July 19, 2009

Y is for

The YO YO Man: Tommy Smothers.

I remember watching The Smothers Brothers comedy hour as a kid.

Tommy and Dick smothers were & are very funny, charismatic men. Their show was canceled by CBS because at the time, they were considered controversial. They combined their comedy acts and songs with up and coming musicians, such as The Doors, The Beatles, The Who and more..

Whenever I think of a Yo Yo, I think of Tommy Smothers...which in turn reminds me of their comedy!

I was never good at the yo yo, unless making knots is considered good!!!

Here is a you tube clip of them performing. Tommy starts his Yo Yo around 1:25.

I just love his expressions...too cute.

If the video does not show up on your browser (I am having issues with IE) follow this link:

While researching them, I found out that they are still touring today!!!!

I may have to introduce them to my girls!!

Nothing to do with YoYo’s but here they are on Craig Ferguson…still funny as heck!!!

They are so darn cute, I want to have them over for coffee and cookies.

Did I say cookies and coffee??? I meant wine and cheese, but you knew that!!!

If this does not make you laugh out loud, please call 911, you might be dead.

Again, if the video does not show up, follow this link:

Happy Monday!!!

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  1. Oh Suzanne, I always loved the Smothers Brothers.. I watched them faithfully every week... I had no idea they were still touring or working together. Amazing....

    I'm gonna go and pull up that video.

  2. I have such good memories of watching their show as a kid, too! I always had a crush on Tommy;)

  3. Oh my gosh....thank you for posting the Yo-Yo Man! I used to watch them when I was a kid and Tommy always cracked me up! :-)

  4. I always thought the SB were so cute! I had forgotten about Tommy and his yo-yo tricks. I enjoyed both the videos so much. Thanks!

  5. I love those guys too. "Mom liked you best!" They were great. I had several Duncan Yo Yos in the 70's. Probably because of Tommy.

  6. Oh - I liked the Smother brothers too!! I think I'd have them over for some tequila shooters! Wait - I didn't say that! :-) Glad you posted the you tube links - they were fun to watch!

  7. I haven't seen them in forever. They are cute and funny and I remember watching them - gosh they have to be in their 90's by now. ha.
    HappY MondaY to you Suz!

  8. YO! SUZ! Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh!

  9. i was never good at the yo-yo either... i am good at untangling knots though...

  10. I remember my first yo-yo. It was beautiful, but it needed a more talented owner!

    Every week I think I will join this A-Z Monday group, and that's the last I think of it until the next Monday. And now you're at the end of the alphabet. My timing is amazing.

  11. I always enjoyed watching the Smothers Brother show. Thanks for the wonderful memories. Thanks, too, for showing they are still funny.

  12. That was such a wholesome and fun show. I recall the line, "Mom always liked you best!" when they were arguing...we used that one at home when we were kids. =) Thanks for reminding me!

  13. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I love Craig and with the Smothers Brothers!!! Loved it!

  14. Oh, wonderful memories! I owe my corny sense of humor to the Smothers Brothers!

  15. Imagine too controversial!

  16. great y bee!! i love yo yo's as much as i love frisbees!! i can throw a frisbee, i can't yo yo a yo yo!!!...

  17. Yo Yo man. Good one. Those guys still make me laugh---timeless humor.

    (having a problem bringing up your blog lately...blogger I guess.) x-c

  18. I remember my old, very decrepit, aging parents talking about the Smothers Brothers - so that puts you in good company ;)

  19. I remember the Smothers brothers when I was a kid! they were funny!

  20. We went and saw the Smothers Brothers live quite a few years ago when the kids were fairly young. The Yo Yo Man routine brought down the house. Great stuff!

  21. i can yo yo babe, i am a great yo- yoer!! is that a word yo-yoer?

  22. hey! i'm at work and look what i just came across!

    The Smothers Brothers Show
    special guest, the yo yo man
    Dec. 1 @ the phil :)

  23. I never heard of them before. I gues I am younger than you : ). Hee Hee!


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