May 06, 2009

I have a disease.

It is called:

I can't stop finding projectsintheyarditis.

Or is it keepinghomedepotinbusinessitis.

Not sure which, but I need a DR. Is there a Dr. in the house?

A bed in the back part of the yard that I was going to ignore:

Our retaining walls out front were long overdue for a cleaning, but of course the grossness was not this visible until all the plants were cut down. After some scrubbing (this is ONE of FOUR walls) You can see by the time I cleaned up the wall...the plants were already growing back. Only a few weeks time span.

And just to give some of YOU the heebie jeebies....Yesterday as I was cleaning one of the retaining walls a large black snake 'No Feet' slithered out of an area where I was apparently giving him a shower and came directly across my sneaker.

I let out a small gasp and he was gone. Wet and gone.

Later we found a huge snake skin fully intact. We measured it (cause we are silly like that) and it was 54 inches long. Am I capable of scaring the skin off of a snake?

I also found a dead rat that my senile, crabby, clawless cat drug up into my nice flower bed by our bathroom window too. Fun times. Fun and smelly times.

I get to play in the dirt today. And NO, I am not complaining one little bit....What are you doing for fun?


  1. Well, I have rainitis today---it has been pouring this morning! Your front entrance is so pretty and I love all your different flower beds. That is some kind of snake skin! I look forward to your next project. You must get out very early to beat the heat.

  2. I have that same disease!!!
    sandy toe

  3. at least you don't have swine flu.... but then that would be an excuse to lay around all daya nd eat bon bons :)

    your yard must be looking pretty darn great! i'll have to drive on by soon!

  4. I think I can help, I'm Dr. Gimmiall Yourmony.
    Dr Yourmony specializes in lightening your load
    of cash in your wallet!!
    Also i can call somebody, for the snake that is, and i think it was Dr P. Piper who got rid of rats, but he likes to barter in children. He might work something out for snakes and dogs you would have to call him for an estimate. By the way, you have an awesome yard!!

  5. You have been really busy in your yard! Are you ever coming out? :-)
    gross on that snake and the snake skin - I would be running and screaming from the yard!

  6. Had a black snake went across my sneaker...I may have passed out and not sure I would be able to continue the yard work!

    I wish I could catch the disease cleaningoutclosetsitis!

  7. Wow.. girl you been workin' haaaard!

    I keep looking at my yard and then I sigh. And then it rains some more. And then there isn't any time. And there it sits. Badly in need of a boost.

    How much do you charge???

  8. I do believe that a snake and rat - dead or otherwise - might be the Lord's way of saying, "You're healed. Projectsintheyarditis, be gone!" Safeindoorprojectsitis is far safer.

  9. Your yard is going to look amazing when you are finished. I hate gardening, but I sure admire those who enjoy it.

    I got a little chill when I read about the snake, flashback to my little brother throwing one on me!

  10. I have that same disease - I wondered who I caught it from :)

  11. You are green all over! You even have two green thumbs! I used to find snake skins all the time in CA. They were from rattlers.

  12. Well you certainly have been a busy bee!
    Snakes and Rats......Ug! I definitely would have screamed as if I was being murdered. I hate anything of that nature.

    It has been raining off in on in here in MA and it has done wonders for my little garden, it looks so good. Today is recycling pick-up day and I feel good about how much recycling we have done in the last two weeks.
    I just got a chance to sit and blog but not for long because my ironing needs to be done and I have a hat/beret to finish for my daughter.

    womansworkitis is what I call the disease that has no cure!

    Oh and if I feel really ambitious I might make some gluten free bread later today!

  13. Watching it rain. Dreaming about vacation.

  14. No

    not sure if you follow this blog but here is the link...I thought her article today might be of some interest to you.

  15. I wouldn't touch that snakeskin - eeewww! Although, maybe a science teacher would like to have it for her class.
    I found HALF of a mouse on the deck yesterday (Latte had eaten the other half. Who knows why they do this? And why eat the BOTTOM half? YUCK)!
    Please do try to watch the video again when your sound works; it's very sweet. HUGS.

  16. I don't know how you can act as though a snake slithering across your foot is just an everyday occasion.... wait, for you it might be huh. I have a snake story to tell as well, check my blog next week - HINT: Does Anaconda mean anything to you???

  17. I want your yard!!!! The boys and I are all sick, so for fun we are sitting around taking guesses at which of us are patient zero in our own private pandemic. You have a disease... we have a REAL disease.

  18. You just DON'T want me to come to your house for a visit, do you???

    Aren't you afraid of snakes?

  19. good stuff bee... what is up with you woman doing yard work and finding a lizard... karen ran into one too!!!... well keep them to yourselves cause i do not want to find a 54" inch anything slithering around me.....

  20. You motivate me to clean up all of my various yard projects Sue! I am super impressed with your energy level girl. Thoroughly impressed!

    Your diseases are hysterical...I happen to suffer from them as well, although to a lesser degree. You're an animal!

    Oh, and I am NOT down with snakes. I'm not afraid of them per se, but in the Afghan culture they are harbingers of doom and gloom, so they totally skeeve me out! Had that snake crossed my foot, I would have run back in the house, locked everything, sealed the windows, and buckled down to await armageddon. Jeezaloo!

  21. If the snake did not deter you, there must not be a cure for what you have!! aarrgghhh that would freak me out!! I am glad you are enjoying your yardwork.

  22. OK So I seriously think you should start your own consulting bus. Call it?
    Projectintheyardis by the Bee. I like that one or BusyBeeDoesItAllHomeDepotStyle

  23. Gross gross gross - I cannot deal with anything "snake", I just can't! You are VERY brave, madame! LOL!

    ps: want to come clean my yard when I have one? I pay in chocolate! :-D

  24. man, where do you live again? The Amazon?

  25. I would have SHAT myself if a black "no feet" snake crossed my shoe. Just sayin'.....

    You kill me, darling. Your yard looks PERFECT, how bout it?! Just go inside, eat some bon bons and ENJOY!!

  26. I was going to leave you a comment today but now? I am dead. Dead of a heart attack at the mere virtual-sharing of a SNAKe A SNAKE SNAKE SNAKE EEEEEK coming within 500 feet of me, never mind across my freakin shoe! Snake. Did you say Snake? I'm dead. Bye now.

  27. Wow you're one busy lady. Want to come and help me with my mulch and weeding? I have a disease too. Only it's the opposite of what you have.

    Much love from NJ,

  28. I finally get to work in the yard tomorrow--though we're having to rethink everything as water rationing starts in 6 weeks. No big green lawn for us.

  29. If the rain will EVER stop, I'll be able to get some yard work done!!!

    We have had two snakes on our porch since moving to "the country"...a copperhead last summer and a hog nose last week. There was some crazy bright green thing in the pool a couple of years ago....not sure what that one would be called!!! Needless to say, all three met their maker in short order;)

  30. You freaked me out at snake and then had me screaming ahh!!! at rat

  31. ewwwwwwwwww you can keep the snake and karenbergers idea is a great one, send it to school with the girls. i hate creepy crawlees... yes i am a wuss.

    you do work your butt off, dontcha girl... you must be a glutton for punishment. landscaping, ok. flowerbedding, ok. cleaning walls, hire someone!


  32. It's EPIDEMIC Suz!!!! Linda has had for over 20 years!! Not sure if there is a cure:-))

    Jerry in Tampa


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