May 05, 2009

Buttercup Baby!

As a child, I remember learning the butter test.

We all know the butter test, right?

Plucking a buttercup flower out of the ground and holding it up to someones chin and if the reflection of the yellow flower showed up on their chin that meant they liked butter. Just one of those silly little things you do.

Really though, who DOES not like butter???

I must have taught this to the girls also at some point. Cause that is what you do.

I have a cute memory of Linds from when she was about 5, and as cute as a button. She had such a cute dialect/speech impediment...I loved that she changed words around all the time and still to this day, I use some of the wrong ways she said things.

But this specific memory we are at the ball park. I know, shocking.

We were walking along heading to meet up w/ Coach and Lo. When Lindsay spotted a cute yellow weed flower. She ran to it so excited, pulled it out of the ground and motioned for me to crouch down....I did. She held it up to my chin and exclaimed:


I remember laughing and agreeing with her...YES, I LOVE Peanut Butter!!

Truth be told, I could smack someone for a Reese's Peanut Butter cup.....But I am well aware that violence never leads to good candy. Been there, done that.

And speaking of buttercups, here is a video clip from One of my most favorite movies....There's Something about Mary. If you have not seen it, you simply MUST.

It is rated R, and not for kiddos...but I can watch it over and over and over.....So much laughing, it is nearly an ab workout!!!

Build ME Up Buttercup

You will have this song in your head for the rest of the day.....and YES, you are welcome!!!

What silly things did you learn and pass on to the next generation?


  1. As I was growing up, whenever a funeral procession would pass by us, my mother would always have us grab a button. She had said that if we didn't hold onto that button until the whole procession had passed, that we would have bad luck. Today, I don't physically grab a button but mentally I'm holding on to one for all it's worth. LOL

  2. OK...I have never heard of the butter test..very interesting!
    sandy toe

  3. I have never heard of the buttercup test! I will have to do this with Lizzie - although guess what? she does not like butter so much. weird kid...
    LOVE the Movie - thanks for the clip!! :)

  4. I remember the butter test! I also remember smashing acorns to "make" butter.

    Mmmm...peanut butter cups. When I went home to America to visit this past Jan., I asked other Americans here what they wanted. Peanut Butter Cups were the #1 request! They are like cigarettes in prison here. :)

    Your daughter is adorable!

  5. I remember the buttercup test! i also remember mischievously smooshing it on my sister's chin so she would have a yellow chin - ha,ha!

  6. Have I ever seen a buttercup? Don't know the test either. My kids are always checking the sky, "Red sky at night, sailors delight; red sky at morning, sailors take warning" or something like that. Why I learned it or passed it down, I don't know. Never was a sailor; never even knew a sailor.

  7. When arriving home from a trip, my Dad would always say 'Home again, home again, clickity-click' as we would all groan and roll our eyes. I can remember the first time those words rolled out of my mouth! Now I do it regularly for Pita and AB!

  8. Thanks for jogging my memory! I remember the buttercup test, and I love the movie, There's Something About Mary.

    I also like the Ladybug, Ladybug jingle, and little kids think the ladybug actually listens and flies away.

  9. Never heard of the buttercup test! Beautiful picture of your daughter.

  10. We always wished up on the first star. Ditty and all.

  11. oh... buttercups. i loved them as a kid :) and YES! i like butter, too! and you know, build me up buttercup is my favorite juke box song!! used to be my ringtone on my old phone.... oh, i miss that phone... anyway, as usual, you cracked me up... i have been hit by you for candy!!! no, i guess not relly. we would share, right?

  12. We always did a test with some tree (I am not a planty sort, so I have no idea what kind of tree) that had heart shaped leaves. So, if you pulled one and it came off whole, someone loved you. If the leaf ripped, you were unloved. Kinda sad, really.

  13. I've never heard of the butter test. Is it a "southern" thing? Your daughter is adorable!

  14. You just reminded me of Oh lady max !

  15. The "Do You Like Butter Test" was a household staple when I was growing up! We also made wishes when blowing those white fuzzy things (dendelions gone to seed?) into the air, and upon seeing the first star at night. Good times!!

  16. we go to "fit city" and when there are lots of kids playing in the dirt we tell them to save some in a cup for Santa Claus. Santa never gets to see dirt because he lives in the north pole and it always snows, and everybody gives him cookies but I always got the best presents when I left him some dirt. it is awesome to mold little minds isn't it?

  17. I still haven't seen this movie - just bits of it. That was such fun - loved that song when it FIRST came out, looooong ago.
    I recall the buttercup thing...we used to take the test, too. Thanks for the sweet memory!

  18. Too cute! Did you ever do the dreadful...pick a dandelion, force its wee head off with your thumb and sing "Mama had a baby and her head popped off, her head popped off, her head popped off". What on earth was that about? Heard my youngest singing that classic yesterday!
    Oh and I love "Something About Mary"

  19. ...never learned the buttercup trick...but I did see Something About "Me" LOL.....
    Happy Tuesday!

  20. Reese's is the BOMB! Ever try the ice-cream version? OMG... it's better than sex. I promise :-D


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