September 18, 2009

The Reptiles are out to get me.

TGIF Ya’ll!

Wednesday night I had a dream that I could not enter my house because each door was blocked by either alligators or iguanas. iguana

Premonition? Maybe.

scary gator

Um..Hello? I forgot my key!!!

Thursday morning I drove to Cuba Miami to visit Grandma.

I passed 5,555 alligators driving over and when I exited my car at G’ma’s house, the grass was moving near my feet. Grass. moving? Oh, heck no it was an iguana. About 3 1/2 feet long..but he was shy and took off as I screamed bloody murder started to walk blindly near him.

Thank you Baby Jesus for shyness in reptiles.

In total I saw about 3,333 Iguanas around G’ma’s neighborhood. The good thing about those guys? I think they are vegetarians. Remind me to not dress like a carrot next time I visit. OK?

I won’t go into G’ma’s health state right now. This week I am trying to keep this blog light, fluffy and sweet; like homemade whip cream. When I see a light at the end of the tunnel, then I will share.

Sharing is caring. I learned that from Barney. But Barney lived in my TV, so what does he know really? Dang PBS and it's subliminal messages.

On these 'carbon free' trips I always see a few folks getting pulled over on the long stretch between the east coast and the west coast, as it is a known drug transport route to and fro Miami. BTW: I only transport trail mix and H20. When I see the cops searching someone’s car, I always imagine their day ending with a: “Sir, do you know what a cavity search is?”

**agghhhh** C’mon. you think the same thing. right?

Happy Friday!

I wish for you all a weekend free of reptiles (unless that is your ‘thing’) that you have your health and those you love in hugging distance- minus a cavity search. (unless that is also your ‘thing’)

PS. If your 'thing' is reptiles AND Cavity searches, please stop visiting me.

photos borrowed from here:


Dawn said...

oh...sometimes you just send me over the edge. i will be back, though... becuase i fall into neither of those 2 categories!

Lori said...

Neither of those things are my "thing" so I will be You so crack me up Suz! Have a great weekend too!

Clippy Mat said...

thanks for the laugh out loud this fridy morning suz :-))

clean and crazy said...

oh my gosh, how the hell do you come home with that monster trying to open your back door!! where did you find that picture!! oh my gosh.

on another note, did you know it is prostate cancer awareness month? is that included in the cavity search? check out my post and have coach check out his prostate, i challenge readers to post about this!! have a great weekend, prayers for granny!!

Caution/Lisa said...

You are absolutely wonderful. The day you started blogging should be a national holiday!

I Am Woody said...

I always love a good gator sighting. Except when they are putting a whipping on my Vols. Which they are going to do on Saturday:(

Anonymous said...

You have me laughing this morning! We have just your average lizards here and I have nightmares about them ringing the front door bell! Hope you have a nice, safe weekend and my prayers continue for your Grandmother.

Janie said...

I like non-poisonous reptiles - as long as they're not big and scary. I wouldn't give one his own bedroom, though.
No thanks on the cavity search.
Hope your grandmother is doing better.

stephanie said...

Reptile-free, check. Healthy, half-assed check. Loved one near, check. No cavity search, hopefully checked.

Enjoy your weekend, too :D

George said...

I'm glad I can keep coming back, since I don't fall into the categories of those you asked to stay away. And I'm glad you didn't meet any of those Burmese Pythons we keep hearing about -- iguanas and alligators are bad enough!

Unknown said...

You must live in a different country than mine. Here, we have deer, otters, seals and raccoons...and they don't ALL come up to the highway (though some do). The deer are more tame than your iguanas. Since I can't stand snakes, I can't imagine living where the reptiles are as large as humans, and weigh more. "Honey, that just don't seem right!"
Sending loving thoughts and prayers for you, your grandma and your family. Share what you want, when you want to. We'll send love anyway. XO

Unknown said...

You know I love Iguanas. Yes, I do. Alligators are something else.
I don't know about Florida, but I've noticed an increase in ticket writing here in TX. I think it has to do with the economy and increasing the coffers.

Prayers for your Grandma, and you too.

Loui♥ said...

Thank you for the laughs..It has been many years since last living 'way down south" a native Pensacolian from up on the panhandle.. but I can concur with the critters encountered crossing,and homesteading on the the roadways. Your count is very accurate!!!You did miss including the crunchy armadillos and squishy 'possums..
For some reason, I rarely see ANY critters here in Denver..perhaps because I'm in the city and the ones I do see are on leashes!!
I so love your blog and the daily dose of humor you so happily bestow upon us all!!
thanks for the laughter and smiles!

Jen said...

Oh leeping lizards, you crack me up!
The last cavity search I had was pretty expensive, well you know... those crowns and fillings are pricey! So, I'll be back too.
Prayers for Grandma.

Stephanie said...

Advantage number 1 to living in a place where it snows. There are no giant reptiles!!

Kristina P. said...

Have a great weekend. And if I run into an alligator in Utah, I think the world would be ending.

74WIXYgrad said...

The only lizards we see up here nowadays are those trying to sell us insurance. Funny one of them speaks with a British accent. They run around with those caveman people.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Funny post, Q... The gators find you appealing. Maybe it's the Gator Perfume... Ya think????

I don't like Gators---Florida Gators that is, since I'm a UT Vol fan ---and my poor little teams (with no Quarterback) is going to get creamed on Saturday by the Gators.... GADS!!!!

Hope Grandma is OKAY---really!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, Fried.

Pam said...

Too funny... nope those aren't my 'things' either so I'll be back tomorrow. : ) The repiles we get here can be sucked up in the least the ones that end up in the house. Yes! IN the house. Gross.

Praying for your G'ma! : )

The Girl Next Door said...

I'm a little afraid - I seriously dreamt about iguanas the other night. Am I channeling you??

Technodoll said...

Sending love and healing vibes to your grandma... hand in there BB, she will be better soon. You still have way too much fun to share in this lifetime :-)

See you later, alligator!

(I couldn't resist!)

Margo said...

reptiles - intense dislike. I've gotten a little used to alligators since living here, but maybe I'm really getting flakier. I was so disappointed the first time I went to Cancun and they were all over the beach! Trail mix and H2O - LOL - Behave!

Suz Broughton said...

Is that photo of the alligator at your door? No, you just got it off the internet right? Please tell me that alligator wasn't at your door

C said...

hahahaha thanks for the bright sunshine this late at night... i can still feel the warmth. and many prayers for g-ma, too. we'll be here when you feel like sharing.

hugs to you and your fam.


alligators, inguanas, and snakes OH MY!

the wizard of oz could of been alot worse....

Lakeland Jo said...

what is a cavity seach Suz?
I would worry if I found an iguana or an alligator here in the Lakes

reliv4life said...

I will be praying for Grandma! Let us know what is up when you are ready, oK? I really do NOT like reptiles or snakes! My son used to have an iguana - I hated that thing - It LOVED carrots - they were it's favorite food!

Loui♥ said...

the issues i had with Yahoo email fried my brain and made me forget my password to the Google blog Lou,,in Denver/
so until I can retrieve/remember it, I cannot access it!
and since I've found so many delightful friendly bloggers to keep in touch with..
so there.. that will show them !
please pass the word to your friends to join me for fun and frolic around Denver!
you just never know what this beachy girl will do next!
gotta get cleaned up.. and dressed..(no jammies allowed after10:30)
gonna make a run to the hills.. got a date with my faves Nikon and Kodak to visit/ capture ASPEN..leaves that is..(not the city).
they are a changing rapidly! and Mother Nature plans to swoop in on Tuesday..and whisk them all away.. leaving them to flutter and fall wherever they may..I need to capture as many as I can before then!
see ya soon!
♥ big smiles!

Kelly said... are hysterical. I think you should put some of these together into a little book. You're funny.....