June 19, 2009

TGIF...I live in the land of wacky...and beautiful.

Well, the wacky part is so obvious.

Lindsay, my wee one…she had her dance show 2 Sunday’s ago. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!

We were so proud of her. She started out 5 years ago a timid little butterfly taking one dance class and dancing in one scene in the entire show, now she has blossomed into a dancing wonder performing in 6 dances in one afternoon…and she is so confident and smiling the whole time. That is my favorite part, seeing the joy in her face as she does something she loves. (She looks like me when I am cleaning, Organizing oh, nevermind)

Coach and I were beaming with pride.

P1000163I have the cutest girls in the world, don’t I? well, you might be partial to YOURS, but I am sure mine are right after yours…right? Right. And if you don’t have girls, they should be at the top of your list.

I do thank you all for your book recommendations. I have my list reading....I am hoping to make some headway this weekend on “Water for Elephants.” I might be a passenger and I can read and ride at the same time. YES, my talents are endless.

Even my kids notice this. Lo made me this bookmark for Mother’s day:


She is so proud of me…i is a gud reeder 2.

And onto the wacky part of my family. No, the bookmark was NOT wacky. That was sweet.

I am ALMOST embarrassed to show this. Almost.


This is the light switch in the bathroom in my Grandma’s House. Really.

The funny part of this? It has been there since…well, since Jesus was a small child.

I can’t remember it NOT being there. I must have been about 12 when they got it.

My Grandma, Grandpa and my Uncle all were bowlers. Well, my uncle still is. Grandma gave up her league when she was about 84. My Grandpa, bless his heart, had a heart attack at the bowling alley and did not survive...

I should write about how I grew up in a bowling alley…or for that matter all my time spent running around in a trailer park, and NO, I have not been on an episode of COPS. yet. There is still time though.

This wacky light switch cover has never been talked about as far as I know. It was never even brought up by my girls…IT JUST WAS THERE.

SO on Sunday, my Grandma saw me taking a picture of it…do you know what she called me?

You will never guess!

She called ME a PERVERT!

And this is in HER house.

yeah, Grandma, I am the pervert in the family.

Happy Friday everyone.

I wish for you a weekend full of happy family members, something to relax you (I’ll be reading or watching Lo play softball) and NO perverts in your presence.


  1. Oh Suz---that light switch cover is priceless. You do have a nutty, crazy, wonderful family, don't you????

    I love reading your blogs since you exude such joy in your life... Your girls are beautiful---much much more beautiful than mine... Of course, I can say that since I have NO girls1!!!! ha

    Have a wonderful, reading weekend.

  2. good stuff bee!! but you do have me wondering about your "thoughts". you pack a lot in your posts, and i bet you got the same activity going on in that brain of yours all day too, don't ya?... he he.... well keep fingers crossed but you may have one girl on a softball scholarship in college, while the other one is on scholarship for dance.... let's hope they are at schools that are close together!!

  3. your girls are cute!

    and that light switch plate is just hilarious! have a great weekend!

  4. p.s. could i borrow the pix of the switch plate? maybe to send to my friends and post on my blog.

  5. I love to read your posts.... they ALWAYS make me laugh.
    Congrats to Lindsay! You should be so proud. There is nothing more amazing then seeing your child succeed at what they love with a beautiful (or handsome) smile on their face. I am so going to miss that with no all star cheering next year.

    That light switch is priceless! and Grandma must be a real hoot! You come by your humor honestly, no matter how wacky it may be!

    Happy Friday and Happy Father's Day to Coach :)

  6. you had me at the light switch!! still can't stop giggling you little perv!!!
    oh your grandma is just priceless!! you should get her an inflatable bowling ball so she can still play. your family loves bowling mine, bingo!! my father died walking into the bingo hall!! no kidden' how wacky is that!! have a great weekend
    i have a couple of plaques that hung in grannys till she past away and they are treasures of mine, hopefully she will see how sentimental that piece is and leave it to you in her will, bet that is what the whole family wants!!

  7. That is one cool grandma! You will love "Like Water for Chocolate." It's a good summer read.

  8. Oh my hell!! That is hysterical! I heart your grandma!

  9. Your daughters are both beautiful and talented (just like their mom!) I know you must be very proud of both of their accomplishments. That light switch is crazy! I hope you all enjoy the weekend too Suz.

  10. Since I have a daughter I'll say that your two girls (who are really cute) are tied for second cutest in the world. I also have to say that life is never dull around you. Thanks for sharing.

  11. The joy and pride in our babies faces as they do something they love. Sigh. Makes you feel like you are doing something right doesn't!

    LOL See our Grandmas are the same!
    Too funny.

  12. Your girls are the cutest ever! Of course they come from good genes, right?

    Your grandma is a hoot, and I will never, ever, be able to think of bowling the same again.

    Happy Father's Day to Coach.

  13. You bring tears to my eyes reading your blogs.
    (laughing tears). All I have to say is "Thank God... for Suzanne" Amen.

  14. That is the best light switch cover EVER!!!

  15. HA!!! I love that your grandma called YOU a pervert.

    And yes, your girls are the cutest girls ever.

  16. That is why we do it all--the joy on their shining faces.

    If I had any doubt that your grandma was quite a card . . .!

  17. Your girls get prettier and prettier, and YES, your grandma is a pervert! Crazy old lady! :)

  18. Hey, you pervert! LOL! At least you are a well read pervert. Your grandma cracks me up. That light switch is too funny. Have a safe trip!

  19. Brilliant light switch- I love it. Your girls are lovely-maybe we could do a bit of matchmaking since I have a fab fourteen year old boy??

  20. that switchplate is hysterical!! hehe you little pervert lol

    thanks for making me giggle

  21. Any grandmother that calls her grandaughter a pervert is a good woman. Stop taking pictures of things like that.

    Hope Coach has a wonderful fathers day tomorrow.

  22. happy father's day to all the dads in your life bee!!

  23. That light switch! Bowling must really be a turn on. :)

  24. I don't know which made me laugh the most, the awesome bookmark or the hilarious light switch! LOL! I love your posts :-D

  25. Suz, your Grandma cracks me up!! She's such a sketch. She must keep you rolling with laughter.

    And YES, your girls are the cutest. Really...

    Much love from NJ,

  26. I love your Gma's light switch. I wish I had it in my bathroom. And, really, I am so glad you have that bookmark to remind you of the things you can do. I probably need a bookmark that says "I can do whatever the hell I want." Or the shortened version: I can.

  27. hi sweetie pea! sorry about your grandpa and the bowling alley ... you are too much! so i'm tripping out on angels and demons by dan brown. what in the world can i read next? love you, and yes, you do have the cutest girls in the world. xoxo.

  28. YOUR girls are second to Mine in beautifulness and wonderfulness - HOW did you KNOW????!!!! seriously, they are! now, that lightswitch cracked me up - totallly!!!!!!

  29. Hilarious! You must have a very interesting grandmother! Reminds me of my grandmother...she would have had something like this in her home too if she had ever seen one.

  30. I love your daughter's bookmark! I think she could have a career as a comedienne if not pro baseball!! And LOl at your grandmother and that switchplate! Where can I get one of those????

  31. I always love reading your post....I knew those weren't your teeth....yep..Asia I knew it! The light switch have to ask grandma if she will leave that to you .....I have to show it to Tom (he use to bowl and my son, bowls) they will love it!

    Girls yes, I have one and she actually resembles your girls, blonde and beautiful...right right!


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