May 16, 2009

The things we do for love, and to avoid ‘wharf breath.’

IT is a full part time job taking care of our house creatures.

We love our animals and they have a good life here. Spoiled really.

I try very hard to NOT do all the animal chores myself. I save some fun stuff for the kids… Like scooping the cat poop. Hey, it is good training if someone would be interested in archeology one day.

The girls have always done a good job with the dogs. They run them. They bathe them. They feed them. Let In. Let out. Done.

Our newest task? Ozzie and his oral hygiene.

The boy has WHARF BREATH! Seriously bad.

Bless his heart. Bless our noses.

I have brushed his teeth for him and he does really well. Such a sweetie.

His breath has just gotten to be so bad, I think I see the turkey vultures in the yard looking for the ‘dead animal’ that is attracting that smell.

MY our new rule: Ozzie must have his teeth brushed DAILY.

We are to take turns. It only takes a few minutes, really. But you would think that I asked my girls to retile the roof for me.


I gave a full tutorial the other night. A lesson if you will.

First brush with a bit of toothpaste with your sisters HIS toothbrush.

Then take a damp rag and wipe down his gums really well.

He does not mind this kind of attention at all. Any attention is good attention. That is what he always says to me.

Last night was Lindsay’s first shift. She did good. Ozzie did great.

Cocoa is wondering why she is not getting the same attention. Thinking that possibly Linds is shoving cookies into Ozzies mouth? Jealous much?

What will we be doing next?

Well there has been mention of a hot stone massage or possibly botox.


Anonymous said...

Ozzie looks very cooperative. Harriet fights us when we try to brush her teeth. We even tried the beef flavored doggy toothpaste on her. Not only did she not like it but the smell of the paste was terrible!

deedee said...

Your dogs are such cuties... but I don't know about sticking hands in their mouths. Lately at our house, Bandit (my rotty) has been cleaning the cat box :(

Unknown said...

Who knew.... I would have never thought about brushing a pets teeth. It makes sense though. Oh yes it does.

Stephanie said...

Does this really work? Clearly the bad breath doggy bones are not making a dent in my pups monster breath!

Tins and Treasures said...

Isn't it funny what we'll do for our pets?! I have a friend who's husband does actually share his toothbrush with his dog. He will be brushing his teeth, the dog is sitting by watching, so he sticks the toothbrush in the dogs mouth, then back in his own...hmmm...

Unknown said...

How sweet is Ozzie....and the girls.

Maybe brush and wipe down his gums with a solution of water and baking soda

Unknown said...

I know you are gonna give me for being so dang GREEN!!

M said... dog's mouth doesn't's the other end...those doggie farts that do! Not sure what to do about that?!

Jason, as himself said...

I thought for sure this was about people who love fish.

George said...

I'd say Cocoa definitely feels that she is being left out of something good! I hope your daughters keep up with their chores longer than my children did!

Technodoll said...

awe, give the poor girl some yummy toothpaste toooo! LOL

I hate brushing my dogs' teeth so they get plenty of raw bones, call it "self-brushing activity"!

I'm lucky that they only have bad breath on occasion, if they have upset tummies (usually on the rare kibble night). But oh the farts... can't avoid the farts.

Is there a special brush for that??

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Poor Cocoa... She's being ignored!!!!! Maybe you need to give her a couple of extra treats!!!!

Has the vet checked Ozzie???? He could have some gum disease (or something) that can't be fixed by just brushing... Check it out.

Have a great Sunday.

Rebecca Foster said...

It's so interesting to me that animals feel jealousy, which I really believe they do. We had two little goats and one still had to be bottle fed, and the other goat would get so jealous of the bottle she'd try to knock it out of our hand.

Boxers are such fun dogs, I can totally see Cocoa getting jealous. And my friend's boxer is also named Cocoa, but spells it CoCo, like Chanel.

Anonymous said...

Your daughters are great! My eight year old son keeps asking for a dog, but that kid can't even keep his room clean or himself clean. There is no way he can take of a dog. Maybe in a couple of years.
ooooh, bad doggie breath... I can't imagine.

Najia said...

Ozzie is perfection. PERFECTION. When we have tried to brush ANY of our dogs' teeth, all they try to is eat the tooth brush. Sheesh. Thank goodness Goldens are known for their pleasant breath (relatively speaking, of course) otherwise we'd be in trouble.

And how PERFECT are your girls for making sure their puppies are taken care of. You done good Suz Mama! You done good with your babies, the 2-legged AND the 4-legged!

Happy Sunday to you sweet young lady!

Pat Jenkins said...

goodness bee i imagine it is hard enough to get the kids to brush their teeth once a day let alone ozzie's... he he...

Laurie Brandriet Keller said...

Total cuteness!!! Have you seen the sifting litter liners ? Just in case you get the job back they are wonderful. They retain the clumps and the dry litter sifts through. All in a days chores ! xoxo.

Shelley said...

Tell the truth - do you give your dogs manicures too?! :-0 (Because I give them to my cat....nothing wrong with that right?)

Jen said...

A mother's work is never done.
do you use dog toothpaste? or crest?

74WIXYgrad said...

Too bad they don't make doggie Altoids. And tell the girls that at least they don't have to floss Ozzie. Come to think of it, with a name like Ozzie, he may have bat breath.

musingwoman said...

Looks like Ozzie is a real sport about it!

Unknown said...

I love that they are willing to brush his teeth & gums. You are a good tutor and motivator, obviously! (This may have an added payoff in your senior years...who knows? If they are that good to the dogs, think about how nice they will be to you & Coach, especially as you won't have wharf-breath!) Good work, Suz.