September 01, 2009

I may be the reason for the demise of the ‘quicker picker upper.’

or possibly I exaggerate just a bit.

Since we stopped using these: 430628way back here HERE

and we only use ONE roll of these a month (seriously) paper_towels

because we only use these:P1020585

We keep them on the kitchen table for all meals, snacks and feasts. (I should cut back on the feasting part)

I sincerely apologize to the paper towel/napkin manufacturers for their decline in sales this year.

Not really. Do you think they can sense my sarcasm???

But guess what? By switching to cloth napkins we can save loads of paper (trees) and think of it as ‘less’ in our landfills.

some facts from my Green Book:

On paper towels:

“A decrease in U.S. Household consumption of just THREE rolls per year would save 120,000 tons of waste and $4.1 million in landfill dumping fees.”

On paper napkins:

“If each person used just ONE fewer napkins per day, it would save about 150 million of them from the trash.”

And the washing/water/soap part? Nuttin’ to it. I throw mine in with loads of clothes as we use them. I am not using more water or making extra loads of wash. You can purchase these babies at goodwill/thrift stores, they don’t need to match. REALLY!

If you do this little act of kindness, don’t be shocked when you are wandering around nature one day and a tree reaches out and hugs YOU. Just watch out for the sappy ones. They like to leave their mark on you.

Now about those darn nasty paper plates….don't get me started...I'll share my thoughts on that another day.

“Lots of people, making little changes, can make a big difference.”

Busy Bee Suz

Yes, that is my original quote. :) Don’t hate.

The view from up here is pretty good, pretty know, from my high horse!


  1. I switched to cloth about a year ago. I guess I should be extra careful around sappy trees now, huh??!!

  2. Could never hate!

    What an interesting blog entry today... can I confess that I buy paper napkins and paper towels but often use the towels as napkins?

    Lots of people, making little changes, can make a big difference.”

    This is an incredible quote. And with your permission, I'd like to post it on my blog for the featured quote.


  3. Your such a great example and I love your quote!

  4. oh-oh i just got back from costco yesterday with the BIGGEST packet of paper napkins! yes, i'm confessing here that i am solely responsible for one less tree in the world. shame me why don't you? :-(
    i stocked up on paper towels. :-(
    the way people in this house eat i would be running the washing machine on max capacity daily for napkin loads alone.
    i promise not to buy them in future.
    Gawd, you are SUCH a tree hugging nag.
    i will do better :-)

  5. You are convincing me to join this revolution. I never used to use paper towels - too expensive. Then this whole germ thing started and I didn't want to think about the germs on the cloth I was using to clean/wipeup/ do whatever. SO i was using a ton of cloths and doing a ton of laundry. so I switched to paper towels. Sigh. Now I have to switch back....

  6. i love you up on that high horse :)
    can you do some research for me though? what about the water it takes to wash the dish towels and cloth napkins? does it not even out? just wanna know :)

  7. I really like your original saying -- too often we forget that. And now I know why the southern branches on the trees around here are getting so long -- they're trying to reach you for a hug.

  8. Ok, you got me. I use paper napkins!!! I hang my head in shame as I run to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy linen napkins. You've changed me.

  9. You are WAY ahead of me, but you are making me stop and think...thank you! XO

  10. Only one roll? Seriously? Wow. I bought yellow washcloths specifically for kitchen use and clean off my counters with them after cooking instead of using paper towels. But I use paper if I need to clean up raw meat ick or something. But I don't think I've gotten it down to one roll per month yet. You're good! : )

  11. Hi There, We haven't used a paper napkin in a long time.... BUT--I still use paper towels for clean-ups and other things. Guess I'll have to work on that one also.

    I'm proud of you. So many people just don't bother.

  12. i better stay out from under your high horse then or i will need a lot of napkins!!
    i love this, i do the same thing already, we maybe use one of those paper towels a month as well, i use so many dish towels, and they don't match, it isn't even funny. great post

  13. You are such a good girl!! I will try to use less - but oh man, we go through a lot of baby wipes.

  14. When we were married, CSJ used to use my dish towels as napkins and it used to drive me NUTS!! Stud Muffin took to doing the same thing from a very young age, and at least 10 times a day, he hears me screech, "WHERE THE HELL ARE MY KITCHEN TOWELS?!" I suppose I should start looking at it from a different angle, huh? You'll convert me yet, Suzy Q!

  15. Your quote is great. I must admit we still use paper napkins, but I'm going to make the change as soon as I gather up some cloth ones.

  16. I do use cotton wash cloths already for cleaning the kitchen, I may as well use cloth napkins. Thanks for posting this, I see you have converted others too, great work!

  17. Please say you still love me. I am a paper plate user.

  18. I guess I need to eat less pizza.
    I use 4-5 napkins eating pizza--messy me.
    well...less pizza is a good thing too. ;)

  19. I should make an effort to keep a stack of cloth napkins on our dinner table... I must admit we use some at every meal (oh, the shame...).

    But with three dogs in the house and soon many more with the dog boarding business, sometimes paper towels are the only way to pick up those awful messes that come out of both ends :-o

    I'm sorry, trees.

  20. I almost started to feel guilty about my paper towel consumption, but then remembered I really do recycle them! If I just use one to wipe up water I air it out to dry, then put it under the sink to reuse when the dogs get the floor wet or something spills on the floor. We use cloth napkins all the time, no paper. X-C

  21. Maybe I will do this next. I just switched from plastic water bottles to SIGG thermoses. I love your quote. You're right.

  22. We do use paper plates. I am sorry. But, GREAT news, we use cloth napkins : ) and have since we have been married. So one good thing and one bad thing. Love me any way. And try to forgive me. I just hate loading the dishwasher and it takes is FOREVER to fill it up. Seriously!

  23. awwww suz, that was SO SWEET when you said a tree may hug YOU.... i feel the same way about such things and that statement was just very profound to me.




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