June 24, 2009

We have added to the menagerie!!!


Isn’t he the cutest topiary you have ever seen???? Well, he is kinda naked right now...

A lovely ‘thank you’ gift from our East Coast friends for our hosting of the BoxerFest 2009! They sent me a new boxer boy!

P1000348(well, I assumed it was a boy, I am not one to pry) This is how he looked prior to my ‘greening’ him up. Which means I pulled out some of the soaked moss and added a few creeping crawling plants. They will eventually creep over him and cover him completely. Of course, I will have to groom him on occasion too. I hope he does not get fleas or roll in poop!

Since Lo helped me put him together, I let her name him.

Meet Bartholomew the third. (don’t ask where one and two are) P1000350

He is pretty big. 31 inches tall. He is bigger than both Cocoa and Ozzie. Do you think I could get all 3 to stay still for a photo? NO. Well, Bart stayed still, the other two, not so much.


I found a nice home for him under one of our ornamental guava trees. He will get rain/sprinkler and some shade too…which is rare in our hot Florida yard.

My Friend Kelly thought he might help keep Ralph (the menacing squirrel) away from the bird feeders. But I have found that one or two ears of corn a week, keep Ralph pretty happy and he has not bothered the feeders or spread the word in the neighborhood. Yeah for happy Critters!!!

Thank you Kelly, Don, Connor, Zack and Sparky for our new boy!!!

He will be a great addition to our family! (a quiet one anyway!)


You can get these topiarys in many different breeds of animals. Kelly got this one from a company called Green Piece Wire Art. She ordered it with the moss already in it, but you can get just the frame too and stuff it yourself.


  1. Hey East Coaster friends. Can I babysit Zack and Sparky next?

  2. I think this is so neat! Are you sure you can't get all three of your boxers to pose? It would certainly make a great picture.

  3. Hi Suz, We are home from our Anniversary trip. I'll blog about it tomorrow.

    I'm catching up---and love your new 'boxer' friend... Just think---you won't even have to feed him!!!!! AND--he won't poop on the sidewalk!!!!

    Glad you have your squirrels under control now. I still refuse to feed mine... ha

    Hope you are having a great week. Sorry about your weekend games. But--it looks like Coach and Dad had a good Father's Day.

  4. Wow, I've never seen a boxer topiary or any dog topiary for that matter. That is too cool! And his hame, I love it, expecially since there are no I and II, that gave me a good chuckle!

  5. Ooooh . . . does it come in beagle?!

  6. Bart is so neat, I had no idea they made products like this. What an awesome thank you idea! I'm glad Ralph is content with the corn, I hope he stays that way. What a smart idea. Your yard is gorgeous!

  7. awww how freaking cute is that? you KNOW we love boxers too, i think it suits you and your yard. glad your cuz chris is safely back. and i LERVE those crazy socks. if i evah see any round these here parts i will pick them up for the girls.


  8. That is really a great addition - I love it!

  9. Are you using the new camera? Your pictures are perfect. Bartholomew is such a cutie AND you don't to feed him or take him to the vet - woohoo

  10. Oh gosh this is so neat!
    Do they come in other breeds?

  11. I LOVE that!!! Where in the world did they find it?

  12. That is the coolest! I want one too!

  13. suz, i can't express what this looks like. the scary part was the filling coming out the middle!! oh my gosh did it scare your dogs! you silly girl, this is too much, did you know he kinda looks like a chia-dog!! i am sorry it is too funny to me, can you plant flowers for facial parts, you know eyes and mouths like they do on the rose bowl floats? you don't have to publish this comment, i am too busy giggling over your green dog!! i love you so i hope you don't take it personally, i have a different taste then you.

  14. How cool is that! Our local children's hospital has large animal topiaries out front. I'm always fascinated. And we saw some 'up close and personal' at Disney too. Looking forward to seeing him 'grow in' and all. : )

    ps.. wonder if the dogs will pee on it? LOL

  15. How fun and perfect for you!
    sandy toe

  16. i like your new lawn ornament bee, but it looks like a chia pet....he he... p.s. is that how you spell chia pet?

  17. Wow - I have never seen one of these. Too Cool.

  18. Bartholomew III - that is a perfect name. Love it! He had a long trip from Canada and a hot stay in the warehouse the important thing is that he made it home thank goodness for microchips - (I mean UPS tracking numbers). Thanks to your kind neighbor (#85) that we were cursing, who brought him home to you. I told you sophisticated chia on steroids. Welcome home Bartholomew! Just love happy endings.
    Enjoy my friend.
    Much Love, Kel

  19. This is one of the cutest things I have EVER seen! I love it!

  20. I literally never even knew anything like that existed. If my kid saw it she'd probably beg me to take it home and let it sleep in her bed

  21. That is too cool for words!! Love it! Wish I could have a kitty one at my house!

  22. now that is my kind of dog!!
    well... maybe. you know i don't even have a hint of a green thumb!
    but i do love this treasure... and you so deserve it since you are so darn nice!


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