July 06, 2009

Z is for….

Zip lines!

Have you ever done this? Have you ever seen this before?

The setting: Gorgeous Costa Rica with some of my favorite peeps-2005

Yes, the scaredy cat who is not even comfortable being 5’2 off the ground got herself up on some zip lines, all in the name of friendship and just a plain high on vacation.

You are in the TREES. ON platforms built way way up in the rainforests. You are harnessed at each stop and then pushed off…told only to “use your hand break before the next stop”

Pretty easy? right?

Coach tried to ask the guys if these were made for ‘big men’ (the zip line guys were all small) they just nodded yes to him, they didn’t speak very much English!!!!

This guy had the pleasure of strapping on my strappy thingys.

costa rica 066

I screamed like a wild banshee for the first few lines…then I became more comfortable.

Around line number 6 I was so comfortable, the guys running the lines decided that this would be a good time to give me a real ‘ride’ and they started tugging up and down on the line from each end as I was coming in and I was just bouncing as I was flying to my next stop….I was cracking up so hard that I forgot to put on my hand brake and smashed into my ‘catcher.’

I suppose he deserved this though…making me cackle loudly through the rainforest like that!

I was so happy that I pushed this fear of heights aside and enjoyed myself.


The rain forest was gorgeous, and you could hear monkeys screeching all around…or maybe that was ME???

We even saw a few colorful toucans. By the way, they don’t really eat froot loops, so don’t believe all that Kelloggs is telling us….


This is something I want my girls to experience so badly….

Coach, let’s go back pleeeaaaasssse!!!!

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  1. that is pretty cool bee... and here i was looking forward to video of you swinging on a rope and that is nothing compared to a zip line!!... you are a better man than me that is for sure!!

  2. That looks really fun...for you! I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to fast frantic rides. But I would love to go to the rainforest. Hope you get to go back some day.

  3. Wow, what an experience. Only you could look that pretty doing something that scary!!!
    What a great Z post Suz.

  4. I did this!!!!! in Costa Rica too :) It was amazing! ahaha they told us we would see/hear howler monkeys, but I think we saw more monkeys on the power lines on the way to the jungle, then we actually saw on the zip lines.

    Lots of fun :)

  5. i did not know you had done this!! i love that photo of you :)

    it it something that i want to do so badly! there is a new place in orlando that has zip lines... florida eco safaris? maybe. check it out (and let me know!) it is so much closer than costa rica...

  6. As big of a scaredy cat that I am, I would love to try this too. I have read other accounts of this too and I hear the same that you express here. Looks and sounds like you and your friends had a great trip. Hope you get to go again and take your girls!

  7. Zip lining sounds like a lot of fun!! You look very professional with your gear on! And are you sure those toucans don't eat fruit loops? Darn...

  8. Your life is so much fun! I have heard wonderful things about Cost Rica, it's definitely on my list of places to visit before I die.

    Awesome pics and experience! You go!

  9. Oh I love it! I can just imagine you screaming like a banshee!

    Now, you and Coach have no excuse for not going on Amazing Race. Well, except for eating worms and spiders.

  10. you look so beautiful and happy :) "scared" looks good on you :) I want to try it too! :)

  11. That sounds like a lot of fun and you look as if you were enjoying yourself. I hope you get to go back.

  12. Looks like a blast!! We are planning to try the zip lines in the Smokies if we can ever get a minute!

  13. That is so awesome! And yeah you for tackling a fear and turning it in to joy. Thanks for adding yet another thing to my "to do" list! at least this one is way better than "wash the windows..."

  14. OH my Goodness, Suz.... Tarzan in action here!!!! Did you beat your chest and holler (like Tarzan)as you went from tree to tree.... OR were you squealing more like a MONKEY?????? Bet I know which.... ha ha

    Cute "Z" word..

  15. How fun! I'm a big chicken too and I would need a lot of convincing to try it :O

  16. How fun!! You look so cute in your gear!! Happy Monday!!

  17. You are so adorable. AND SO FREAKING young. You look just like the girls here. Young and tiny! I love your adventures.

  18. This looks like so much fun! And you look so cute, even in your "strappy things" and all :)

    I would definitely do this, but after 4 kids, I might need to wear a diaper if I laughed as much as you!

  19. Looks like fun! Did Coach scream too?

  20. Muy fabuloso Z!! I want to do that before my bones get too brittle...may be too late...

    Thx for the compliment on my videography. Don't really know what I'm doing half the time, so I'm honored you like it! X-C

  21. Look how darn CUTE and HAPPY and SMILING and TAN and PRETTY you are in that picture! It's like you're filming an infomercial for zip lines! :)

  22. Nice zip pix! I guess if they set the tree on fire, I'd zip down.

  23. You're such a lady! All graceful, smiling and legs crossed :-D

    I would have been open-mouthed screaming with messy hair and tangled legs showing pee-stained (From Fear) panties!!

  24. That looks like so much fun!! I wanted to do the zipline when we were in Hawaii - but I was the only one who wanted to do it and I was out voted. Now I REALLY wish I would have done it! GREAT PICS!!

  25. This looks like fun! I have done it, but in an outdoor mall. I think that is pretty different.

  26. you are very brave - I dont' know if I could do it or not!

  27. Yes Coach...let's go back please!!! And take me with you!!! I. LOVED. COSTA. RICA. !!!!

    In 1996 I lived there for a summer while working and studying, and it was simply stunning. I've heard that since then with the rise of tourism it has changed a little bit, but that it is still more "virgin" than other hot vacation spots. What great pictures you have!!!


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