May 08, 2009

TGIF, Mama's Day and I am Done with playing in the DIRT!!!!

Maybe. Sorta.
I finished another bed yesterday....And a little bit of loose ends this morning.
I won't post pictures cause I am starting to bore even myself... There is one more area I have my eye on, but I am going to try really really hard not to mess with it. At least until the fall. We'll see.
I need Gardeners Anonymous. Or maybe a paying job. Or a crisis.
No, scratch that crisis part.

We just ordered 20 small crape myrtle trees.... mail order. How weird is that?
I have been hatching a plan to block my neighbor behind us. His 2.5 acres backs up to our 2.5 acres. And lately, he has been collecting some crap at the back of his property. Which is becoming an eyesore for me! Hopefully the trees will help. They are fast growing and still, will take a few years, but time is on my side..isn't it? The rolling stones think so.

I added another Cafe' for my birds. They seem to like it, but I have yet to see a thank you note anywhere...hello?? manners???
And to think I was contemplating getting a nice bird bath for them....well, I still might anyway. Sucker.

I brought home the feeder and a 20lb bag of bird seed the other night. I left them in the driveway with my bags of mulch and some new plants. (BTW: I've spread 97 bags of mulch. Oh, my back!) Cocoa and Ozzie were running around the yard and would not come in this particular night...I knew something was up. I found the devil dogs. They Cocoa drug that 20lb bag of bird seed about 40 feet into the grass and were trying to eat it!!!

Guilty as CHARGED!!! Beatings for everyone!!!!

I feel like I have been working my butt off....but lo and behold each time I look in the mirror that butt is still there.....just mocking me!!

I actually weighed myself and it appears I have lost 2lbs. But then again, that was before lunch. **Oh, snap**

Why do yo suppose that with 2 1/2 acres of nice grass and clean concrete he insists on laying in the moist dirt where I am working????? OZZIE!!!!
Shortly after I took this picture I found out the hard way that both my camera and cell phone are waterproof!!!

**mental note: make sure electronic items are moved away from sprinklers**

The post I wrote yesterday with people getting things, you folks have silly families just like Moi!!

I think we should combine all our freak accidents and make a new show:

"I got this stuck here."

Does anyone have the number to NBC? ABC? Fox?


Ahhhh Mother's Day last a day for me to be spoiled rotten.

Ok, so I have the rotten part down, now ON with the SPOILING!!! :)

Not sure what we are doing. Coach has asked me few times what I want to do....I never know!! Maybe brunch? A movie? Someone else finishing up the yard work??? hmmmm.... He told me he had a gift in mind for me, but it would be something I could NOT return if I did not like it....I am thinking it may be an adopted orphan from Africa.

But you can return those, can't you? If you have a receipt?

I am going today to have a massage. Finally. I have been putting it off like a gyno appointment. Not sure why...I have a gift certificate from my love from Valentines day.....2008!!!! I am lucky the place is still in business.

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Have a nice Mother's day with yourself or your Mom or your hairy pet.

(If you have a hairless pet, I feel for you)

I love you Mom!!!

I wish for everyone a pleasant weekend with family, fun and a little bit of spoiling of yourself!!!


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you, too, my friend! Enjoy that massage. I'm sure your landscaping-obsessed body could use it!

  2. Happy Mother's Day!

    I LOVE massages! Since 2008? Wow, mine last about 2 days. :) Hope you enjoy it!

    Of course he wanted to be right where you are! He sounds so personable and lovable. It's fun to hear what you are doing in your yard, it sounds like my grandparent's yard, they had so many flower beds and trees and little spots for animals. Grandma even courted squirrels for us. Ah, memories.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. yea, those hairless pets are kinda scary...

    Happy mother's day to you!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you get spoiled rotten, you deserve it.

  4. Wow...girl you have been working HARD. I'm glad you've gotten it all done. I'm sure your yard looks great. You deserve a break, so enjoy that massage! (and if you get bored, you can ask her if she ever got a bean stuck up her nose when she was a kid!) LOL

  5. LOL I read too fast and saw "today I am getting a massage from my gyno" - I almost choked on my coffee!

    The alternative is much nicer. Hope you enjoy your special weekend! :-)

  6. Boy you are a gardening machine! At least you are getting it done before the heat of summer.

    what would happen if the dogs ate that bird feed?

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  7. I'm just getting started on my yard work--too busy with school before. My mother's day present--or at least one--will be real help with no complaining or malingering. The husband's great, but the kids . . .!

  8. Happy Mother's Day, and have a wonderful massage! I get a little nervous about someone touching me, but then when I go, I forget all about those worries at the first rub :)

  9. I thought of you yesterday when I bought my one bag of mulch for the front yard. I can't put mulch in the backyard. Bandit eats it! Your dogs don't eat the mulch?? Your dogs could at least help you spread it around :)

  10. I have to laugh b/c I am so the opposite of a gardening person. I finally bought a planter and some plants for my kid. It took us five minutes to do it and now I tell her it's like her pet and she must care for them. Happy Mother's Day my friend

  11. Woman, you are just a flurry of activity. I'm wore out after reading your posts. You definitely need to sit down and R&R it this weekend. Have a fantabulous mother's day and I want details on the massage experience.

  12. Happy Mother's Day Suz.
    I guess Coach isn't getting your gift from
    WalMart-cause you can always take things back there.

  13. My big white dog lays in the one patch of mud in our whole yard. They are evil.

  14. Just be glad your dogs were eating bird seed, and NOT something the cat killed in the field the night before. Just sayin'...

    I've never had a massage. Let me know how it goes, umK?

    Happy Mother's Day!!

  15. Wishing you a great Mother's Day Suzanne!

  16. Honestly, woman! You're like a robot or something. Do you ever stop??! Cut it out. You're making the rest of us look bad! ;O)

    I gave you an award. Come on by and pick it up.

  17. you are soo sweet & seem like the funnest (hehe) MOM!! :)

  18. I have a gift certificate for a full body massage that my boys and husband gave three years. I still haven't used it; what's wrong with me. I just don't make time for myself :(
    Hope you have a great day!
    And those naughty dogs, did they eat the stuff?

  19. Oh my God, where is MY COMMENT????!

    I left a looooong comment about dogs, dirt, "ODB", Mother's DAy, you name it. Plus I said thanks for being you Sue! (That rhymed.)

    Is not approved? I think I may have dropped an F bomb or 2. I'm known for a slightly potty mouth. Was that it?


  20. i meant, "gave me three years ago." on previous post.

  21. Happy Mother's Day! You so deserve that massage!

  22. thank you all for your funny comments and your well wishes. The massage was good. I will post on it later...cause it was with a MAN. And NOT a gay man either. ugghhhh.

    KBL: I did not delete any comments, I never have before....but maybe karma did knowing my girls read all the comments too??? Not sure what happened. what is ODB?

  23. Happy Mama's Day! I just emailed you a cute little e-video for Mommy's Day. You will LOL - guaranteed! :)

    Take 48 hours and CEASE the yardwork! Let Coach and your beautiful daughters spoil you this weekend! Enjoy and RELAX!


  24. You just make me laugh girl. Have a super duper Mother's Day!

  25. I cannot believe all those bags of mulch you spread! I start crying after 2 bags! You definitely need to take advantage of a massage!

  26. Jeez when I leave the bird seed out the raccoons get it! That is too funny that your dogs like it!!

    97 bags of mulch?! Go girl!!

    Happy Mom's Day!!

  27. I hope you enjoyed your massage...that is a real GIFT.
    The bird feeder: do you find that the seed attracts CREATURES, other than birds? We were given a feeder as a gift, and we thought it was a great idea...the kids would watch birds, etc. But instead, it attracted RATS! I found one in the basement...EEEeeeew. So that's the end of bird feeders here. So sad. The rat story is too gross (but we got him).
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day! XO

  28. Suz! Why in good heavens would you put off a massage? Seriously?

    Your butt looks small every time I see it. I am sure it is getting even smaller : ). Not that it needs to get smaller!

    I hope you do get the orphan from Africa. That would make my day! my week! my year!

  29. And it would definitely give you blog talk.... : )

  30. My dog insists on laying in the dirt too. I think they are intentionally sticking it to us.


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