May 21, 2009

A View to a Kill.

Do ya’ll remember that James Bond movie from the 80’s? All I remember was it was set in Paris and Duran Duran sang the theme song. I only watched it for the song. I suppose I could have just closed my eyes…

I mentioned a while ago that Coach and I were plotting a plan (or planning a plot?) to block our neighbors property behind us. They are nice neighbors, but they are starting to collect some crap at the back of their property, which is visible to ME!

Here are the views we are giving him:


And here is the view he is giving US!!! NOT FAIR.


So we are being pro-active before it gets much worse. We purchased 20 baby crape myrtle trees. They are so darn cute. And no, I will won’t name them all.

They will help become our barrier!!!

Pretty and low maintenance. Lord knows, I don’t need anymore hedges to trim…


Speaking of trees… good blogger friend Karen(Gberger) was telling me that when they built their home any of the trees that had to be cut down were milled & reused INSIDE the home as framing, trim and flooring. Stuff like this makes me so happy!!!

When we built our house, I think they took down just a few palm trees, never thought to do anything with them…suppose we could have made some grass skirts out of the fronds???

But when we put on our addition in 2003, we had to cut down a nice OLD cypress tree…we were really a bit distraught about this…but I never thought to do anything with the tree. Now I am thinking, side tables, some art work etc….

Happy Thursday!!


  1. I think you should name the trees : ) I mean, seriously, how hard would it be to name 20 trees? : )

  2. Wow... I'd like you as a neighbor! Sadly we have neighbors like yours. ugh. Crepe Myrtles are pretty, but do they grow quickly? A popular one around here are red tipped photinias and they shoot up very fast. Not as fancy as the myrtles and they don't have blooms. You'll have to show pics when you get all of them in the ground. : ) So we can admire your sweat equity... some more!

  3. I name everything!
    The crepe myrtles will be wonderful and are pretty quick growing. We do have trouble with the Japanese Beetles eating the leaves here though. What color (s) did you purchase?

  4. Yeah, name the trees! Barky, Leafy, Rooty, Woody, Twiggy, Trunky, Branchy, Bloomy, Hedgy, Flowery, Bushy, Seedy, Stemy, Sticky, Limby, Loggy, Beamy, Planty, Buddy, and Timbery.

    Well, I gotta make like a tree and leaf. Have a good day.

  5. Ooooooh, your crape myrtles are going to be sooooo gorgeous all lined up in a row. Myrtle 1, Myrtle 2, Sleepy Myrtle, Goofy Myrtle, Grumpy Myrtle, etc...I've just named your trees. I used to have a science teacher named Myrtle Peterson. She was nice. :-)

    Let me just say this for the record. If Florida sun and soil is anything like southern California's (and I believe it is more fertile and lush in Florida), then your trees are going to grow like GANGBUSTERS. Trust me. I've been gardening for a loooong time. The estimations on the little tags are for "average" growing seasons and environments. YOUR house is not average, and neither are you. So, given the TLC they will receive in your soil and from YOU, ya better watch out and make sure you space 'em out wide enough. Then stand back!

    Oh, here's another one: Fertile Myrtle.

    Happy planting!

  6. So glad that you liked our "green" idea. It gives the house an organic, integrated history, and since I love old trees (& was unhappy to have to cut them), it makes me feel better that they are still here, living in a new form.
    I forgot to mention that our kitchen table and benches were made by a master craftsman from Japan, who uses super-old-growth trees to make furniture, tea houses and temples. He's famous in Japan (I think - he travels and teaches this art), and he makes all of these things without nails or sandpaper; uses only wood joinery and planes to finish the surfaces. (Have I lost you? I'll bet Coach & his peeps would love this guy.) Anyway, he calls the logs that he uses "grandfather" and "great-grandfather." I loved hearing that! *Respect!*

  7. I love crape myrtles. We have two of them and they grow really fast. Don't you wish everyone took as much (or even 1/2 as much) pride in their own yard as you do in yours? Our neighbor behind us, used to be like yours. The Salesman just kept giving him advice on how to improve his lawn and I think he finally got the hint. Now if he would just purchase a weedeater

  8. We built a "barn" on that side to block the view of our unsightly neighbors. Maybe :) you could suggest they "recycle" some of that junk for money (think that might motivate them?). I haven't named any of my plants but... I have names for some of my neighbors ;)

  9. My closest neighbor is 1/2 mile the crow flies! Unfortunately, I can still see the skinnin' shed across the BIG field. GAH!

    You are going to LOVE your crepe myrtles! Ours started out as twigs, and are, as we speak, outside blowing in the wind!!! Beautiful!!!

  10. I've been visiting your blog for quite some time now; I don't think you'd have a bit of problem naming only 20 crepe myrtle trees. They should make an effective and beautiful screen.

  11. Crap blocking gates are good. They keep neighbors friendly :)

  12. i think that's been a florida thing for long as i can remember - - nice house, mobile home, nice house, dump, nice house, mobile home!!

  13. whose diggin' the holes for all these trees bee?

  14. Can trees be dug up and replanted elsewhere? Or does that kill them...

    Curious moi wants to know! OK I'll just google it and quit being lazy.

    Your neighbor probably lives in filth... the outsides often reflect the insides. Your place is impeccable! Can I come eat off your floors? LOL

  15. Hi Suz, Glad you are being proactive.... Hope he doesn't make a BIGGER mess before those little crape myrtles grow!!!!! Are you all not allowed to have wooden privacy fences down there??? We are not allowed to have them here---but my son's home in Texas has them.

    Why don't you name each of those trees????? You could name them after US, your favorite bloggers!!!!! ha ha


  16. I love crape myrtles - especially the deep pink color!!

  17. I would name those trees after the first 20 letters of the alphabet!

    And...what is that pile of stuff falling over in your neighbor's yard?...aside from ugly! Good choice on the trees!

    Happy FRIDAY!

  18. Suz, you have such a beautiful home! We're kinda in the same boat as you, our neighbors could give a crap less what their yard looks like. It's frustrating to say the least. Well I wish you luck in your planting and can't wait to be the after pic. Have a great weekend.


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