September 22, 2009

Food Annoyances. I have a few. Don't you?

I am off again today to visit with Grandma. But while I am gone, I thought I would give you something to think about. In case you thought I was totally normal and all sweet. Well, really, I am all sweet. mostly. well, the inside parts are.

Heck, no one thinks I am normal, who am I trying to kid? ME.

Does it annoy you when someone your kids possibly rips all the crust off their sandwich and wastes it?

It annoys me too.

But I suppose I am annoying because this is how I destroy my subway veggie sub:


Looks like a raccoon got to it, huh? Well, a raccoon would have cleaned it ALL up.

Seriously, I am not sure why I even get it on bread. IT is VEGGIES SUZ. ALL VEGGIES. Why don’t I just get a salad and be done with it? I dunno…must have something to do with the bread absorbing some of the oil/vinegar. I am weird that way.

But a good thing? I took this picture with my PHONE. Yes, I finally figured out how to do that. I am so genius catching up with you people.

Do you have any annoying food habits? Like adding salt BEFORE tasting your food? That is really annoying.

What about ketchup on mac n cheese? Only weird alien people do this. No offense to weird alien people.

How about eating off of other people’s plates? SO wrong. unless that other person is not looking and they have better food than you.

But, really, I NEVER do this. almost never. Just don’t ever sit next to me and have yourself a nice crunchy order of fries when I ordered double veggies. I am so taking some crunchy fries.

You have been warned.

Ok, share and share alike: what is your food thing????


  1. I like to mix my eggs and hashbrowns together and put ketchup all over the top.

    I also enjoy a peanut butter, banana, and cheese sandwich :)

  2. This is so funny to me! I WILL NOT share french fries with Nalley because he just inhales them as I politely chew. Just maybe, I get 3 fries to his 95!!!
    Also, I detest raisins in foods like raisin bread or bread pudding. Once when cleaning off the table, my brother noticed I had a pile of cast off raisins from my bread pudding. He just glared at me in disgust!!!
    Hope you have a safe trip today and give Grandma a hug and our best wishes.

  3. My mother-in-law (God rest her soul) loved for us to take her out to expensive restaurants for dinner. She would invariably order a pricey steak or prime rib and then ask for ketchup. She drowned the steak/rib in so much ketchup she might as well have ordered burger. You cannot imagine how silly it looks to have a crystal dish of ketchup delivered to your table.

  4. Sometimes I leave a little bread when I have a sandwich too... we call the leftover pieces 'handles'. : )

    I like to get the regular Chick-fil-a sandwich in the drive through so I can bring it home and add about a dozen more pickles. YUM! And salt. I know... soooo healthy!

  5. For the life of me I can't think of any weird food habits I have but that ketchup on macncheese (and everything else) thing - I think I have some of those weird aliens living in my house!

  6. Lol at your sub Suz! Looks like someone ran over it! :-) My weird food think is that nothing can touch each other on the plate. The salad can't touch the chicken and the chicken can't touch the potatoes, etc. I'm weird like that - I don't like my food mixed.

  7. I hate fat sandwiches.
    If it's too fat I always squish it flat. Bagels always get the squish from me and if there's too much meat to squish, I have to take if off.

  8. I love a great turkey dinner..although it really just about the potatoes and gravey for me. What I when taht gravey touches the corn! That is not right, and yes I am weird that way:)

  9. Since I like you so much I'll forgive you for calling my daughter a weird alien. That label fit perfectly when she was a teenager, but thankfully she has grown up!
    I also am amazed at people putting salt on their food before tasting it.

  10. I like to plan the eating of my meal so that I have one bite of everything left at the end. Then I usually combine it, and eat the last bite of everything at once. This works especially well when mashed potatoes are involved.

    You'll TOTALLY be trying this now, won't you;)

  11. i can't believe i am actually clicking over to your mauled subway sub. who wants to look at that??? okay. i'm going to go read about itnow. i just had to get that off my chest :)

  12. okay... yes, i think you should just get the salad. are you sure you are not a weird alien person?

    good thing we both got pasta salad last week...

    and me? i dont' think i have a food thing... do i? unless it is not liking meat loaf. yuck.

  13. Cute Suz.... My problem is the way I was raised. My sweet mother MADE me eat everything on my plate--making me cry thinking about all of those starving kids in India. WELL---after learning to eat everything on my plate, I never LEAVE anything on my plate anymore, even things I don't really enjoy. Something inside of me MAKES me eat it all.. It's no wonder I have a weight problem. GADS!!!!

    I cannot stand to see people put anything (like steak sauce) on a good steak... It ruins the taste of the steak. It's kinda like putting catsup on eggs or even fries. The real taste is gone--with those things.

    I also don't understand people ordering a steak WELL-DONE... Goodness--why not order a piece of cardboard???? ha ... I love my steaks medium RARE.

    Hope you find Grandma in good spirits and in good shape. Have a safe drive.
    Hugs and Prayers,

  14. Hmm. I don't eat crusts. I eat the burger and not the bread. Okay, I'm really, really weird...

  15. Delightful post my dear! I too am a messy eater when it comes to subs and too-big burgers...

    Annoying food habit, mmm well if my coffee's not served hot enough I will ask them to take it back and boil it. Seriously. I have offended many barristas to date... LOL!

    No. Lukewarm. Coffee. Evar.

  16. i hide candy bars from wes. he doesn't know it but i love chocolate bars, and i eat them alot. i always finish the food my children don't eat, then it is only wasted in my waist. this is very bad, no wonder i can't lose weight!!

  17. The sharing of food gets me sometimes, except for sharing with my wife, because frankly, other people have GERMS and I get sick easily. So please don't try to pick off my plate or give me what is left of yours.
    My own little foible? HOT SAUCE on everything!
    best wishes to you and your grandma :)

  18. I don't like crusts. I just leave them. If people hate it then I just shut my eyes to their glares. Sorry Suz.
    I put ketchup on beef stew. Can't think of much else that's weird. Personally I don't think that is weird. It tastes great.

  19. my wife (another suz) handles sandwiches like you - even burgers she ends up tearing apart....

    i like biscuits n gravy with two fried eggs on top! and if hash browns come with it you can mix them in to! i luv my corn stirred in with my mashed potatoes (i can skip the gravy - as long as the corn's there!) i like catsup with my grilled cheese sammiches (dippin)....

    my 'suz' and i nibble off each others plate all the time...course that's just us - we'd never do it with guests/company/other family members....

    hope your grandma's doing well and your trip's safe....

  20. I don't much care for crusts on regular bread. However, on a burger, sub, etc... I'll definitely eat the crust. :)

  21. I'm OCD about food...
    I eat all of one thing first (or, all I want of it) before moving on to the next. I hate my food to touch. If it's a meal at a restaurant or home that I have frequently, I will situation the plate the same exact way each time so that the food is in the same order.

    Weird...but less noticeable than a pile of bread! :o)

  22. I'm never annoying :), but my oldest daughter cannot order a meal from anywhere without giving special instructions of some sort. It drives me nuts!

  23. I hate onions....but I love the flavor, so I use a whole lot of onion powder on stuff...or grate an onion until it's invisibe in stews and soups.

    And Suz??? After what you did to that sammich....No dessert for you!

  24. I like eating plain noodles with ketchup and I also never, ever share my dessert :)

  25. I am trying to think of wierd things I do with food. I mean, besides consume MASSIVE amounts of it, I can't think of anything too wierd.

    Kaish and Shoshi just ran in and I asked Kaish if I did anything wierd with food. He told me "Yeah, you keep trying to cook it and it never works" Can you even believe it?

    And on another note, completely apart from food, I need to have a blog thing installed on my blog to tell me how many visits I have. This group I am a part of wants our stats and right now, well, I don't have ANY stats to give them

    I thought I would ask you since you are a blogging genius.



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