May 18, 2009

S is for….

The TWO activities that I already will look back on as the biggest memory makers for Lo and Lindsay’s formative years:

Scouts and Softball.

I was Lauren’s scout leader from 1st grade to 7th grade. Some of the girls I led in my troop have already graduated high school!!! They make me feel old when I see them out and about, driving and working!!!

We had many great learning and fun experiences. The girls did try to drive me crazy at times, but I am starting to forget that part!!! At one point, I had 21 girls in my troop.

Camping. Swimming. Field trips. Camping. Parties. Sleepovers. Camping. Swimming with dolphins, petting stingrays & penguins. Sleeping with next to beluga whales. Fashion shows. Visiting nursing homes. Pen pals. Canoeing. Parades. Cooking. Baking. Camping.

DSCN0356 DSCN0850DSC00521

Lindsay & Lauren111_1151120_2057

Lots of good memories.

Lindsay is still involved with her scout troop today!!! I declined to lead two troops at one time, in hindsight I wish I had, as Lindsay’s troop is not as active as the one I led. It is harder once the girls start middle school to keep them active w/ scouts…it is not always the cool thing to do, but LInds does not want to stop. She is hoping to achieve the SIlver Award in the next year so she can add it to her college applications!!!


Do any of your recognize that chickie on the right??? My good friend and scout Mom Dawn and I used to still do get into some giggle fits….she me WE almost got ourselves kicked out of the sea world sleepover for laughing. NOT the girls, US!!!!


Lo has been playing softball since she was 5. I had the great idea for her to sign up for TBall in kindergarten. Coach and I volunteered to coach a team. Who would have thought that 10 years later this sport would almost consume our lives? I helped coach the team until she was in 3rd grade, that is when the girls were throwing harder than me, and it HURT to catch their torpedoes balls.

Lindsay also played ball for a few years…but she was more into the social part of the sport and NOT the actual sport itself….then she found dance; her real love.

Lindsay Thunder Softball Spring 2004

LoLo giantsLoLo vipers

Lauren State tourney

LoLo slapping Mom in background praying.LoLo tag at 1st

We have a full summer of softball and Dance….as both are year round activities in la Casa Day By Day.

That is my take on S for today…to see what other folks came up with, go and visit Jen at Unglazed for A-Z Mondays!!!

Happy Monday


  1. you know... i almost picked souting for my s word... but i didn't have time to scan in photos :) i have to say... your scout troop was the best!! we had some of the greatest times together... who woulda thunk it that our two unlikely cheerleaders would have brought us to this friendship... and almost out of seaworld!!

    ... and you were so kind to coach to write that softball almost consumes your life. almost? really? see, you are too nice!

  2. How neat that your girls do these things, and what wonderful parents you are for being so involved and supportive.

    I went to a girl's camp every summer and loved it. I am not the outdoorsy type, but I have fond memories of scout-type activities.

    Your girls are awesome! So are you!

  3. What wonderful memories you have. There should be more parents who take an active interest in their children's activities. Especially the activities that start with S.

    good job Suzi Q

  4. Wow.. how fun! I wondered as I read along if you'd taken the girls to Sea World and you have! I've chap'ed a Sea World sleepover too.. what a total blast, if you can look over the sleeping on the concrete floor part. ahem. But we loved it too! So glad your girls have such a fun mom that's not afraid to get out there and do stuff with them. Woohoo!

  5. What a wonderful post with the pictures of your daughters through the years. My son was in scouts and two of Betsy's granddaughters play softball, so we know how much time is involved in both. I'm impressed with your girls and with you.

  6. Such great memories! Up here in Canada I don't believe we have any girl Scout troops. We have Brownies, GirlGuides and then PathFinders? Very cool.

  7. I'll say it again: you are a GREAT mom. Camping? With a group of that many girls? Maybe you will be sainted later.
    The photos are precious. It's such a wonderful thing, to see our kids finding their passions and enjoying their lives fully. I love it when they find out more about who they are & revel in it, experience it and love themselves (& others). That is such a healthy foundation for a good life. It's obvious that your two girls have been blessed by a lifetime of love and care. What a joy. XO

  8. Great S! I love softball....and was only a scout for a short time...but both my girls were scouts...and one earned her Gold Award! Go Lo and Linds!!

  9. I want to be in scouts - looks like a lot of fun to me!!

  10. What great parents you are. I so admire you and your children and their dedication to their different passions. Fun to read about the memories and the photos are great.

  11. Happy Monday Suz; aka Super Mom!

  12. Do ya see it? Look really, really close. There it is, now do ya see it - it's your halo, because you definitely have to be an angel to put up with that many girls for that amount of time. Way to go "good mommy", this world needs more of em like you. What fantastic pics of the girls. Brings back lots of memories huh?

  13. were down with the softball bee... got the college world series coming up this weekend i do believe that will get some viewing time from us!!... and of course with scouts we can't forget the COOKIES! time of the year for that too!!! what a timely post today!!

  14. I worked with a troop for three years - only one girl stayed with scouts afterward and it was NOT my own daughter. Now we're about to decimate a Cub Scout den. I do believe that your daughters have a pretty amazing mom.

  15. I was a Scout leader for a total of about 17 years. Girl Scouts for 2 girls and Den Leader for 2 boys. I absolutely loved it.

    You reminded me of some of my co-leaders and mine "Lucy and Ethel" moments as we called them. Yes, there was giggling.

  16. That's awesome! It definitely brings back great memories. My 5th grader graduated webelos scouts and bridged over to boy scouts. He wants to make it throught to Eagle Scout. And for my little, he's 8, this was his first year in scouts. Time for me to do it all over. But it's worth it, it's a great organization.

  17. Enjoy it now, Suz... As I've said several times, they grow up SO fast... I miss those days of sports with my sons. My oldest is the only one who was ever involved in scouts. But they all played football... That was the big sport for us!!!!

    Great "S" post...

  18. I think I would have stayed in scouts if my troop leader had been as active as you:)

    What awesome action shots you have - I love that slide!!

  19. There is no better way you could have invested your time. GREAT photos!!

    Snow White is into an "S" activity as well...SHOW CHOIR!!! God help me, I LOVE it!! Their spring concert is tomorrow night, and we are losing 15 seniors. I've already packed the tissues!

  20. I loved being a Girl Scout leader. Especially camping with the girls. I miss baseball, too. My son gave it up for other pursuits when he hit High School.
    Both were good times!

  21. Gosh Suz, your post makes me wanna have babies! *well, almost* Ha!

    You know what I got out of your S post? That you have raised 2 very strong daughters, and you should be UBER-proud of that accomplishment. It is not an easy feat to accomplish in today's world, where there are a million external forces at work tyring to claim the right to raise your child for you.

    They are not only strong in body and muscle (WOW!), but obviously strong of mind and direction. "S"trong being the operative word of my comment, I love your S post!

    Tell your girls that they rule! And they are so damned pretty!!!

  22. Nice memories - and nice work Supporting your daughters! I know it's paid off! (Our S word was Soccer...)

  23. Wow those two last pics are AWESOME action shot, Busy Bee!

    You all lead very enriching lives, it's inspiring :-)

  24. What well rounded girls you have raised! You really are a great mom and so involved. I played softball until I was a freshman then knee injury in basketball got it the way! I loved to play! Scouts I was not involved in, but what a great experience to share with your girls!

    Super S Post!

  25. Well, would you look at that? I love the series of photos leading up the big girls softball.
    You are such a great mom.

  26. your daughters are sooooo cute!!

  27. I like your new rounded corners : ) I am VERY impressed! The girls are so adorable. Totally miniature yous. I am surprised you declined leading two scout troops at the same time. Very surprised. You seem like a glutton for punishment : ). I love that you and Dawn almost got kicked out of Sea World for giggling. Very sweet.

  28. Loved joining the gals at their scouting activities! SUch cute photos. The softball action shots are very nice too. Great S word!


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