August 28, 2009

TGIF; Clothes, piercings and tattoos. Yeah, lots of goodies.

Thank goodness it’s Friday.

The girls made it through their first week of school with no scandals, tattoos, arrests, fights, problems. You get my gist, they had a good first week.

I can’t believe they are in the 8th and 11th grade. Especially since I feel like I just finished my hellhole high school days, much less like I dropped Lo off at kindergarten!

P1020607 P1020602

In case you never noticed before, my girls are polar opposites.

One is a bit on the preppy side of life and my other is walking a tightrope between British punk and I don’t know what. Eclectic I suppose. As long as it ends with the clothes, I am fine. Clothes are temporary and can be changed, unlike tattoos and rings hanging off your ears connected to your nose and then connected to your lip.

I was a bit progressive in my attire for a few years too, I had my own ‘thang’ going on. Eccentric. Eclectic. I refused to dress like everyone else. I am over that. Now, I dress just like…ME, which is totally awesome. Yeah, I admit it.

Speaking of holes in your head, have you seen the kids with the huge ‘gauge’ earring holes? Mostly guys do it. I am baffled about it, but whatever floats your boat Mr. Holey Head. I just remember how my Dad used to accuse ME of having a hole in my head and all…if he only knew what I could have done to make that statement true. I am all about expressing yourself. But sometimes I just wonder: Just what are you trying to express?????

Ok, so the weekend…hmmm..what to do, what to do. {blankly starring at my piles of photos needing to be put in albums, laundry crying to be washed, dried and folded, ironing, a good book needing to be finished and 6 crisp brand new magazines that are waiting to be fondled}

I am sure I will find something to keep me busy. I love when there really are NO plans, but I can plan on something coming up!

“Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.” ~Bill Watterson

I wish for everyone an eccentric weekend, not to be confused with an eclectic weekend. Oh, wait I like that idea too.

I hope you don’t have too much on your ‘to do’ list and revel in some free time. Enjoy your family, they know you and still love you anyway.

What is on your agenda?

sailing? skydiving? cleaning the cat box? Dinner and a movie? Dish up.


  1. thanks for the first day os school pics :) oh that linds! she is quirky!! but i agree... as long as it ends in clothes (that she is wearing some, right!) and lo! wow! i think i am not used to seeing her in real clothes... just the softball stuff!

    anyway, about that hole in the head thing... recently someone that someone i know knows had to have plastic surgery to fix his ears- because he could not wear those circles at his new grown-up type job (in D.C.) and onc e you take those things out...well! so suz, if you are on the fence about trying them, just think on that!

    weekend? chaperoning the band to the fb game tonight... and then i'm pretty wide opn. which is nice :) i'm sure i won't get any scrapbooking done, but maybe a load of laundry!

  2. Tackle football, flag football and soccer (Sat & Sun)!!! Not complaining...I do love they are involved. By the way, I have taken your advice and I am much more laid back watching them play!

    I however also love the no plan weekends!

  3. Good Morning, It's early (6 a.m.) for these two old retirees this morning.... Yawn!!!! We're off to Hendersonville to see G's parents. Hope you have a great day.

    Love hearing about your girls. Since I raised boys, I don't know much about styles or 'eclectic' stuff I remember.. I did have one son (the middle one) who was preppy--but not the other two.

    I love that quote about doing something pointless on the weekend. I usually can find something pointless to do most every day...

    Have a good one.

  4. My big plans? Getting the contract to purchase our new house signed - woot!!

  5. I'm glad that your girls had a good first week of school...they both are so darn cute and I think it's great how they are each different. I think it's great that you let them make these choices. It's a wise parent that picks their battles

    I so hear you on the big each their own but I really don't get it.

    I hope you have a great unplanned weekend. Those can be the best!

  6. Lo and Linds look very cute!
    I love the quote about the weekend. Today and msot of yesterday we are having pretty heavy rain. Looks like a good weekend to stay in and read a good book at this point. Enjoy your leisure time.

  7. We are attending a very tame wedding. I shall be naked, for lack of anything to wear. And Checkered will quickly get over his embarrassment at his naked date. And that is just Friday night. Can't wait to see what happens on Saturday.

  8. I'm all about comfort...plain and simple comfort is my fashion statement.

  9. I know, the thing with the big ear holes is baffling. I'd want a pair of checkered Vans too!!!!!!

  10. The girls look great, not to mention just like you!

    Hmmmm teen years I would have had on the more punkish outfit.

  11. Love that your girls are so different from each other, and beautiful, in a non holey and non tattooey kind of way. That's what I'm aiming for with my two girls. Strong sense of self and great big smiles:)

  12. Cute! I don't like holey heads either. Weird!
    We're going to our first 9 12 meeting tonight.
    Should be interesting.

  13. Sleeping! I love your daughter's style!

  14. Yes I don't get those holey in the heady fellas either. It is just plain ole gross. And then the whole ... don't stare at it... 'thing'. Awkward! :p

  15. actually i was asked to share my story tonight, something completely pointless unless your an addict. i am scared shi#$ess but what can i do, i need a meeting.

  16. Your girls are so cute! Weekend plans... laying by the pool, my private cabana boy bringing me drinks and fanning off the 112 heat here. Take-out for dinner served by loving(?) hubby. Ok, ok, I'm really cleaning the cat box. Have a great weekend

  17. Isn't it funny how you raise them the same yet the end up so different? they are both really cute either way! I agree with the large piercing thing - saw a guy with an actual bone in his ear a few months back. we are reverting back to cavemen I suppose... hope you had a marvelous day so far!

  18. My son had so much homework this week...I am SO (do you hear me???) SO ready for this weekend. I don't want to see another Latin flashcard or literature Vocab for TWO WHOLE days!
    sandy toe

  19. You are hilarious, Suz... your daughters must adore you.

    In hellhole, I was a deadhead, turned clubber -- who dressed a lit bit preppy, slutty and sportyspiceish... a charmeleon (spelling?)

    Loved the post, friend. It made me laugh and that's a very good thing!

  20. That weekend quote is one of my favorites! I should frame it and hang it above my desk!
    I was hoping since you mentioned how you used to dress - that you were going to post a photo of your attire! LOL!! :-)

  21. I wish I had a crisp new magazine to fondle! LOL!

    Let's see, this weekend is rainy so it's all about good indoor things that make you feel happy to be warm, dry and alive!

  22. Depending on our weather, I imagine the yard will be calling my name this weekend. But hopefully I will find something pointless to do as well. For your information, my daughter was very eclectic in her fashion during high school and college and I think she turned out quite well.

  23. Your daughters are so lovely, and it looks/sounds like you've done a brilliant job of allowing them to be who they are.

    I have a lot of non-plan plans this weekend; it does feel good :D

  24. Your girls are cute kids. Each one is supposed to be different. Life would be no fun if we were all the same.

  25. Hmmm. I think I'll spend my weekend driving to Chicago.

    The girls look great. The gauges actually close up pretty quickly if you take them out--but I still find them disgusting.

  26. Not much going on here this weekend! Just enjoying some down time before the back to school craziness begins this week!

  27. I love this post...I've taught in both middle school, where kids all try to look like each other to be accepted...and now in High School where they all express their individuality...some of them to the extreme.

    I agree with the piercings and plugs in their ears...even some that sexy? And green and blue that sexy, too?

    I think your girls are so cute. Have fun with them while they are under your roof!! Enjoy your Sunday ~Natalie


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