June 23, 2009

A hero comes home and other tid bits.

Yesterday was my Cousin Chris’s Birthday. Maybe he is reading this right now?

And if he is…then that means he is back from Afghanistan after serving his first tour of duty!!!

Yeah for Chris, back home in the safety of Fort Hood, TX!!!!

If he is not reading this, then there were some delays and he will be back in TX soon!!!!

We are hoping to visit with him sometime this summer, either in GA (his home state) or in Florida.


We love you Chris and are so proud of you…and breathing a large **sigh of thanks** for your safe return!!!

**When the girls were little they overheard someone refer to Chris as Chris B. (his last initial)

So, for a while the girls called him: Crispy. Oh, how I miss the days of mispronouncing words.

Happy Belated Crispy.

And for your viewing pleasure, a shot snapped by my nephew in the car this weekend....
(2 hours, 5 teenagers, 2 dogs and lil' ol me)

Cocoa wanted on my lap…but settled for some kisses instead.

I know about the no-texting rule while driving, is there one about kissing your pup?


The games, well, they did not go so great this weekend. Not going to say anymore than that. :)

On Fathers day, Coach being a wise man took each opportunity to relax.

Read: coffee in bed, tivo'd UFC fighting and general lounging.

We picked up his Dad and had a nice big breakfast in the morning.

Do you think they are related? They even dressed alike.


That just cracked me up. And possibly scared me a bit too. :0

I hope everyone had a nice weekend too. Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. i hope you do have the chance to put your arms around crispy- soon! glad you let coach relax sunday... and that is a little scaryt hat he & his dad are matching there!!

  2. Welcome home and Happy Birthday to Chris. Your house is always so busy - cool!

  3. Welcome Home to your cousin, and tell him thanks for me for his service. Your pictures are so cute, and I think puppy kissing is so much better than texting. :)

  4. A happy birthday wish to Chris!
    Puppy smooching is ok while driving, by the way. That really tickled me seeing your husband and his dad dressed alike!

  5. Glad your cousin is back in the US nice and safe.

  6. awesome, Wes got his birkenstocks for dad's day, we had a great time

  7. Welcome home Chris! I bet he's back..a whole bunch recently got back here. There's a Comfort Inn across from the Spa on 190, and it's jammed packed with soldiers just back. Yeah, that's where they put them unless this is their home.

    Chris, are you at the Comfort Inn, Hampton Inn, Hooters? Yeah, they all make it to Hooters for wings of course.

    You would have to have perfect eyesight to be able to tell Coach and his father apart! Cocoa is adorable!

  8. Welcome Home to your cousin! Glad he is back safe and sound.

  9. Glad your cousin Chris is home safe!! Hope he gets to stay home for a while if not permanently!
    Lol at your hubby and his father dressing alike!

  10. I know your family is relieved to have Crispy back home, safe and sound. Thank him for me!

  11. wohoo for chris' safe return!.. and did coach learn his "coaching" skills from his coach?

  12. Awwww!!! I don't know what to comment on first!

    I think the most important thing to say is that I am relieved and gratefuly that Crispy, in all his military HAWT-ness, is back safe and sound. Please give him a HUGE hug and an even BIGGER smooch of gratitude from me and my family.

    I love that Cocoa gets to ride shotgun. You go girl! She is a total doll and all your animal pictures make me want to crawl through and smush them with love (not counting the snakes though).

    Coach is a delectable riot and I'm sorry to hear about the no good games. :-( I love sports and it sucks not to get every single game. Next time!

    Happy Tuesday to you too!

  13. Yea!! for "Crispy's" return and Happy Birthday! Please be sure to thank him for his service :)

    I love how Coach and his dad are dressed alike. That's too funny. Good to hear he had a relaxing day.

  14. They are too cute dressed alike.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  15. It would be even funnier if they didn't plan the dress code, LOL!

    Um, it was planned, yes? :-o

    Awefully cute doggy pic and may I just say that you have great legs, lady. Like, HOT!!


  16. Happy Birthday to Chris! I think I have been reading your blog for one year because I think I wished him Happy Birthday last year. Is that possible? Or maybe it was Merry Christmas? Anyway, tell him I say "thank you" for his service.
    Also, kissing you dog while driving is a requirement.

  17. I'm sure the family is relieved that your cousin is on his way home. Texting is stressful. Kissing pups is relaxing. Definitely allowed.

  18. Thanks Crispy! (or can only family members call you that??)

    And love your haircut, at least what I could see of it past the doggy :)

  19. Happy birthday Chris!
    As far as kissing your dog in the car - hmmmm.....

    Wait, did I just see an x-ray of teeth out of the corner of my eye on your next post??? Must go and check that out now! :)

  20. Lots of good news for your family this weekend (on the non-softball front)--yay for Crispy's safe return.

  21. I'm very happy that Chris is safely at home. Please thank him for his service to all of us. I love the picture of you and Cocoa.


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