April 04, 2009

Parental Warning!

Lesson one:
If you do this to your baby.....

Expect to see this when they grow up:


After finding that baby picture of myself this week...The puzzle pieces are filling in..... A revelation of sorts.....sorta.

What can you blame your parents for???


  1. Never thought to hang onto those corks. Quite cool! And a funny post too :)

  2. Oh My Goodness, Suz.... Your Mama will kill you for showing that picture.... Funny!!!!!

    What do you do with the corks--other than collect them and put them in a bottle?

  3. I had no idea what those were! Can you tell I'm not a wine drinker? Nice collection.

  4. I'm afraid of the things they "didn't" take a picture of ;)

  5. I think everyone has one of those baby pictures...nowadays though you could probaly go to jail for it! Haha...

  6. Bwahahahaha!!! Well, since we're 100% Italian, I can blame my enormous ass on my family! We do like to eat!!

  7. My sister in law made a trivet (I think that's what it's called.... one of those things you set hot casserole dishes down on) out of all her wine corks.... it's really cute. She found a little kit and some craft place.

    I blame my mother for my short stature. As YOU know, both my parents are tall and I am VERY short. My mom used to give me bottles of WATER as a baby. She thought I was having too much formula! So, I'm convinced that's why I'm a shrimp. :) LOL.

  8. I think I have a picture almost EXACTLY like that!!
    I also have two bottles of wine in my fridge! ha ha

  9. I blame my mum for my increasing passion for rugby and my dad for my loyalty to Newcastle United football club ( which is a life long heartbreak...)

  10. Hahaha sooooooo funny!!!! If we did that nowadays we'd be arrested. I've thought about giving the kids shots of scotch once or twice!

    I'm extremely responsible and independent and I blame this completely on my parents. :-) I hope my kids can blame this on me when they get older.

    Much love from NJ,

  11. A cute post. I can blame my Dad for making me a Chicago Cub fan. Talk about frustration!!!

  12. LOL...I had no idea what those were, they looked like tubes of chapstick, and I sooo wasn't following! :o)

  13. mine's a long list, too!!
    dontcha KNOW, i blame my parents for everything wrong with me!!!! BWAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    kiddin. i couldnt resist.
    i blame my mother for my food addiction. it was used for both punishment and reward, growing up. also for comfort. i am orally challenged! thank god i have never been a smoker... (they both were) but i have battled food addiction all of my life. i will nevah be thin. i am 53. and i don't care anymore. too much energy spent on worrying about it. i am pretty active for my weight and i walk alot and ride my bicycle when weather permits, and i love to dance. just like ellen.
    so, there ya go.
    my life, in a nut shell!
    (erm, even a PLANET wouldnt hold the details of my life)


  14. Oh I remember when "aluminum" cans had the seam on the side and you needed a "church key" to open them! I have a scar on my finger from playing with such a can!

    Great photo! I wish I had more than a handful of pics of me as a tike!

  15. Was that beer or soda? LOL!

    You never fail to make me smile, my dear... and sometimes, shed a tear or two.

    I heart you :-)

  16. LOL! I made a trivet board out of my wine corks recently!

  17. Hmmm, recalling your life story, this seems to just fit right in.

    And all of those corks? I'd hate to see how many I would have if I saved them. Are you recycling them or something?

  18. I have a big glass container of wine corks too! I was given sips of beer at that age too so that's why I am the way I!

  19. That's too funny! I never thought of collecting those. :)

  20. Talk about an "Ah, ha" moment. You should totally send this to Oprah

  21. hmmmm... you said there was no way i had more corks than you... but you might be wrong :)


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