February 18, 2009

My Very Perfect Day- Part Deux.

If you did not read the first part of my perfect day, it is right here.

The 4 hour massage that my family surprised me with was just so wonderful. I slept in a "trance-like" state through most of it.
I felt so refreshed when I was done and I it was like I had been on a week long vacation.
You know that feeling of being well fed, well slept and not an ounce of stress in me. (don't know that feeling?)
The spa knew what kind of state I would be in after the long massage so they arranged for a limo ride back home and someone drove my car to my garage for me. Such great service. I love that place. I will have to go again real soon. Like next week. They are running a special for the next week: "A 4 hour massage, A facial and A manicure & pedicure for $39.00"

Can't beat that with a stick can you? Yeah, I did not think so, so I booked mine already.
When I arrived at home, everything seemed normal at first. I unlocked the door to the mudroom and I noticed that things were NOT normal. I noticed at once that the grout in our tile floor was impeccable. It was perfect and without a stain as it was the day we moved into this house. Then, I heard from the kitchen, some chit chatting. I was so surprised when I came into the kitchen. It was
sparkling. From the stainless steel sink to the wood cabinets. And, as I was wondering who would have tackled this job......I again heard the chit chatting of people...I looked into the family room and there sitting on our sectional and some on the floor cushions as well, was every chef that appears on Food TV.
Yes, including some of my very favorites: Rachael Ray (I call her Rach), Bobby Flay, Paula Deen, Tyler Florence, The Barefoot Contessa, Guy Fieri (my mom says he reminds her of Coach, I think 'cause they are both loud ) and that cutie patootie Giada De Laurentis.
Emeril was going to join them, but he moved over to Planet Green and was too busy. (whatever Em.)
I was just thrilled to see all of them here....I was speechless. Which is really rare for me. I just assumed they knew I was a fan of the network and I often went to their website to check on recipes. I am guessing that I am the only one.....right?
As I found my voice and began to speak.....they started moving. and moving fast.
At once, all of them started pulling out pots and pans and were pulling items out of my fridge and pantry.
They were whipping up gourmet meals left and right.
They were making these fabulous dinners and then putting them in Tupperware containers.
Before I could even ask what the hey was going on, Rach with her perky self explained to me that I had won a years' worth of dinners from the food network.
They were making all the meals and then putting them into a new commercial sized freezer in my garage.
This is the best prize EVER.
I won't have to cook dinner for a YEAR. AN ENTIRE YEAR.
Holy mackeral, I am already in my head planning what I will do with that extra time everyday. hmmmm....scrapbooking, reading, blogging, exercising....the possibilities are just endless.

What would you do with an hour and a half free each day?

to be continued...if my heart can take anymore.


  1. We would seriously get along as all of the above sounds like a dream come true to me!! Not having to cook.....not having to go to the grocery store....the chains have become unbound! I am free! Okay - so now I have an extra hour and a half - what would I do with it? I would take my Bernese Mountain Dog (one day I'll have one!) and my camera and we would go walking down a beautiful path (no mud) through the woods (no bears to bite me) and I would take photographs of the most beautiful birds and wildlife. Hopefully i would be able to prove the Ivory Billed Woopecker is still alive and then sell the photograph to Nat'l Geographic.....
    Oh the possibilities are endles.....

  2. A massage like that...I can't even imagine. To not have to cook for a would I do with an hour and a half free every day? Now that's a good question...if my perfect day included someone to tend to the little people during that time then I would take a perfect nap!

  3. LOVE IT... I'm so trying to figure out how I can get in on this perfect day of yours!

  4. Sounds like your day just keeps getting better and better. I wouldn't want them all to cook for me, as I LOVE to cook, but I WOULD want their professional kitchens and equipment, plus for THEM to stock the pantry for me. I WOULD, however, LOVE for someone to come and clean for a year. (For some reason, the only "famous" name that keeps jumping into my head right now is Heloise!!) That would be awesome. Aw, who am I kidding, I'd want them to clean for the rest of my days!!!

  5. You truly crack me up!!! With an hour and an a half extra a day I would exercise. Really want to do it but just run out of time!

    wow...meals for a year! That would be nice. Would be even nicer if they were meal that ALL the boys would eat and not turn their noses up at!

  6. Perfection here on earth? I'm starting to really worry about you....don't make me repeat myself.

    One word...Miralax

  7. Ok.... I'm REALLY moving in to your fantasy world. I was laughing out LOUD at this!! (I especially loved the "whatever Em"!) Ha!

    So cute, Suz!

  8. I don't cook...ever. My husband does. I do however keep my kitchen sparkling, so I'd rather have a housekeeper. That Heloise suggestion sounds great there ChiTown Girl. This perfect day of yours, Suz, is can I get one!

  9. Sounds like a piece of heaven, yes?

  10. I absolutely love your site. This is my first time here but definitely will not be the last. You've got to love a creative mind!!!

  11. so funny we both had "perfect" posts. Must be something in the air.


  12. ....gee I just could have imagined help while I fixed up my mom's that would have been prefect!

  13. How can your day possibly get more perfect than it has been so far?

  14. Could you just send them all my way when you are done?

  15. When you get to the part about how your day ends, could you keep it PG? UmK, Thanks:)

  16. Oh. My. I am speechless.
    Well, for a second I was anyway : ).
    I would LOVE to have the people from food network cook for me for a year too. How blissful would that be? I can't even imagine. Every day when I am driving home from the city, I think, what is in the freezer? What creative thing can I do with chicken tonight?

    If I had an extra hour and a half I would read lots of good books. I just love a good book... I might sleep too. A nice nap is hard to beat.

  17. The only problem with this, Suz, is that you would never let all of those chefs cook in YOUR kitchen--even if they are good friend like Rach. What if they put your pots and pans back where you can't find them??? What if they load the dishwasher wrong??? What if they spill something on your spotless stove and oven???? Yipes---that would be horrible!!!! You better back up that dream and have all of those meals DELIVERED...

    Tee Hee Hee...

  18. You are a glass of cold refreshing water on a hot dry summer day... thank you for this beautiful gift!!!

    *sighs blissfully*

  19. I'm moving in. Now. Snakes and all...

  20. I love the 2nd perfect day more than the 1st! I love the FoodNetwork. Having someone make wonderful meals that I get to enjoy for a year would be delightful! And YES to what Tara said. If everyone would eat them that would be an added bonus! I don't mind to cook...when I have time. It's the running back and forth trying to do more than 3 things at a time that kills it for me although I'm so happy once we sit down to dinner. Can't wait to hear what day 3 has in store for us.

  21. Thanks for following! I'm thinking of calling my daughter CJ for Calamity Jane. Her real name is Peyton and it's a pain to say. The "ton" is what ruins it. :-) CJ fits her so well. Both boys are done and finished with their birthdays. Free and clear until next December!!!!! Woohoooo

  22. If I had an hour and a half free everyday??? Hmmm.... let me see, I think I'd lie down and read a celebrity gossip magazine (InTouch)! I think it's been about 3 years (since Kaeden was born) that I actually devoured one from cover to cover (and loved every minute!)


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