good girl and all.

    But in case your are totally psyched to use up that fast-pass you have there? Go look. Don't eat or drink while viewing. You've been warned.

  7. I hope that you know about

    Oh! I see the above commenter beat me to it! It's hilarious.

  8. no, SUZ!!!!!! Ypu can't say that! :)

  9. That is some crazy hair! Some people, I just don't get.
    I would freak out if there were any kind of bug in my hair. I hate all creepy crawly bugs!
    And now I will have to check out peopleofwalmart.

  10. I guess I'll see you there with my fast pass too.
    Here in Kentucky we have a secrect code name for this disease. KBH. Kentucky Big Hair. It's everywhere.
    and so funny; A few weeks ago in a store the lady in front of me had a tick on her ear. Yes, I told her. I said "I don't want to alarm you, but...."
    Okay I would freak too if a stranger came up and said that to me. ha! and freak she did.

  11. That is a riot. And you are right--making fun of is not the same as having fun. You definitely made me smile! (I had to put down my coffee reading about the ahem . . .roach.) ick!

  12. People-watching is a hobby that never gets old! She is definitely blog-worthy. And behind her I can just see a couple of others. Were you at a Dolly Parton concert? XO

  13. I got a chuckle out of both of your hair-raising stories. I'm glad I haven't seen a roach come out of someone's hair.

  14. I loathe beetles and bugs but I couldn't help but click on the link- I wish I hadn't. I really do. Urrgh. Awful. If I saw something like that ANYWHERE I would faint clean away

  15. EWw, that bug is gross. I can't imagine the horror of finding it in someone's hair.
    Maybe the gal with the butterflies was actually put there by God to brighten your day with laughter. Have you thought of that? Unlikely, maybe. But possible. That hair is pretty amazing.

  16. I hope when I am older - I will wear my hair however crazy I want to...and not even care when people blog about it. So funny!!

  17. Hi Suz, Your family sounds like my family... My sons (when they are together) can make me laugh til I cry when they tell stories of crazy people. SO--I guess we all are going to the HALL also--since we laugh at people constantly. (OF course, they probably also laugh at me!!!)

    We have TONS of TBH (TN Big Hair) here also... Just come to Crossville and visit Walmart!!!! ha


  18. And she thinks this is a great hair-do!

  19. Wow... that is some hair-do. Kinda looks like she could be from Texas... and on AARP...and headed out to play Bingo... with a new pack of Virginia Slims.

    I met a good friend by picking a bug out of her hair at church one time, so there ya might have missed out on making a new friend when you were younger! LOL

  20. I love that ladies hair. Life is short. If it makes her happy to wear a skyscraper on her head, well then, please, be my guest : )

    SO hilarious about you being tongue tied. A roach came out of her hair? That is so repulsive I will not be able to eat for at least 3 minutes....

  21. As long as she didn't hear you laughing your all good! No going to hall for you:) Maybe you could submit her to "What not to wear?" Bugs are so out now!

  22. Oh how funny. And...if people decide to look like a clown..they people will laugh because that's what people do when they see clowns.

  23. That's me in 30 years! LOL!

    At least her hair bugs match her outfit?

    Love those old originals!

  24. That is some crazy hair! Do ya think it was real??? LOL!!

  25. Bless her little heart.... and the sad thing is, it took some EFFORT for her to look like that!

  26. ugh. you KNOW that as soon as something says 'don't click here' that i'm going to do just that right?
    and now i can't stop thinking about the roach haired woman. how can you have a roach in your hair and not know?
    wouldn't it be like super itchy?
    can you imagine the hairdresser when she saw it?
    all i can think of is how dirty the house of the roach haired woman must have been if she had one actually crawling in her hair!! maybe it crawled in when she was sleeping and that means they're in her bedroom, in her BED!
    where else did they go?
    oh God.
    now i won't be able to sleep tonight.

  27. LOL! That story about the hair and the eyes will be glued to the next big haired gal..just waiting.

  28. I kinda wish you could have gotten photos from more than one side...or perhaps a video. I totally would have laughed too, heck, I am now and I wasn't even there.
    As for the roach...OMG. That alone is reason enough to never pursue a career as a hair stylist.

  29. butterflies are a better alternative to roaches I suppose in the big scheme of things! and yes, my friend you are going to hell, do not pass go, do not collect $100... :O

  30. That is so funny! Here in Utard big hair is everywhere. For some reason girls think it is 'sexy' or 'attractive' to RAT the tops of their hair. Then they tease and hairspray it until not even a tornado could mess it up.


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