August 19, 2009

Be careful of what you ask for people…

Some of you actually asked me to post our photos from Colorado. I was going to drop the subject and just move on, but then I would be a big fat meanie head. I may be many things, but I will never be a big fat meanie head. never.

Plus, my washer and dryer are crying mercy and I am not making eye contact with Rosie quite yet today.

One morning we ventured from Denver to the Boulder area. As we were getting closer I saw a sign: “Boulder Visitor’s center and Overlook.” I asked the Coach to pull over and he did. (should I mention that he said something to the fact of ‘you know you are getting old when you stop at visitor centers?) anyhoo. Have you ever seen a visitors center as elaborate as this?

P1020509Me neither. I wanted to go back to the sign and scratch out Visitors center and put in KIOSK. ;)

But the overlook? amazing. Worth the money spent. Oh, it was FREE.


Boulder was a great little college/artsy town. Full of ‘free thinkers’. Have you noticed that most free thinkers don’t brush their hair? Amazing, I know, way to ‘buck’ the system Sister. We were stopped by several Green Peace people on the streets. I was thinking: “Man, you are preaching to the choir. Get some freaking recycle bins in this town!”

Another day we ventured down to the Colorado Springs area. Just gorgeous.

We went to visit the Cave of The Winds. I am personally not a fan of wind or caves, but the rest of my troop were game. This first picture is at the beginning of the cave tour and just a few minutes before we realized someone in our family is Claustrophobic. I won’t mention any names but he had to cut the tour short.


P1020503 Have I ever mentioned that I have a tendency to be a complete worry wart? My thoughts during this dark, cramped and freaky tour were only of this: “oh my gosh, we are so much closer to CA now and if an earthquake hits while we are in this cave, we are toast!” Yep. It is exhausting to live inside my head.

On our last day in Denver I took the girls to Elitch Gardens. Guess what? There really are NOT gardens at Elitch Gardens . I was tricked. It is a theme park full of rides, lines and people who don’t know how to dress in public.


The girls rode some large scary rides. Lindsay was a brave girl and rode a big roller coaster with her sister. (after much pleading)

Then they decided to ride this innocent looking ride. We should have known it would not end well when they name something: chaos!


They look happy here. In a few minutes one of my children will have a combination look of ‘complete terror’ and the ‘verge of vomit.’ Not a good look. Especially when the other one is laughing her head off!!!! Aren’t sisters the best?

Here is my Mastercard Commercial:

7$ for caramel/sprinkled covered apples at a theme park.


2 minutes into their $7.00 Caramel/sprinkled covered apples and they decide they are too sweet and rip off all the candy and eat the plain $7.00 apples: PRICELESS.



  1. Sounds like you had a great trip. We did CO Springs a few years ago and also the cave. Loved it. But yes, a little bit tight sometimes. Can we see some more? :)

  2. Suz, You are just too funny... I laugh so hard at your posts.. A $7 apple, huh????? AND a 'gardens' NOT being a garden...??? AND the big burly man in your life being claustrophobic???? OH---how interesting!!!!

    Tell US MORE and MORE about this trip to CO... Did you drive up to Pipes Peak while in Col. Springs????

    Love you,

  3. Oh yes, priceless! Suz, this looks and sounds like you had some great family time and memories to reminice about in years to come.

  4. It is amazing how many people don't know how to dress in a theme park! lol You guys packed a lot into your vacation!!

  5. I'd much rather have the plain apple too!!! :) You are sooo funny! I love reading your posts!

  6. Hilarious!
    Friends of mine want to visit caves in Kentucky...although I'm not claustrophobic, and had not thought of the earthquakes, all I can think about are huge cave dwelling spiders. Which I'm sure exist. And will get me.

  7. Oh my, what a nice trip.
    I am a free thinker, but I know what a comb is for, mostly :)

  8. LOL! Looks Like a Great time!
    If I went on that roller coaster it would have been all over......ugh!

  9. How fun! I love going into caves, they are a wonder to me.
    I used to love roller coasters, the scarier the better, but not nowadays. I don't need that kind of excitement.
    I hear ya about the people that don't know how to dress at amusement parks. I'll never understand the heels some women wear and the babys in the stroller. Why do you take a baby to an amusement park?

  10. Sounds like so much fun! I am just curious if all the people that don't know how to dress in public have some secret society and they all meet at theme parks.

  11. Still laughing here! On the positive side, wouldn't you really rather pay $7 for an apple without the cavity-causing, artery-clogging caramel than with it still on there?

  12. A great, fun post! Your girls are cute as can be and I love the $7 apple! The scenery is just fantastic - thanks for sharing as I have never been to that part of the country. Glad to have you back.

  13. A posting about your Colorado visit . . . PRICELESS!

  14. loved the pictures :) and talking to you tonight! i wanna know... did you save the carmel & sprinkles for me?

  15. My son would have ripped off the caramel and thrown the apple away!

  16. LOL great mastercard moment, send the uneaten caramel my way please! :-D

    Ah yes lines and ugly people on a hot day waiting for vomit-inducing overpriced joy rides - don't you miss being a kid?

    Not :-D

    Welcome home, you were missed!

    More pics pleeease!

  17. Those beautiful girls of yours have the longest legs in the world. I just love them. The girls. Not their legs. Well, I love their legs too. I sound like a psycho now and we all know that I am not a psycho. : ) I hope this comment gets posted and note deleted when it comes to you : ) Not only am I a psycho, I am also a rambler. Just a wealth of great traits today....
    And PS Why don't free thinkers come their hair?
    I don't like uncombed hair.
    I wish they would think about about how nasty it looks and comb it. That is something to think freely about. Nasty hair in need of combs: )

  18. I love these pictures, your family is so darling! And your commentary is hilarious. That thing with the apples, I could see my dad shaking his head at us doing something similar. Parental love, it's priceless.

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. I live in Colorado and been to all these places many times. Glad you had a good visit!

  20. I love Colorado! I have a daughter south of Denver and I love visiting. I'm glad you had fun, and the girls got some wild rides in!

  21. Funny post. It's the "look of complete terror", "verge of vomit", "discovery of clautrophobia" moments that make for great family memories!
    Colorado is beautiful. But true, those free spirits are into bad hair years...

  22. funny!
    ALL OF IT!
    love it.
    everything you do makes me laugh.
    and that visitors kiosk???


  23. I still can't believe those candy apples were $7?!!! I would've handed them the candy wrapping back and asked for $6 refund - LOL! You are too funny Suz!

  24. I'm with the other claustrophobic. Just looking at that photo, I'm thinking, Where's the exit?!

    You are so funny about the recycling bins and the "buck the system" by not washing/combing hair...we have towns like that near here, too, and I sometimes wonder what point "that look" is supposed to make. Conserving water, perhaps? Now the visitor's kiosk is funny, but the view is gorgously expansive (and not expensive - yay!)
    Loved the pics of the rides...from the ground! I hope no one really did lose her $7 apple from the excitement.
    Looks like it was a great trip!

  25. I don't see you on the rides?? Hmmm??


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