July 07, 2009

Holiday Pictures from the lake…

I was not going to post today, but then I thought: “what will my Mom have to read this morning if I don’t???” So I will share some pics from the weekend.

We spent the weekend with Coach’s Mom and Step Dad at their home on Lake Okeechobee. We had a great time. The kids looooove it there.

Linds brought a friend who has not been there and she really enjoyed it too.

Not much going on there…Okeechobee is the epitome of slow paced life.

Just fishing and hanging out. And more hanging out.

We were not here but 10 minutes and the city girls had their poles in the water. Girls can fish and Lo rocks at throwing the cast net and is learning to drive a boat too.


My MIL is an amazing gardener. She blows me away with all the green stuff she can do. She has these new flowers (I think alamandas??) that she is training them to vine from the ground up to her 2nd floor deck.


This gorgeous orchid? It fell out of the tree about a year ago. She left it there and it has rooted in the ground and blooms like crazy all year round!!!!!

This is Freddie. He hangs around the dock while the kids fish…they always throw him a snack or two. They are cool like that.

P1000459 P1000460

My In Laws have 3 dogs themselves. All labs. One of each color. They have a ‘no couch rule’ for their dogs. Do you think Cocoa cares? Nah. That is what Grandparents do, spoil the kids AND the dogs. I can only imagine the thoughts running through her dogs brains: “what they hey?”


What do you do first thing when you wake up in the morning?

Brush your teeth? Get dressed? eat breakfast?

NO, you get in the boat silly. In your PJ’s. Then you mosey over to the paddle boat for some exercise.

P1000486 P1000489

If you are really lucky, Grandpa will take you for a long boat ride and you can stop at Burger King for a milk shake!


Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for a great weekend!!!!

I hope everyone was as lucky as us and had a nice relaxing weekend with people you love!


  1. I want to spend the summer with you!

  2. What a nice place to spend some leisure time. Your MIL's flowers are so pretty. As fast-paced as your life has been, I'm sure it was nice to just enjoy the beauty!

  3. Looks like fun! We always used to stop in Okeechobee for lunch on the way to the east coast to see family. It certainly is a relaxed and calm way of life!

  4. looks like a good time had by all bee!! but i wouldn't let those dogs around a lake in florida. i have heard too many tales of pooches being gator bait!!.. he he..

  5. Looks like an awesome weekend! Sounds VERY relaxing :)Can I come visit?

  6. That paddle boat looks like a lot of fun!!
    I have done the Zipline in Costa Rica!!! What a great time we had...we had awesome zip-workers that showed us an excellent time too.
    Happy Summer, lMnop

  7. awwww suz, what wonderful memories your girls will have when they get older. i wish so much i could of had fun times like this and all the love it comes with... when i was growing up. you are all so blessed. thanks for making me smile.


  8. Looks like a wonderful weekend, Suz... Oh --the life of retirees. What a special place!!! I'd love the paddle boats.. Ah heck, I'd love a boat ride PERIOD. ha


  9. I'm glad you posted today and shared your weekend with us. It looks like you had a perfect summer weekend.b

  10. What a great weekend! Is Freddie a dog? No kidding?

  11. looks like fun. i have never been to get dessert by boat before! glad your weekend was great!

  12. Cool, so fun!!

    Your mother wasn't the only one waiting for a post from you ;)

  13. Wow - looks like you had a really fun weekend. Those flowers are beautiful.

  14. the rules in my house re the dogs were: Please stay on the couch with me.

    Looks like you had a real relaxing time.

  15. Great photos! The lake looks like a giant mirror in that first pic - beautiful! (I still can't believe anyone would be CRAZY enough to get 3 Labs.... 1 is about to DO ME IN!)

  16. Oh Suz what a fantastic weekend! Sounds and looks so fun.

  17. Man, my Grandma never let me sit on the couch either. Well, I could sit on it, but only if it had the shiny plastic sheet on top of it. I totally understand how the other dog felt. Poor babies!

  18. Oh my gosh, great weekend! I'm glad you decided to post. What would I read too?? I'm with your mom on this. :)

  19. PJ boating is the absolute BEST!

  20. A lab in every color??? Boxers??? Milkshakes on a lazy boat??? Fishing???

    I'm coming with next year.

  21. Fishing and boating on vacation was always popular with our kids. We spent time on Lake Powell in northern Arizona every year.


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