May 11, 2009

R is for….

A ridiculous amount of words.

Really, the R’s are readily rampant.

My favorite R’s are:

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. DSCN5430

You recognized that I repeatedly reported this, recently and resoundingly.


What could be reason to romp? ONE recycle bin!!

Even better? TWO recycle bins. I was rejoicing when I received #2!!

Refrain from rousing me. Really.

Lo was throwing out R words for me as I typed this…and my retinas were really racing……

Why not start a revolution; a rift. Are you a ringleader in your own revolution?

Rejoice at the resounding affect you have on your reputation. A roast for rising real roadblocks, readily reserving only really radical reasons to react raunchy, randy or rad.

I thought of my really young residents, they can realistically become residents in retirement residencies, that is the reality of real life.What a RIP-off.

After review, I should rewrite. But I refuse. Refrain from ridicule. I am just being rowdy. Really rowdy, rebellious and rad. While I am not renown for my rants…this has been on reluctant reserve.

I am sure other people who completed the R words, have a much richer rhyme or rhetoric than moi. Go check them out at: A-Z mondays!


  1. I am in alliteration heaven right now.

  2. A very cute post! Love that you have the recycle bins.

  3. How was your Mother's day you RIDICULOULY rampant R word reporter... : )

  4. I am going to have to take away the letter "R" away from you...I'm sorry but I must...

  5. shellmo- yes! please take the letter R away from her!!!

    your rant was certainly ridiculous :)
    and you are the only person who has pictures of their recycle bins mixed in with your family photos. yes... i am SURE!

  6. LOL! I love reading your A to Z Monday posts. What will we do once it is over???!! ((GASP!))

    I know what you mean about needing 2 recycle bins. We had to get a 2nd one since we never have as much garbage as we do recycle.

    Hey, look! No cussing! No F bombs! I'm thorougly impressed with myself. I told myself to behave when I am in Da House of Sue. ;-)

  7. Rots of Ruck to you for ever topping another A-Z post with so many words starting the the letter of the week!
    Routstanding Job!!!
    u R a crazy person.

  8. OK, this is just not noRmal. I don't believe that are any other words that start with R that haven't been used here. Brilliant I tell you, brilliant.

  9. That almost gave me a headache, LOL!

    Really :-D

  10. had a Rip Roaring good time Running aRound with all the R's today!

    My Recycle bins are dinky compared to youRs. But we do fill R up. You would be so pRoud. I even Rinse out the icky stuff so I can Recycle it. :-D

  11. You get the "Most R's" award -and you weren't even Redundant! Or Ridiculous!

  12. Very good R words. You win for the most and the best.

    I knew you would do Recycle because you are the world Recycle Queen. I envy your dedication and advocacy. I'm a bit surprised that you only have two recycle bins! In the community that my son lives in, they have three that get picked up weekly. Paper, Plastic, Glass and of course other trash goes in a regular trash bin.

  13. What a great R post...I am jealous of your recycle bins! I have those small street bins and have to sort paper, cardboard, glass, tin, takes a lot of time. Oh! to just toss it in one bin that rolls up to the street...and not have to carry those bins. We do have compost recycle though...and that goes in the rolling green waste bin...Rejoice!!

  14. I think you were being Rambunctious when you Raced through this Rousing Report.

  15. Rockin' the R's - a good day here (good week) when we have more recyles than garbage. Which, come to think of it, is nearly every week. Woot who knew?

  16. Fer sure, you get the most r's award! I riked this post arot!

  17. Ok, those are great bins. Mine are puny little blue bins that the recycle guy manages to break every three months!

    ..and seriously, how much coffee did you drink to have enough energy and brain function to write a post with so many R's ? LOL

  18. i will have to agree with wixy!! you had the best "r" post!!!... don't let it go to your head!!

  19. I'm not sure how I got here, but I'm glad I did.
    Here in Japan, we have taken recycling to a whole new Nagasaki, we have 4 different garbage bags...and the 'gomi police' (trash police) look at bags and will return them to their "owners" if something is inside that shouldn't be.

    and in Japanese, LOL is ROR...which just makes me giggle!!


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