September 04, 2009

Putting tunes into your head and a BIG blog help.

na na na na na na na NOW Baby give it up, give it up...

Everybody wants your love…

Do you ever wake up with a song in your head…and you don’t know how it go there? This song was stuck in my head for NO apparent reason this morning and so I was singing it to the dogs and Linds asked: “what song is that?” With the great power of you tube, I was able to show her immediately.

Now, it is in your head today too. You are welcome!




And another thing I wanted to share with you good folks: Writer - Windows Live

If you write a blog, you should be using this program. It is downloadable through windows live. FREE! The coach found this for me a few months ago and it is just incredible. I will not write my blog on blogger…ever again. You can’t make me. really. It is so darn easy, you will want to kiss me. And if it were not for that darn H1N1 epidemic, I would let you. Adding pictures(cropping, editing) videos, using different fonts…simply amazing!!! So darn easy, even a caveman can do it. (my apologies to the cavemen)

Here is a link to the pc System requirements.

While on vacation I posted a few times using blogger and let me say, there was much hair pulling, growling, grunting and veins popping. You know how the pictures don’t move like you want, or the text goes where it wants to? Not with the live writer. It is a dream. A dream I say!

A photo because I am NEVER without my camera.

Ozzie is feeling great. He got his ‘cone of shame’ off last week and has turned into a puppy again!

Action shot of the boxers, um… boxing! They almost look ferocious. almost.P1020709

Funny how they TRY to show their teeth, but I have never felt those teeth. When we hand feed them a treat, it is all GUMS. :0 I luvs ‘em!


Betsy Banks Adams said...

I assume that this new program ONLY works for a PC (windows)??????? We have mac's---so it probably won't work for that. I'll check it out though.

And YES---now I have that song in MY head... Thanks --I think!!!! ha ha

Have a great weekend.

C said...

thank you for this great sounding find! i too have been frustrated with blogger because i cant change my font into a cute one, those choices are so limited plus i tried to embed the utube video for the song i just posted about and couldnt. so TY TY TY TY.
i am at work but once i get home i will download that for sure!

have a great weekend! your babies are so cute, awwww kiss and stroke them for me. k?


Jason, as himself said...

Good to know! Blogger definitely has given me my share of frustration!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I had no idea you didn't know about the wonder that is LiveWriter. I've been using it almost since the beginning. Suburban Correspondent clued me in.

I'm glad Grandma is on the mend.

I Am Woody said...

Awwww, shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake. Shake your booty. Shake your booty;)

I love boxers - Mine is lying beside me, dreaming - chasing those rabbits!!

Unknown said...

Hey Suz!

No -- nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, han -- baby, get it out, get it out, baby, get it out... lol

I'm going to have that one stuck in my head for a while. For the longest time, I had the Journey song -- Don't Stop Believin' in my head.

Ah, your post made me smile. So your motto was right on the money, friend.

And the doggies - awe, so cute. All gums, lol.
Loved the post.

Clippy Mat said...

the only way i know that song is from an old (very old) richard simmons work out video i used to have. so now not only is it stuck in my head but i can't stop doing weird 70's style dancing.
thanks suz :-))

Anonymous said...

KC is a favorite of mine. Your girls must think he is a hoot!!! TY TY TY for the blog info - that would be a DREAM for me - blogger gives me fits with photos especially. Your pups are so sweet. Glad things are back to normal. Hope your grandmother continues to improve.

The Girl Next Door said...

Thank you thank you thank you! I hate posting with Blogger - wait now I can't blame my absences on blogger. Darn.

I am just catching up on my reading and am sorry about G'ma and hoping she is feeling better! You are an angel granddaughter for visiting her and loving her like you do. You are both very lucky to have each other.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

they DO look fierce, and the pig with the sign looks like he just had a lemon!

Lori said...

Thank you for the trip down memory lane with KC...and your right it will be stuck in my head all day

Love the motto for the day. Thank you for making me smile today. I will try to do the same. :)

I am going to check out that program right now!

Have a great weekend!

Kay said...

Hey.. thanks for the tip on the Live Writer thing! I downloaded it this morning. Sometimes working with blogger makes me want to &^%$*@! LOL

clean and crazy said...

ever wake up to "there's a skeeter on my peater, whack it off?"
try to get that one out of your head.


Unknown said...

You have started an epidemic. I've read about this on two blogs that you inspired...Jason's and Kay's. The POWER of a blog is glad that you use your POWERS for GOOD! XO

Unknown said...

Still praying for your grandma, and good for Ozzie! It has to be a relief getting that lampshade off. I think I might try that new tool of yours.

Oh, and thanks for all the kind words.

beckypdj said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you. I'm going to download right now!

Rebecca Foster said...

I am excited to try this software, thanks for passing it along. I hate blogger, grrrr...

Your dogs are too funny, I love pictures of them.

Take care!

Janie said...

I checked out writer-windows live and did an experimental post on it. So easy! Thanks for the hint. I was sick of blogger's slow reaction time.
U-Tube is great!
And I love the boxers boxing.

Unknown said...

I use it. And love it. And of course I love you and your boxers too : )

Technodoll said...

Doggies rock :-)

Wish you were closer so I could meet them in person!