May 27, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket….

I can’t remember how the rest of that goes…something about a basket. Or is it a basket case?

I had issues falling asleep last night and I ended up watching the most recent episode of Jon & Kate plus 8. I have a bad feeling about this marriage now…..I think he has done the unforgivable (In my opinion)and I think this time next year the show will be:

Jon; trying to raise money for alimony and 8 child support payments a month.

imageYeah, they are not happy campers. I always thought she was bossy to him, but I find him to be a meek guy and she has a strong personality. But hey, they were most likely the same people BEFORE they got married. You know what you are getting into…don’t blame your actions on your wife bossing you around. Gosh, he makes me want to shank him.

Oh, just kidding. Domestic violence is not good. Unless of course HE deserves it. :)

Then I watched part of Oprah with Dr. Oz. Why did I do this before bed?

Thanks to Dr. Oz…I could barely sleep for worry over my colon. I kept waking up wondering if I am getting enough fiber to move my stuff along without getting cancer. I never knew fiber was so important. **I am eating metamucil right now. Seems it would be better if dissolved in water though….very dry….**

I have planted 10 of our baby Crape Myrtle trees already. I would have more in the ground but I ran out of good dirt. Thank goodness I got the golf cart back yesterday, it makes the trips around the yard so much easier…aside from Cocoa who barks at me incessantly as I cruise around.

The neighbors must be getting tired of hearing me say: “I am going to rip out your vocal cords!!!” There is nothing more annoying than a barking dog. This is one of the qualities I have loved about boxers, they don’t bark much. But Cocoa feels the need to bark at the golf cart, my bicycle, the kids skate boards and roller blades. Where is that ‘dog remote control’ anyway with the MUTE button????

It is hot as heck already.

Yesterday it was 90 degrees at 7:30 pm. I always wonder at times like that, or this morning when I was drenched at 9 am, what would it be like to live in Alaska? Even just for their summer? Does their skin feel like it is melting off their body when they take out the garbage?

3 1/2 days of school left. You would think my girls would be happy. NOPE. They will miss their friends. I have tried to stress to them how much quality time WE will have together over the summer, but that only makes them more sad. Should I be offended? Nah.

That is all the excitement happening in my neck of the woods. How about YOU?


  1. I watched the Jon and Kate show as well. Rumor has it that she has had a fling going on with her body guard. Hmmmmmm. I really feel for the kids though, they are the ones who will suffer through this. Hey, maybe, just maybe, those two will right their wrongs and work it out after all. Just for the record, I think she is a very controlling and mean spirited person and I think it has gotten worse over the years. He might not have bargained for that.... just my opinion.

  2. Come to Tennessee... It's only 71 right now!!! We did get a little rain this morning--but the sun is out now. We don't have to run the AC at all up here on the plateau --except in August when it can really get hot here too.

    I refuse to watch Jon and Kate--not only because I despise most reality shows, but because this one is a train-wreck in the making. I feel sorry for the kids.

    Funny about your DRY Metamucil!!!!!! ha ha ha... Or should I say GAG!!!!

    Not much exciting today. We went grocery shopping... So much fun!!! ha ha

    Have a wonderful day.

  3. I've never watched that show, I always felt I would be stressed just watching. But now that they are all over the place, I know their business. Hope it all works out for them. I can't imagine 8 kids, yikes. I stress out just with my 2 boys.
    90 degrees, yikes, and you guys have that dreadful humidity, right? I do love summer weather, but not too hot, the 80s are good for me and it's dry too. I've never been to Florida, but my husband is from PA and I've been there in summer and they have humid heat and all those pesky bugs too. I can't even be outside without constantly flailing my hands all over the place And they tell me it's worse in Florida. Is it true? My kids want to visit to see the Nickolodean Hotel and of course Disney World.
    And thanks for your kind words on my blog. I have a bit of OCD, can you tell, hee hee.

  4. Comment Number TWO:

    I forgot to say that one thing that I cannot stand is barking, yappy dogs. Someone who lives across the golf course from us has two little poodles.. They stay on the back porch and bark and bark and bark... Drives all of us crazy. I think someone reported the woman because I don't hear them as much now as I used to.

    IF I ever get another dog, it will be a small dog, short-haired, and a non-barker. Wonder if there is a dog like that??????


  5. I love your Metamu bit...very funny.
    I think there is something with some dogs and THINGS WITH WHEELS. I don't get it; my brain clearly does not have a "dog channel." I had no idea that dog owners hated that sound of barking as much as the rest of us.
    Maybe Jon minus Kate minus 8 = there goes all the money from your home-invasive TV show. Didn't anyone think about this before they put their lives on TV? Now, maybe the Super-Nanny came come in & tell the adults where they went wrong ("you've been very naughty," etc.).
    It's barely in the high 60s here...maybe it's time to take a vacation to the north!

  6. I watch Jon & Kate and agree with you. I could fill up your whole comment section with my opinions about them - but I won't:) Did you decide to name the trees yet? And if you find the remote can I borrow it for awhile?

  7. You have a lovely blog. I haven't watched Jon and Kate so I can't really comment other than to say - sounds like they are experiencing a lot of stress due to the media. Did I hear that Jon was unfaithful or both of them? Oh well - I hear ya about the barking dog. My "Buddy" barks at everything too. Becca

  8. i have only caught the show a few times... however tlc played it all weekend... i mean ALL! i thinkthey ever did aways with the infomercials so they could cash in on j&k. i'd rather cash in on cash cab :)
    anyway... laura probably feels like the girls do about school. cam can't even stand the thought of the few days they have left. of course, he's been counting since christmas. but your girls should not be complaining! you are the nice mom who lets friends come over all the time!

  9. OH our little family loves or should I say loved watching Jon and Kate. That episode was painful. I wish they would take a break and either work things out..for themselves and then the kids. Or not. This show is not going to work without them both.
    AND only 3 1/2 more days of school! My kids still have 5 weeks. I'm Jealous!

  10. I used to be a big J&k+8 fan. But no more. I had had it before this big broo-haha hit the stands though. She is awful. The kids act horridly horrid (is that a Kate word? lol) I wonder where they get it? And she's ugly to everybody she's around and he needs to do something.. I can't decide what! I watched reruns of Andy Griffith show and I think I made the better choice. : )

    We almost went out to play this afternoon, but its sort of muddy. It's a perfect spring day here though. It rained last night and it's just 77 today! (its been warmer here too)

    Maybe you need the Dog Whisperer to come whisper to your dogs and tell them to "sh-sh-shut it!" LOL

  11. I have not watched the show but I know about barking dogs - our neighbros two goldens (that might as well be mine) bark at anything with wheels. Our trash can, dog stroller, wheel's so funny! They weigh about 100 lbs. each but they are such scaredy cats about wheels!

    I know your crape myrtle screen will be beautiful. You know my motto: "Never enough dirt of mulch!"

  12. That Dr. Oz has us all thinking about poo!

    Wait until you hit menopause. Skin melting off your body doesn't even begin to decribe it!

    Barking dogs...Have you tried using a spray bottle with 2/3 water and 1/3 vinegar? Have one of the girls spray the dog in the nose every time it barks at the golf cart. The vinegar doesn't hurt them but the smell is unpleasant for them.

  13. I think any woman with 8 kids under the age of 5 would be slightly bossy.

    With all the publicity, I don't really think their marriage stands a chance.

  14. It sounds as if Cocoa wants you to get your exercise by walking instead of driving a golf cart -- she really has your best interest at heart.

  15. I was REALLY disturbed by Jon and Kate this week. I think they should end their show and work on things!
    sandy toe

  16. Hello Busy Bee:

    I have been a busy bee myself, catching up on blog reading.

    Jon and Kate...I am so disappointed. I believe that the two split and none of us knew it. I believe that the two of them have been separated and the paparatizi spilled the beans before they did........I think they thought they would make it look like they where still together for the show and when they thought the cameras where off they where doing there own thing, Jon with a 23 year old and her with one of her sercurity....! The rating have never been higher so they are going along with the whole bullshit sob story...Money that green stuff will do it is why this countrys in trouble.

    Anywho as for pears, red peppers and All Bran yogurt bites or strawberry medley will clean your colon out for sure. Take the ten day challenge.

    Speaking of reality shows and bowels.
    The Duggars family with the 18 kids....did you watch it....they made green eggs, pancakes, syrup, and so forth for St. Patricks day and the kids where all pooping green...guess they didn't think about it.

    A low fat diet will help ward off cancer.

    What many of us don't think of, well I think woman like you and I do.

    Ponder have an immune system ..correct....if we put things into our bodies that are foreign for example - pesticides our bodies immune system go into the attack mode...if you have fibro, diabetes, lupus, food allergies, intolerances, a cold your body is slower at attacking the substance, the substance now does all kinds of things, it attacks health cells....did you know this that these substance get into the dna in your cell....then it turns into cancer.........(short explanation).

    I have made it my mission to care about what I put into my body, and the type of products I bring into my home.
    We didn't have all these things growing up, I swear they have more frebreeze type products than you can shake a stick at, they are not good for you to breath in nor your pets.....!

    I wash my food and peel things fruits and vegetable that are thin skin.

    Eat things like salmon, nuts, vegetable loaded with vitamin C, beans are fiber, and so on.

    Soy I don't believe in eating alot of but I do consume 2 ounces per day by way of yogurt fruit smoothy and it has stopped my hot flashes. I was an unbeliever but open to trying it and it worked. Your still a bit young but I had a hysto at 35 so I have had the grand tour of peri-menopause and now I am just plain old menopausal...hopefully I am almost done with this.
    Everyone experiencing it differently.

    wow am I long winded this evening, hows that a comment turned email.
    gloria in boston

  17. a day in the life of bee!!.. now that is TRUE reality t.v.!! good stuff!

  18. Me, I don't watch that stuff. And as far as my life is concerned, with the exception of 90 degrees before 7:30am, I wouldn't mind doing some basking around there, just me and Kathy.

    Heck, I remember when you were on Facebook a few months ago complaining about the cold. Of course where I was, it was 3 below 0 and I couldn't muster up too much sympathy.

    Exciting thing in my life is I stubbed my toe this morning and had the toenail ripped off later.

  19. 90 degrees + humidity = me lounging on a float in the pool!

  20. I've only watched Jon, Kate and their million kids a couple times- she seems a little shrill but now escuse for her wimpy husband to cheat!
    Lol on the COLON thing! I was watching an infomercial on a colon I"m not saying I'm going to do it....but I have given it some serious consideration! LOL! Here's to clean colons! Cheers!

  21. Oh I can't stand that show, never seen so many screaming, crying out of control children! She's nasty, he has no balls and wow, how I would hate to be them... WTH were they thinking?

    I love TV, easy to switch to another show :-D

    As for barking doggies... well akitas are the silent type but when I do come across barkers I think "citronella collar"!

    Bark! *squirt* Bark! *squirt* ---- silence :-D

  22. I never watch that show either and I'm not planning on starting Those kids should be removed at this point. It is horrible to see this play out on screen. I mean, they're not going to young forever.

    P,S. RULE NUMBER 1: NEVER watch anything about medicine after 4pm.

  23. I don't watch J&K+8 and yet somehow I still know all about this. Seems like a bad situation.

    I miss that kind of heat! That's how South Texas is, too. It's been raining here for days and days and what I wouldn't give for a little sunshine.

  24. I've always thought that if Jon hit Kate the way she does him, he would have been charged with domestic violence. The poor kids.

  25. Does Cocoa try to bite your tires on the golf cart? That's a whole bunch of trees you are planting. Good dirt? There's such a thing?

  26. Kaishon is the complete opposite! It can't come soon enough. We have 3 more weeks!

    I don'g know how I feel about Jon and Kate. I don't like bossy people that much. I really don't think he cheated though. I could be wrong though. I would NOT bet my life on it.

  27. send the heat up here to San Fran Cisco please- I have had to buy a fleece today ( here on holiday). What happened to the Californian sunshine??????????????

  28. I think it's Jon's fault - because....well..he's a man! :) Yes, she is bossy - but it seemed to me like he decided 8 kids was too MUCH RESPONSIBILITY. Go figure!

    I really feel bad for them - well, mainly just her - and I was thinking they should sit down together and watch FIREPROOF! :)


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