May 26, 2009

Say What?

Lo and I were discussing her new softball uniform pants, as she was trying them on…..

I think they are very LOW waisted, and she is complaining because they are ‘seriously’ close to her belly button. (and by serious, I mean they are ONLY an inch below. This seems to be a universal complaint with teenage girls.)

ME: You should have seen the pants I used to wear. High waisted…that was so in style for a while.

LO: I can only imagine……**bored out of her mind by my thoughts**

ME: You would never have made it through the 90’s.

LO: Sure I would, I just would not have worn pants.

ME: well, you would have been even more popular with the boys.


It was so much easier when she was little and fashion was not a thought on the field. ;)

2005…the good ol’ days.


Watching a commercial for the new Star Trek movie the other day spurred a thought for me:

Me to Linds: My brother and I had Star Trek Uniform PJ’s when we were kids.

Linds: you wore matching Star Trek PJ’s with your BROTHER? Were they made for boys or girls?

ME: I don’t know, what difference does it make?

Linds: **hysterically laughing**….I just can’t believe you wore those….that is just crazy.

Me: oh, yeah, coming from the girl who lived in Barney and Power Puff girl PJ’s.

Linds: That was different.


I had the yellow, Mark had the blue. In hindsight, they must have been made for boys.

**neither of us were trekkies either**

Oh, the horror of it all. It is a wonder I am not more of a mess. :)


  1. bee i would be "happy" she is concerned about showing too much!! concealment ain't a fashion statement seen much anymore!!!.... when you and your little girl friends had pajama parties what was the "opinion" of your trekkie outfit?

  2. Love the pjs...they look as though they were comfortable. But I'm not a big Star Trekkie. Mr. Shatner is awesome on "Boston Legal," though. =)

    Don't you love the way the kids a) think the old fashions are awful and b) fail to recognize that their clothes today are all derivatives of the "old" fashions of days gone by? Go back far enough (to the 70s) and you'll see the low-rise pants that they love now! My sister had them, and they were handed down to me.

  3. Where did you find that catalog photo? ha ha
    I look back at photos when I was kid and it is horribly embarrassing. That 70's fashion was horrid! I actually have a photo where my brother and I are wearing matching outfits (not pjs)...ugh! 70's print long sleeve shirt, vest and pants. Oh, the humiliation!

  4. I've had those same types of conversations with my daughter. Oh how she laughs hysterically at some of the things I had done or had worn, however, I have taken lots and lots of pictures of my precious little one only to be used against her with her own children. What comes around.........

  5. Pat, I think Lo was more worried that the pants were too high, not too low ;-)

    Suz, those pajamas are great! I don't think it mattered if they were boys or girls, they were still dorky as hell! ;-) Haha! You KNOW I'm just teasing you.

    By the way, "live long and prosper..."

  6. I remember wearing my older brother's hand-me-downs back in the day and not thinking anything of it. But, if I tried to put my stepdaughter in anything "boy", her head would spin and she'd do her very best exorcist impression.

  7. Dear God,

    PLEASE let there be photos of Suz and her brother in their Star Trek pajamas.

    Thank you.


  8. Wait til she's a mom and she'll be loving the high waisted pants once again!

    (Oh, that's just me??)

  9. Well---going back even more decades than yours, we ALL had some crazy ideas of what was popular and what was not. Kids today would never wear bobby socks and black and white shoes... We rolled our jeans up just below the knees. Yipes!!!! Some wore wide, white belts with their jeans!!!! OH---the memories!!!!

    When Lo is your age and talking to her daughter, she'll be saying what you are saying now --and her daughter will be turning up her nose!!!!!

    Ain't life great???????? ha

  10. Oh, the joys of raising teenage daughters: Been there, done that! Now I can sympathize with son Mark and try to convince him he will survive the teenage years of his two girls.

  11. I am still working out the issues from when my mother dressed me in courderoy bellbottoms.


  12. haha! i can just picture her being bored by your thoughts!! not that I am bored by them.. I just get that look a lot at my house too :)

    i bet you & your brother were pretty darn cute in your matching pj's! and i think you should tell Linds the were not made for either boys or girls, they were unisex... and if you put enough emphasison the latter part of the word maybe she will just run out of the room screaming?

  13. Star Trek GOOOD lord!!! Again with the star trek for goodness sakes it was a short lived tv series. we just got back from the drive thru and the girls have 2 of the most annoying star trek dolls. they keep saying the same thing. "ensin chekove bobble of the day vir ser" or something like that i don't even think it's in english, those things are going in the garbage after bed time tonight.

  14. LOL Those babies would be vintage now! I don't know how any of us survived the 70's OK or the 80's.

  15. I'm just glad there are not a lot of pictures of me floating around from the 1970's!!! Oh how the styles have changed.

  16. This post cracked me up and Big Hair Envy's comment made me spit out my tea! Hahahahahaha!

  17. I find myself starting sentences to my children ALL THE TIME with the phrase.... "Back when I was a kid......"

    EEK! I've become THAT PARENT!!!

  18. But you slept wonderfully in those jammies, didn't you! Ah, the pleasures of being so young that certain trivial things don't matter... well, only SOME things, LOL!

    As for the hipster sports pants - um. Reminder: when you bend over to catch a ball, the whole world can see your butt!!

  19. Those pjs look pretty unisex to me. Even if the uniforms were meant to be worn on their waist, they will pull them down to "where they belong". That's what my granddaughters basketball and volleyball teams do with their shorts.

  20. haha! I got such a kick out of this post. I had Underoos but never Star Trek pjs. If they can still be found, I have some nephews and nieces that would look so cute in them.

  21. That is so funny about pj's. My kids always had fun ones... but usually appropriate for their gender.. but come to think of it, we went through the Carter's years, and some of those are pretty generic.

    This generation gap at the navel is something else. I like mine below about an inch or so... but goodness, it's hard to even find that sometimes. If they're lower than that, it just feels funny. My dd likes hers lower, but not the lowest we can find. Even she has her limits.

    Kids today care more about how they look than we did when I was growing up. Most of my friends were happy to wear jeans and a tshirt. Come to think of it, that still works for me! But I'm sure they came ABOVE the belly button!

  22. Those high-waisted pants should never have been invented. Made my short legs and short body look even shorter!!

  23. I bet you rocked those pajamas! They sound adorabble : ). Kids are so funny! I can't believe she thought they were high waisted. I cry when my pants DON'T come over my belly button now... who wants fat flopping around all day? WHAT?

  24. LOL on the Trekkie pjs!! maybe they'll have some new ones coming out since they've released a new movie....hmmm.....just saying....

  25. I just need my pants to at least go a little over the fat roll! I have three boys to thank for that one!

    Seriously, where did you find that picture of your pj's? Too funny!

  26. You and your daughters are like sit com characters. LOL!

  27. My next-door neighbor takes pj's as loungewear seriously. He's not home from school for 5 minutes before he's rocking the pj's. I'll snap a pic if Star Trek ones make an appearance!

    I remember being awfully fond of my Holly Hobbie nightie.

  28. Nooooo!! You had to mention Barney. And just when I thought I had that song out of my head!

  29. That was an absolutely wonderful post. Thanks for the smiles today :)

  30. I can't wait until my daughter is a teenager. Only for these funny reasons. No other!!

    The Star Trek pj's are a kick. I dress my daughter in what appear to be boy pj's too. I think it's cute when all 3 of them match. I'm sure they won't think so when they get older. I always hated when my mom dressed my sister and me alike. You'd think I would have learned!

    Much love from NJ,


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