February 19, 2009

Wallpaper removal Day 1, 2 and oh heavens day 3.

I recorded my thoughts while doing this a while ago, just prior to us starting the bathroom remodel. I never posted it, and since I have Nothing to say today, (really, nothing) I figured since I went through the trouble of writing it back then, I may as well post it.

No one ever died reading a boring post.

have they?

Well, I take it back, I almost died one time reading a boring post.
Sorry, if this causes death or maiming to anyone.

Mind you, I am only removing wallpaper from the toilet room. Approx 4ft X 5ft and 10 ft high ceilings. Should not be a big deal. Right? right.

Day 1
I start pulling off paper.
It does not come off like tape?
I have to get if off by 1/8th inch increments?
I asked myself at least 10 times what on earth made me want to have this wallpaper put up in the first place. Was I on some sort of medication 10 years ago?

Having never removed wallpaper before, I entered into this clueless.
I got some advice from the web and thought I would have this job licked in no time.

I had no idea it was going to be this tedious.
Not only did I not get very far, I am pretty sure I have lung cancer from the chemicals I was using.
I will have a new plan for tomorrow. I won't be doing it this way again.
My right arm is a bit sore. My fingernails hurt.

Day 2

I called my FIL on the East coast for his opinion. He was a painter and did a bit of wallpapering way back when....

He had some great ideas. And suggested using vinegar and water instead of the chemicals.
HELLO? Why did I not think of this "green" way to do it? geesh.

Plus a big razor sharp scraper. Easy Peasy.
I head to the hardware store to get some more supplies, including a huge jug of white vinegar.
After leaving the hardware store, I passed several men waiting in the parking lot.

*Oh, Day laborers.... the wheels in my brain start moving*

I thought to ask one of them to come help me for the day, but I was not sure how to say
strip wallpaper in Spanish.

I know how to say stripper in Spanish.

I refrained though, I thought I could get myself into trouble.

FIL's ideas advice was good.

This worked out much better. I feel as though I am making some progress now.

My right shoulder and elbow are hurting me. Plus all my fingers are a bit tingly.

The bathroom smells like Easter Eggs.
I love Easter.

Day 3

Look at me now. really getting this job done.

I can't feel any of my fingers and I am pretty sure I have "scrapers elbow" now.

But I can almost see an end in sight.

I may need some parts of my right shoulder replaced.

I wonder if our new insurance covers shoulder replacement?

This is the bathroom today. I managed to finish it up pretty well. Note, Coach is still working on my big storage cabinet in it is pretty bare.
I know you all are thrilled to see my new toilet. Pretty right?
I almost had him talked into one of those fancy smancy bidets. really, I did.
But I would have to give up my storage cabinet to fit it in next to the toilet.
I would have traded that storage though for one of those toilets with spraying water and a blow dryer. That would be deluxe. You know you want one too.
Admit it.

My stalker- shadow Dog, Ozzie is wondering why I am taking a picture of the toilet.

I am also wondering this.

Did everyone make it? No injuries?


  1. I am in awe of the large storage cabinet. Can not focus on anything else. Want large cabinet. Need storage space.
    What?! Oh the toilet room looks lovely, you did good.

  2. I bought a house full of wallpaper...My girlfriend and I took down the bathroom..THAT WAS IT...the next day I called a contractor...there are some things I just can't stand to do...TAKING DOWN WALLPAPER!
    -sandy toe

  3. Amuzing. You can take something as boring as removing wall paper and make it funny. Reminds me of the times I have peeled off my share of wallpaper and it's not something that gets done in a day...ugh!

  4. My best advice for wallpaper removal? Let someone else do it!!

  5. I wanted to leave you a comment, but I died of boredom..... ;-)

  6. What a cute post and it just reinforces how much I hate removing wallpaper! It is looking good and I look forward to the finished project. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  7. Boy does this bring back memories.... I decided to take on Wallpaper Removal in our last house, one night, with insomnia, when I was 8 months pregnant. YES. It seemed like a GREAT idea to drag the ladder into the bathroom, HOIST my rotund self up there and start yanking away. Can you imagine???! I wish someone would have gotten a video... SURELY it would have made it to the finals on AFV.
    And no, it DOESN'T come off like tape. In fact, mine came off with big chunks of sheetrock/drywall attached to it.
    I did HARM to our poor bathroom. BUT, the harm was repaired, the house was sold, and I swore never, NEVER would I have wallpaper again. And I have KEPT that promise. :-)

    So yes, I can relate to your story, darling.

  8. So far, so good. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who appears to have project/craft/home work ADD. And I gave you a shout-out on my blog. THANK YOU for the card!THANK YOU!

  9. What a chore...and it wasn't a boring post because I didn't have to help take the paper off...just observe like Ozzie.

  10. I notice that the first pic has sunlight streaming through the window. The last pic is dark outside. Very ominous. Am I wrong to say I liked the stripes?

  11. I don't envy that backbreaking work but look forward to see what you do with your bathroom. This post wasn't boring - I was wondering when you would try a new method to bring down the wallpaper as I was reading and you FIL came thru! Yea! :)

  12. survived but on life support
    Just joking.. ha ha

  13. Wallpaper stinks. Our house had bad wallpaper jobs all over it... the last of it was removed when we remodeled few years back. Went from 6 rooms being papered to 'just' the entryway. And yes it's a booger to get it off. I made quite a nasty mess in one bathroom peeling it off and since it wasn't applied properly, the drywall came off too. loooovely.

    Your new potty area is pretty. I'd go for the storage unit too! : )

  14. I love me some DIY, but the one time I peeled a wallpaper border from the bathroom of a home I just bought, my dad had to do so match patchwork to the drywall that next time I will just torch the place.

  15. Oh I can sympathize with you, Suz, about your arms and shoulders hurting. When we painted the inside of this house before we moved in---I thought I would die because my arms hurt so bad. Needless to say, I could never have pulled off wallpaper---so I admire you for doing it!!!!!

    Don't know why you couldn't get that fancy toilet. If you had have played your cards right, you could have gotten one that washed and dried your dishes for you also.. AND---one that automatically took the smell away (with none of those sprays --or even matches like my mother-in-law used to use)....

    Ha Ha Ha...
    Love this post.

  16. I'm still alive! Oh that wallpaper removing is the pits. Hubby does it...I might break a nail...LOL. He put a steamer in the room and shut the door. The wallpaper virtually fell off the walls. It was like magic! Well, almost. At least it was for Me, because I didn't have to do anything except keep him company...well, I did give him many directions. What new wallpaper did you choose, Suz?

  17. If I got paid for the time spent in removing and wall papering in my previous life I would be FILTY RICH!!!

  18. This was included in my weekend at my mom's too! We found some stuff called Dep...or maybe Des....anyways it began with "DE," it's blue and comes in a sprayer like worked fairly well...not sure if it was "green" or not but it helped. We also had to take contact paper off of shelves...and the heat gun worked great for that...too bad it doesn't work on wallpaper!

    Your bathroom looks nice...I can't wait to see the end results :) The shoulder should be feeling better by then....have you ever used a rice bag? Take a soccer sock, fill it with uncooked rice and tie the end and put it in the microwave for a few minutes- put it on the sore muscles and it works just like a heating pad!

  19. i removed a wallpaper border once. once. It took hours. days. years maybe. i dont' know i have blocked it out, until your post brought back the nightmares. excuse me while i go find some gin...

  20. fancy schmancy bidet? Say it aint so! I am SO glad you decided on this regular standard toliet. If you had a bidet you would be way too hoity toity. I don't even want to think about it...

  21. Are you kidding me! This post was awesome :-D

    I'll be scraping off loads and loads of wallpaper soon and was dying to know of a cheap, green solution.

    Yey! I can do vinegar and water and a scraper, LOL!

    Pretty dog drinking bowl you have there. Teehee!

  22. Argh! Wallpaper--I hate the stuff--both going up and coming down.

  23. It already looks great! I hate scrapping off wallpaper - but the finished product is worth it!

  24. Oh dear. I have 20 year old wallpaper that SO needs to come down. I didn't put it up & mark my words - will NEVER ADD wallpaper to any wall of my home. You've almost inspired me... If you find out how to ask for it in spanish, let me know, I could use that around here too. :)
    I'm thinkin' of rippin' a piece off the wall right now just so I will stop putting it off...

  25. Your talents never cease to amaze me! But at least I now know why we don't have wallpaper in the house.

  26. If someone dies while reading a boring post, how would you know? Well, don't worry about me, I'm alive still. I did need an adrenaline shot in the middle of day 2...JK!


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