February 26, 2009

Nearly a Tragedy

Remember my excitement about getting a Dyson through our American Express points???

What? You didn't see it on CNN? arrived and....

Ya'll won't believe this......

The delivery man (not the brown truck, the other one) thought it would be a good idea to throw it over my gate instead of calling from the gate so I can open it.

Can you see the box...on the left? It looks like he TRIED to launch it towards the soft grassy part...yeah, that is where you throw a priceless piece of domestic machinery.

So much easier than pushing the CALL button at the gate. I was clearly home too, garage wide open, MY car just sitting there.

Cocoa is wondering **what the hey??**

To say this driver has a brain cell is giving him too much credit.

That is not the worst part though.
It looks as thought it has been hit by a mack truck at least 3 times before this last guy got a hold of it.

Can you see where the box has been ripped open and then TAPED back up.

I have seen homeless people take better care of their parcels.

Needless to say within 5 minutes I had calls and complaints into the delivery service with a formal complaint against THIS driver and the entire company.

Also a call into American Express letting them know the situation and asking if I should even UN TAPE the box and look inside.

I was afraid it would be in a million little purple plastic pieces.....

But alas. It survived.

It is a survivor.

It works.


I was only able to spend about 15 minutes with it yesterday....

But today I am hoping to really get to know he/she better.

I have to name it....what do you think????

Possibly Belvedere......or perhaps Rosie (the robot)?

I will give my full consumer report on this baby after we have some time under our belt!


  1. What about Barney...since it is purple and all!

    Plus I think it has to be a masculine name...just seems more fun to have a MAN doing the job!!

  2. I am SO excited to learn what that baby will do for boxer hair!!!

  3. What a dipshit!!! Glad it wasn't damaged. I think I'd still demand a new one, though, since you never know what may have loosened or cracked, and just won't show up til you use it for a while :(

  4. That is terrible..I think I would be calling someone's boss??MMM..who could that be?
    ~sandy toe

  5. Chi, I was concerned too that something might break because of this. Am/ex assured me that there is a 5 year warranty and they also noted that the box was very damaged too.

  6. What did that driver think - that he was tossing a package of feather pillows over the fence? What a moron! I'm anxious to see if you like your Dyson as much as I like mine.

  7. What the hell is wrong with people??! Honestly!

    You MUST blog about the Dyson. I'm on the prowl for a new vacuum myself and want to know what it's like.

  8. Oh, you lucky, lucky girl...the dyson is my dream car :). I've been saving for "the animal"...I like the name Belvedere.

  9. Typical delivery status - That's probaly why he tossed it over the gate and ran!

  10. Wooo--Suz... I'm glad the Dyson is OKAY after that experience. Proves what a good product it is.. Hope you love it!!!! I know you are in 7th heaven while CLEANING... Gads--what's up with that???? Wanna clean my house????


  11. I'm glad you didn't have heart failure when you first saw that box inside the gate. But I am glad the Dyson survived and look forward to a full report. (Don't make it too glowing -- Betsy might want one!)

  12. i actually gasped at your report... GASPED! seriously... who would do this to your precious purple dreamboat??? i hope he beind bars as i type. (eric was on duty yesterday... you could've called 911!!!)

    i do think Rosie would be a fitting name... although Matilda is coming to my mind also... Oh! and then you could waltz!! (you know, the song Waltzing Matilda? no, me either, but i have heard of it)

    okay... about the gate- perhaps it is time to retire it. your gate sagas put me over the top!!!! in a good way... of course!

  13. I just call my Dyson "Honey" because I am so in love!

  14. Poor baby, being thrown around like that! Glad that you told the company, as I think they might want to give that driver a bit more job training.
    I can't wait to hear more about this developing relationship...I'll see if I can come up with a good purple name. It reminds me of Kool-Aid or grape juice, taffy, etc.

  15. I can't wait to see it in action!! Did I tell you I was jealous? I am...big time.

    Cocoa and Ozzie should have taken that guy down.

    Your gate is so pretty! The one here at the compound is ...well, less impressive...and frequently battered.

  16. I just can't believe he did that. Sounds like the delivery people we are dealing with over here.
    Nice gate!!

  17. I was reading this I though to myself "You need to name this...", but, you were ahead of me.
    I vote for Rosie. :o)

  18. Glad it survived being hurled over the gate. Hope you enjoy it!

  19. I am voting for "Gladys". It'll grow on ya if ya give it a chance. Don't forget to put my house on your ever-growing list. lol ENJOY!!

  20. Oh. my. GOSH! I can't believe that! (you have a nice gate though) What's up with ppl ordering their vac's thru the mail all of a sudden though? Soemone else blogged about getting hers thru the mail. I got mine at Target. But I looooove it. I could make a new cat with the mess this thing picks up in just one pass! :) Hope she keeps working like a champ for ya!

  21. OH the nerve of that guy! I vote for a manly name for your new toy since it's sounds better having a guy do the Have I told you how jealous I am? I can't wait to hear what you think about it and what name you settle on...and pictures...we need pictures! Have fun!

  22. Where did you go? I just realized I lost you on FB!!

  23. OMG I cannot believe he launched it over the gate!

    And I vote for "Mr. French"

    am I showing my age??

  24. awwwwwww poor lil dyson. whatta trooper to survive such a fall. did you check his lil face and hands and feet to make sure he was intact? bless his lil purple sucking abilities...
    as for a name for it, i like "bruiser the suck up", since he DID survive an abusive delivery. BTW did you call VPS? (vacumm protective services) and file a report? i sure would.
    as for the guy who "dropped him off" i would stick a potatoe in the muffler of his truck and let him see how much fun breaking down somewhere secluded, can be.
    whatta moron.

    erm, is that your private very own gate.... or is it for the neighborhood you live in?

    it's very nice. and white, i must say.


  25. I love my UPS driver; he would never in a million years do such a thing.
    Neither would the FedX guy. Yes we treat them good at Christmas.
    I'll throw in the name Alice. I always liked the Brady Bunch

  26. I'm with The Girl Next Door....Mr. French is such an exotic name for your new "love"!!! (Your relationship is bordering on risque.)

  27. For once I feel grateful to be poor enough to not have a gate with a call button.

  28. You'd think that the delivery person would be more professional and curtious considering that everyone's job are on the line with today's economy. I bet someone who has lost there job in recent months; he has become homeless would love to have that job.

  29. I cannot BELIEVE the driver HURLED it over the gate. What an idiot. (I just checked with Hubster - the UPS man - this is NOT proper protocol.... especially considering your car was VISIBLE and the call button was right there...). BAD Fed Ex guy!!

    Let's see... names.... I think it needs a MALE name. "Barney" maybe (purple and all?) or perhaps "Bruiser"? (bruises are sometimes purple....) I'll give it some more thought.

    I'm so excited for you!!

  30. The outside looks great- let's hope the insides aren't damaged!

    Name...hmmm.....I guess Fed Ex is out...or was it USPS?

  31. It would have been hard to imagine without all the accompanying photos... jeebus on a stick, wtf is WRONG with people, eh?

    *shakes head*

    So glad it works well and that you love it! Now don't forget to let other play, er, work with it too! LOL

  32. What about Jeeves? Wasn't he a butler or something? I could be wrong. If not I like Mr. Belvidere.

  33. I would have been ticked!

    Lucky you though, very nice!

  34. Just tuned into your blog and really enjoyed it! I have been wishing for a dyson for some time now..:) Oh how things have changed! Hope you don't mind if I follow along for a while.

  35. Oh, I am dying to hear how great it is : ). That driver is a little insane! I am glad that Belvedere is a survivor though. That vacume knew a good home when he saw one! No wonder he is still working.


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