September 24, 2009

Jumping for Joy OR Something.


Jumping for Joy is good exercise.


Ok, that quote is not really anonymous. I got it off the lid to my Daisy light sour cream container. Don’t tell Daisy and I won’t have to share in all the profits this blog makes. What? You don’t make money writing foolish stuff? Silly.

Now, in lieu of exercising today I would like to have a loaded baked potato piled with butter and some Daisy. Instead, I will try to find some joy in exercise. TRY I say!

I have added jumping jacks to my daily routine. Ouch, feels like I am really rattling my organs around. Can you detach your liver, kidney and lungs from jumping? I know my knees don't appreciate this move at ALL!!!


Doesn’t this photo of Linds above look like *some one* is pulling her up?

“I can see the light!!!”P1020316

P1020322 P1020327

If you would like to attain 0% body fat like my Cuz Chris, just join the Army, go through years of rigorous training and then hang out in Afghanistan for a year or so! Um, no thank you.


The photos were taken at my Aunt and Uncles house in HOT-Lanta this summer.

Lo, Linds and my Cuz Chris. They are all jumping for Joy.

Are you jumping for joy today?

How about jumping for something????

Can a human actually jump with their mouth closed? Apparently, not in my family.


  1. Yep.. quite the expressions! :-O

    I'm not a big jumper when I exercise...too much bouncing, if ya know what I mean! LOL Gee that makes it sound like I actually work out or something! It's on my "I need to get started on that again" list. sigh.

  2. I'm jumping for JOY after reading this post!! So fun!! enJOY your day!!

  3. Some really cool and fantastic shot !! They are jumping because of Joy !! Great

  4. I'll be jumping for joy at exactly 2:45 this afternoon, because I won't have to see my little babies for 18 whole days!!! Ok, is that mean? Nah, just honest. ;-)

  5. They all look joyful to me. :D

  6. Magnificent jumps, and I have to believe that's good exercise!
    No jumping here. We had a 6 hour ride yesterday. We're walking, but very carefully!

  7. I'm pretty sure my teeth would fall out in addition to rearranging my organs if I jump! I'll just enjoy your pictures instead!

  8. We are on the same page, as I also posted some joy today. I am thrilled to see your cuz Chris home safe, having a blast with your beautiful, happy girls. It makes me happy - thanks for sharing the joy!

  9. Such a cute post, and the pictures rock! I love jumping pictures! My pre-k class jumps every mornign in gym. we jump with two feet, jumpw ith one, we do jumping jacks, and we skip (which I consider jumping too) I dont know if its always for joy, but its jumping never the less!

  10. what cool shots! i could go for swim right now, it is so hot here.

    jumping for joy is ok, but any jumping in exercise, not for me. at my age, i like my joints and boobies to stay right where they are ;)

  11. jumpin jacks are great! i always end my daily jog with a hundred of 'em.....nice pool too! don't ya just love pools....!

  12. Cute pictures of those energetic young people..... Mercy----wish I looked like that and had that much energy.... About jumping, I couldn't do it these days--not that I ever could have... I'd break something for sure--or move things around all over and inside of me.... Too much of me to jostle... ha ha


  13. Members of my family get their exercise jumping to conclusions.

    Those were great photos!

  14. Jumping Jacks? Are you kidding?! The "girls" do protest.

  15. I jump for joy when I pretend to work out with Jillian Michaels. Unfortunately, baby #4 messed with my bladder control. That's all I'm saying.

  16. Love those pictures. Jumping for joy is exactly what I need to do today. Thanks

  17. Looks like such a funny and happy time!! I wish I had a pool to dive into!

  18. OMG linds in the corner in that first photo, she cracks me up :-D

    awesome shots BBS, looks like SUCH a lovely, fun and wet time!

  19. I don't think my aching bones could take jumping jacks. But I think I could handle the jumps your daughters and cousin are doing. And I'm pretty sure my mouth would be open as well.

  20. Nothing says Joy like a dolop of Daisy

  21. how did i miss you this morning?
    oh, i must have been actually working. then i went home sick. anyway...
    i love jumping pictures!
    love the silliness, and even those open mouths! funny!!
    so... as far as the jumping jacks go... you got good support for that? becasue it hurts me to just hink about htat. or maybe it is just the bronchitis sitting in my chest...

  22. I love those pictures Suz! I would make Kaish and Shoshi jump for joy but they just left me to ride their bikes in the neighborhood. I would like to nap for joy right about now cuz I am so tired! And it is only 6 on a Saturday wierd is that?

  23. Oh....I miss sour cream. I shall have to write a blog post about my attempts to made homemade sour cream here.

    That pool looks so refreshing. Have fun with your jumping jacks!

  24. Oh I am trying to jump for joy! Such great photos. They are so clear!!


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