August 18, 2009

There's no place like home…

Vacations can be exhausting…right?

P1020493 So glad to be back home today. We made it in last evening with very little issues; Thank you Baby Jesus. I thought for a few moments on the first leg of our flight yesterday that I was going to DIE, but I did not. Yes, I feel lucky. I still loathe flying, but it beats walking across the country, especially since I have terrible feet.

Home Sweet Home. The floors are filthy, thanks to the cats. The pool deck pavers are covered with weeds, thanks to all the rain. The fridge is empty. The laundry is piled up. The mail pile is large too. A few of my house and lanai plants look severely parched. Part of I won’t complain any longer. promise.

We were thrilled to see the dogs…and they may have been happy to see us too. May have? I kid. Cocoa was doing flips. And they both got straight A’s from their vacation boarder. Not to mention baths as soon as they got home. I think after 8 days away from home, I may have to pry them off of the couch for the next few days.

I have such good kids dogs. Ok, my kids are pretty great too. Our sweet Ozzie has to have eye surgery on Wednesday. Did you know that there are actual dog Ophthalmologists???? There is, and I am forking over some cash to one this week. Darn sweet boxers and their big ol’ corneas that are prone to ulcers that don’t heal well!!! (say that 3x fast) He will be fine. If not, we will replace his eye with a pretty colored marble. At least that is what we told the kids we would do.

Pictures from vacation to come later. Maybe. I might be over that already. My a.d.d is alive and well. :0

Today I need to say a big happy birthday to my cuz Patrick!!!!P1020386

(ignore the girls in the background…not sure why they are making funny faces.)

Patrick has brought joy and laughter to our family since day one!!!

He is a huge fan of the movie: Back to the Future (he has copies of the scripts and can recite them verbatim)

He adores Michael J. Fox. He loves watching College marching bands! He exhausts me when I watch him dance. He loves his family and I am a HUGE fan of his!!!

Happy Birthday Cuz Patrick!

I wish for you a wonderful year to come!!


  1. Welcome home! Glad you made it back safely. I think it takes half the time you were on vacation to recover from a vacation. It's always worth it, though, right? Have fun putting 'life' back together! And good wishes to Ozzie for his surgery!

  2. Happy birthday Cuz Patrick! Welcome home....glad you all made it home...there really is no place like home. Look forward to seeing pictures of your fun!

  3. I always hate when I come home and the weeds have grown!
    sandy toe

  4. Welcome Home Suz! Glad you had a safe trip. I can just see the boxers doing flips! They have a way of really making you feel loved when you've been away. Hope Ozzie's surgery goes well tomorrow.

  5. welcome home Suz.
    and happy birthday to Patrick. :-)

  6. Happy Birthday Patrick!

    Hahahahaha about the marble eye, at least you said it'll be pretty. Wouldn't want an ugly marble for an eye!

  7. I just want to give Patrick a big hug!

    Maybe Ozzie could look super tough with an eye patch! Hope the surgery goes well.

    Now you need a vacation from vacation.

  8. Happy Birthday, Patrick!

    I know you are in heaven with all that cleaning to do!! I'm glad you made it home safe and sound.

    Poor Ozzie - hope he's a good patient!

  9. Aw that is so sweet! Happy birthday to Patrick!

  10. Oh yeah... I'm glad you had a great trip and didn't die on the plane. I feel the same way when I fly. Hate it but don't like taking three days in the van to get 'where-ever' either! You have to show us pics! : )

  11. welcome home girl, glad you had a safe trip and glad you are back, i just finished posting it feels good to post.

  12. The girls look a wee bit skeptical of the whole situation.

    Welcome home!

  13. Happy Birthday, Patrick!!

    Welcome home, just in time for school to start, right?

    I hate coming home from vacation...there is always so much work to do.

    I bet Bartholomew has a 4 o'clock shadow too!

  14. I always feel like I need a vacation from my vacation. We try to come home a day before we have to return to the real world just for that reason. Can't wait to see pictures!

  15. welcome back- hope you get all your post vacation chores done quickly

  16. So glad that you had fun, yet are happy to be home - I think that's the best way to end a vacation. I look forward to your stories and photos.

  17. Welcome home, love! NICE to sleep in your OWN bed, isn't it??? :) LOVE that, after being away.

    And happy birthday to Patrick! I think of him when I pass the "G-Braves" stadium now. :)

  18. Welcome home!
    I hate unpacking, I got home Sunday nite and have yet to do it.
    Happy Birthday to Patrick ;)

  19. Hi Cutie, Welcome home...I certainly can relate to the feelings when getting home after a long trip. It's wonderful to be home---yet there's so much to be done.

    Hope your Boxer will be okay --with the eye surgery. Is that common in boxers??? Must be....

    We're home from our 2-day Hendersonville adventure. The plumbing is fixed and the folks are happy (I hope).


  20. Welcome home! If you're like we are you'll need a vacation to recover from your vacation. I hope Ozzie's eye surgery goes well.

  21. I'm glad you're home and that you didn't have to walk. Happy birthday to Patrick!!!! And good luck with that surgery. The first time I heard of a friend shelling out big bucks for her dog's surgery, I was horrified. THEN I got my own dog.

  22. I really love Patrick too. Look at that smile. I think it is the best one I saw all day!

  23. Hope the doggie surgery went well. I didn't know there were dog ophthalmologists, but I do know, and have paid money to, an equine dentist. So I guess animals need specialists, too.


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