May 09, 2009

The Day I lost my Flippin’ Mind

In honor of Mother’s day, a repost….. Last weekend my mom complained said to me that she was disappointed that I did not post anything on the weekend….so, for my Mama here is this ol’ post from October:

It started off as a typical weekend day.
I slept in.
I had my cup of coffee.
Checked on the girls, they were being typical as well.
One on the couch watching TV, one on the computer watching You Tube.
I made our bed. Coach left a few hours earlier for softball practice.

I went out to the back yard and fiddled with my compost.
I found several ant piles en route and went back and treated them.
I cleaned the guest bathroom.

I sent the girls to their rooms to clean.
I took the dogs out to the driveway to run a bit.

That was right before I started to lose my mind.
I heard something down the street. I knew what I heard. But I was
not sure it was real.
It was a sound that I had not heard in a hundred years.

My heart started beating fast.

I was getting a weird feeling in my head. In my hands and feet too.

It was not right. I was losing it.
I had to get the girls' attention.
I could not even be bothered with going back into the garage, through the mudroom door to get them. I needed them NOW.

I started calling for them from the yard. Lo.....Linds!!!!!
I ran to Lindsay's window and started banging, screaming her name. LINDSAY!!!!
The dogs looked at me like I was a crazy person. And I was.
Linds pulled the blinds back and looked at me like I was a crazy person. Because I was.
I screamed to her through the window:
She pursed her lips and said: You are lying.
I screamed through the window:
No, I am not, he is really coming...he is coming down the street!!!
Get out here NOOOOOOWWWW!!!
In a flash, she came out the garage with my wallet in hand.
I suppose she believed me now.
Then, I looked at her and remembered her Sister had been fooling around with a flute earlier...maybe that was what I was hearing.

Was I overreacting?
Am I really hearing the ice cream truck???

I asked Linds this...she said she can hear it too.
She started jogging down the driveway and then stopped....

This is when she realized she still had on her Hello Kitty boxer shorts and decided to change.

I almost lost it then.... I shouted: THERE IS NO TIME FOR CHANGING!!!!!
She ran back into the house.

I just knew she was going to miss this golden opportunity.
It was as if I had injected with a shot of adrenaline. I was a crazy person.

I started yelling into the house....Run Run, Hurry up, Run Linds, HUUUUURRYYY !!!!!!

By now Lauren came out and looked at me like a crazy person too.
I said to Lo:
Hurry and run down to the street and get an ice cream.
The ice cream man is commmmmmming!!!

She Just stared at me, kinda scared at this point. She did not want to go.
Linds came out and I could just see the front of the ice cream VAN coming into view.
I told her to run down there before it passes byyyyy !!!

You would have thought the ice cream man was giving away money, or even baby dolphins the way I reacted to his arrival...

She Ran down opened the gate and met the ice cream man in the street.
I had such a huge grin on my face by now, but my blood pressure was still very high.
I ran into the house for the camera. Knowing that this may never happen again.
The person driving the van saw me taking the pictures and most likely thought I was a crazy person too.

That is ok. I am alright with being a crazy person by now.

Lindsay came back in and we had a good 15 minute laugh about the whole thing.

I came to my senses and realized what a kook I am. This made me laugh all the more....

You see, we don't ever have an ice cream truck here. We live in a semi-rural area.
They just don't come around.
Or, if they do, we may be inside and we would never hear them coming.

Later on, after the incident Lauren said she thought someone was breaking into the house and I was telling Lindsay to run for her life.

Lindsay told me that the neighbors must think that I am insane.
She said I made it sound like someone was chasing her down the street with a knife.
Because I was telling her to run run run.

I explained to the kids that as a child we had the icecream truck coming by all the time...we could hear it blocks away.

Of course we could not hear our parents in the next room telling us to do something, but that truck...that truck was music to our ears.

Then it dawned on me. I wanted an ice cream and in all the craziness, I did not get one.
I called Coach and asked him to pick me up a push-up pop on his way home.
He did.

No questions asked. (that is a good husband)

If there was ever a thought that I was a normal person, well that is out the window with this little incident.

What makes you go loco?

Have a great Mother’s Day…and try not to lose your mind. Ok?


  1. You are so funny! I think you are the blogger I have missed the MOST in the past 2 weeks of stress! :)
    I thought about you last night while I was working in my yard - I totally understand your - what did you call it? Icantstopworkinginmyyarditis? Or something along those terms! Well, I think I contracted it from you!

  2. Oh...the ice cream man! There is NEVER a truck here either...but down at the park there is on's just not like when I was a kid.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. That was a good choice to rerun! Happy Mother's Day

  4. You really crack me up! All that and you didn't get an ice cream? LOL

  5. I love this story!! You are an awesome mom. My grandpa always keeps a box of push pops in her garage freezer. I forgot how much I love those. Aww...nice memories.

  6. LOL We never get the ice cream man here either. Love loved it when I was a kid. You just made you kids one heck of a childhood memory. Great story!

  7. The ice cream from the truck is so much more special.

  8. We don't get an ice cream here either. My boys miss that and I do too!
    Your story is so funny; you put a smile on face.
    Thanks for the great post.

  9. What a fun story! You certainly put a smile on my face this morning. I woke Harriet up from her nap laughing to myself!


    you're just as funny!! LOL LOL LOL

  11. This post is JUST AS FUNNY the 2nd time around.
    The ice cream man actually comes through our house quite a bit during the Summer.

    But as a kid, it was a rarity and when we heard him, I remember we raised our little heads (like meerkats in the wilderness) and ran (through people's yards), at top speed, to get to the HOLY GRAIL .... the beloved ice cream truck. :)

    Wonderful memories. :)

    Happy Mommy's Day to you and Bev!!

  12. now I fancy an ice cream cornet

  13. There's an ice cream truck that comes through here sometimes...but the guy that drives it seems like a weirdo, so no ice cream for me. I grew up in a very rural area, no ice cream man for me there either. In fact, I've never purchased anything from the ice cream man....just DQ.

  14. I can't believe you didn't get an ice cream...after all of that! That was quite a show you put on... for nothin'. At least you got a picture. We had an ice cream man at my Mamaw's house (small town) and when I'd go spend a week with them in the summer, it was the highlight of the day during those long, hot afternoons! Yes.. that blessed music takes ya back doesn't it? :)

  15. Normal is overrated. Great post!

  16. We don't have the ice cream man where I live either. But if we are somewhere and I see one I get very excited too and yell, "It's the Ding Ding Man!!!!"
    When we were kids our neighborhood had one, and he rang a bell--hence The Ding Ding Man. :D

  17. ooops! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

  18. the good humor truck was it for me when i was little. man did they have the best ice cream bars. you are one crazy susu... hey i gotta question, how do you strike out words like that, i would like to know, please. also, i saw little hearts somewhere too between words. where oh where can i pick up this blogger paraphinalia...?

    happy mudders day.


  19. Happy Mother's Day to you too! And Crazy moms are the best moms!!! Right? I'm right, right? I my I hope I'm right.

  20. That's funny because the ice cream truck used to come by our house all the time growing up too. I don't think I've EVER seen it in my neighborhood. All the while reading your post I know I would act exactly the same way you did because I want my kids to enjoy the ice cream truck as well. If they were giving away baby dolphins...well I'm scared to think of what I might do at the thought of that!!

    Hope you have a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!

    Much love from NJ,

  21. hey you may be on to something here bee. "chasing" the ice cream truck around seems to be a great way to get some exercise!!... happy mother's day to you and your mom!!

  22. Probably one of my top 5 favorite posts from your blog. You need to write a sitcom!

    Can't wait to hear about your Mother's Day. I hope you had a BLAST! ;-)

  23. I am laughing my *ss off right now!!! Remember that Eddie Murphy skit about the ice cream man? He got an ice cream and he was taunting his friends "I got some ice cream, I got some ice cream" and then he dropped it on the ground...

    You are VERY FUNNY SUZ! I wish you lived next door to me.

  24. You know why you don't usually have an ice cream man in your neck of the woods??

    Because you have snakes.

    Your ice cream man is smart.

  25. Too funny! LOL! I love this crazy story of you acting crazy. Now I know I am not alone. Thank you!


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