March 07, 2009

Blonde Moment #11

When we were kids my Mom would sometimes take us to a little diner for lunch.

Do any of you remember the little diners inside the drug stores?
The one I remember the most was in Grey Drugs.
I loved that they had swivel seats at the counter. So fancy.

My Brother Mark was 4 years older than I.

I don't recall what I ordered to eat, but I remember he always ordered the same thing:

A GIRL cheese sandwich.

This always perplexed me.

I knew he was not a girl.
SO how could he order a GIRL cheese sandwich????

It was a few years later, that I realized he was ordering a GRILLED CHeeSE SanDwicH.

Now that I think about it...perhaps I was ordering the same thing and I DID call it a girl cheese sandwich....but that was ok, cause I am a girl and I still like em'.

Ok. I have to say something about that adorable picture. I think this was my first day of preschool. Which was actually called "nursery school" back in the day.
I remember most of my shirts were ONESIES. Yes, they had snaps in the crotch. Could you torture a child anymore than to do that? Also, that skirt? Looks like one of those quick release deals a stripper would wear...the zipper goes ALL the way down.
If my taste had not evolved as much as it did....I could be hanging off of a pole right now wearing 6 inch lucite heels.


  1. Yep, just think where you could be right, you are so darn cute in that picture! I remember having some shirts that snapped in the crotch too when I was little....what was up with that? I love girl cheese are too funny!

  2. look cute...I bet you were really stylish back then.
    sandy toe

  3. But you were rockin' those knee socks!!

  4. Plus you have the Patriotic Red White and Blue theme going on. The zipper really is too much. But hey ... those were the days : ) An adorable shot of you and your brother. xoxo.

  5. Ah too cute. What a great memory. And are those the little twisty bits of yarn adorning your pony tails? The height of fashion for every little girl. Pretty sure we had an entire drawer full!!

  6. Look how ADORABLE little Suzanne was!!!
    I had those same snap crotch shirts too, Suz... weren't they awful??? Don't you remember having to go POTTY and all the snapping and "extra steps" that were involved?!

    The "girl cheese sandwich" is awfully cute.

    I remember going to eat at the driving range/golf shop with my Dad when I was that age. It seemed equally fancy. Crazy the things we remember.... I wonder what our kids will remember? :)

  7. I agree with Woody.... you WERE rockin' those red knee socks!

  8. What a sweet picture and a great memory. Our neighbor's little girl calls cheddar cheese SHREDDER cheese!

  9. You look adorable! I love the little pigtails! Have you tried wearing your hair like that again? I mean when it gets hot and humid?

    I like that skirt...and the onesy.

    I remember those lunch counters were everywhere! Woolworths had them in all their stores.

  10. My fondest memory of my grandma is going to those drug store counters and having a girl cheese, I mean grilled cheese sandwich!

  11. You two are adorable. That beautiful blonde hair, & those sweet faces.
    Yes, I remember diner lunches. My mom LOVES to eat in restaurants, and she is not snobbish about where. One place where we used to eat was the counter at Newberry's department store, where I would order a hot dog and a grape drink that was eternally circulating in the big tank; do you remember those? What was the deal with that? Not a slurpee, just a liquid. Anyway, there was a Marshall Field store, as well, and when I was older, we would have lunch there, too. Great memories; thanks for bringing it up!

  12. You are so freakin' adorable!!! Then AND now! And, who are you trying to fool? You know damn well you have stripper shoes with the lucite heel way in the back of your closet! Just like you have a pole hidden in the garage. "Oh, Coachy Poo, what do you say we spend all night cleaning out the garage...." ;-)

    I totally remember having to deal with the snaps at the crotch as a little kid! What was the deal with that?!

  13. I think you looked absolutely adorable for your first day of school, but how could the little boys concentrate on what the teacher was saying? Those pigtails were just begging to be pulled!

  14. Oh I think you were/are a Cutie Pie... I love the knee socks!!!! I'll even bet that was a NEW outfit for you to wear on your first day of 'school'.....

    I liked 'Girl' cheese sandwiches--even to this day. Of course I like cheese most anyway you give it to me...

    Have you heard the stupid commercials on TV advertising the Power Chairs???? That one man drives me crazy saying "Chur"..... Gads---he must be from Tenner-see!!!!

    Have a great week. I'll miss you. We'll be home Sat.

  15. My grandma always took us to lunch at the Woolworth's lunch counter--yes, the swivel chairs were too much fun.

    I had forgotten all about the snaps in the shirts. That picture sure is a slice of the 70's.

  16. OMG you are just so simply ADORABLE!

  17. Yes, I remember those Onesies but we called them body suits...and I remember practically peeing your pants trying to get those snaps undone. I wore a navy blue body suit with a big yellow flower pattern in my 3rd gread school pic...with big high ponytails!!!! Hey you and I where in style!!!! Thanks for the memory!

  18. i always wore those bodysuit things w/ the snaps at the crotch! but they never bothered me, i think i liked them alot actually :) i wore them w/ leggings!

    & slouch socks!! haha

  19. oh, so much to say....

    i remember my gramma used to take us into the diner in woolworths, which she called the "5 and ten." it never made sense to me, because i was a pretty good reader and the sign clearly said w-o-o-l-w-r-t-h-s... and yet she somehow got "5 and ten" out of that? :) i love a "girl" cheese sandwhich... in fact i had one for lunch today!

    now... about that outfit!
    the zipper CRACKED me up... especially that big round ring of a zipper pull!!! i am just shocked that you would wear the same thing to nursery school as you would to your strip job. really!

    and i can't believe you didn't even make mention of the RED KNEE HIGHS! did you think i wouldn't notice them? were you tryin' to distract me with the stripper comment??? okay, yeah... i had them, too. i even had the red "fuzzy" tights. hmmmm... at least that style has never come back... or has it?

  20. we had girlcheesed sammies wit mator soup. heehee
    you are a cutie. memories,,,,, in the corner of my mind...... such sweet talking memories..... blaaaaaah blah blah blaaaaaaaah...
    do i sound like barbara?


  21. Now what would you be doing hanging from a pole, wearing 6 inch lucite heels?

    I have lived a very sheltered life.

  22. Classic! I've made these kinds of mistakes. And I'm not even blonde. Never was.

  23. Theres a little girl at my preschool that still dresses like that. Her dad owns the school as well as 5 others and 4 subways. They have money to buy new clothes, but her mother just loves these older clothes. One day she was wearing a vintage looking dress and he told us he'd give us a bonus if we purposely ruined it! lol. I think she is adorable and has blonde hair just like you. Maybe i'll ask her monday if she likes girl cheese sandwhiches. (love this post!)

  24. He he. Now I have a hankering for a grilled girly cheese sammich and am on the hunt for such a cool skirt, only in adult sizes and for the bedroom only.

    Really. What WERE fashion designers thinking back then... um, all those drugs eh? LOL!

  25. What a darling picture!!

    Yes, we had a "dime" store with a lunch counter when I was a was called Grants. When we moved here and I had my kids there was a little store with a lunch counter...and my kids barely got a chance to eat there before it closed up...but they remember!

    Good times!

  26. You were absolutely adorable! I remember we would go to Woolworth's and sit on those same stools at the counter for our lunch. Oh those were good times. I would like to open an old fashioned soda shoppe with bee-bop music and all. Of couse since I'm not THAT old I'd have to do some research on the memorabilia aspect. HA HA!

  27. We used to go to Woolworth's. Loved that store. It was 'el cheep-o and the food was yummy.

    Now the clothes. Oh wow. The memories. It's hard to imagine we actually dressed liked that! It's even harder to imagine that all those styles are back! Yes, the leggins and tights are all back in. Not that I'd wear them again. But little girls do look so cute. And you were a little darling, Suz. But, um, yeah, forget the lucites.

  28. What a cute picture - I love the pigtails!

    We had a little drugstore in the small town I grew up in that sold milkshakes. They made the best ones - I wonder if they are still open - they just might be!

  29. I must be WAY younger than you because NONE of the drug stores we went to had diners. Or maybe Pa just wasn't as cool as Florida.
    I think you would LOOK fantastic in 6 inch lucite heels. Hot as can be....

  30. You were such a cutie pie!

  31. I believe I had the exact same outfit....snap-crotch, red socks, and all!!!

  32. When I was little my granny used to take my twin sister and I to Woolworths, Thrify's and Kresege's and we would spin on the seats. My granny would threaten to never take us again but she always did.

    The only thing missing in your picture is a Mrs. Beasly doll!

  33. LOL! Found you from a link on Alive in Wonderland. This post is a crack up... especially the commentary on your nursery school outfit!

  34. Oh my, Suzy Q, I remember you in that outfit!!! And I remember the mail basket by the green front door of 1016 Troy Blvd!!! Definitely a blast from the past! Love ya!


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