August 15, 2009

Some questions are easily answered…

such as:

Is your child rebellious?


There always seems to be one in the family that ignores simple rules.

That would be my first born.

And yes, she is our 'work in progress'.... a great kid, with a bit of rebellion bedded deep inside. I am pretty sure the rebellion part comes from Coach's side, because as I have expressed before, I was PERFECT. . Really I am sure of sure of this.

just don't ask my Mom....


  1. sounds like ya'll had a g-r-e-a-t time on vacation! very nice pictures, too!


  2. I know for sure that you were perfect : ) I can just tell. I get the distinct feeling that you never did ONE thing wrong. Oh, I hope Kaish will be just like you : )

  3. Cute picture. Yeah, must be from Coach's side of the family! Have fun.

  4. You don't have to convince me that you're perfect! Anyone who wants to recycle the state of Colorado, WHILE ON VACATION, is way beyond perfect.
    On the other hand, I'm like your first born, a "work in progress". :)

  5. LOL Love it when a picture says it all!

  6. Perfect, huh??????? GADS----give me a spoon. I'm swimmin' in it!!!!!!! ha ha

    Doesn't even look like there's a sidewalk around ---so where else can she walk!!!!! HA

    Have fun out there in CO.


  7. In my family this is sooo my sister. I, too, was an angel. :)

  8. That sign is just begging to be ignored.

  9. Aren't we all works in progress? Of course she is nothing like you Great picture! I think you must all be having a great time!

  10. She will be an Independent Woman, which will serve her WELL in this world of ours! (Still thinking of her at Mimi's.... with her lunch of steak.... "But Mom! I eat like a MAN!") :)


  11. Ha, ha! I think we should definitely ask your mom!
    We had a great rebel, but he turned out okay. A rebel thinks "outside the box" and tends to have great creativity. Overall, the characteristic is usually a plus -- although it doesn't always seem so.

  12. too funny! my eight year old is my little rebellious one! i can't imagine him as a teenager; he already gives so much grief, yikes.
    looks like you guys are having a great time. i love colorado.

  13. Our first born would be our rule breaker too...we just got mail from the Denver City Police Department stating that while there, she has a parking meter violation...and since she ignored the first notification, she now has a fee tacked on...up to $50.00 now. And perhaps a couple of quarters would have prevented all of this. Thank goodness she has student loan money in her bank account...


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