October 18, 2019

Stand up and look at those car tattoos.

It might sound like I'm whining about nonsense because I am. 
I know that in life we all get to make our own choices on how we live/act/handle/project/do life but really, it would be so much better if everyone did as I do.      *giggle giggle*

Example #753
Car tattoos.

And why the heck so many? Is this a ploy to distract me, because it really worked. Congratulations.

Like I told my girls eleventy thousand times, that's gonna leave a mark. 
Years ago I recall having a very lengthy conversation while traveling in the car with the Coach and both our girls about bumper stickers. 
None of us comprehend the concept. But then again, we might be weird. 
I might have been the only Mom who didn't put the "My child is an honor student" sticker on her white suburban back in the day even though we know my girls were (unlike their Mom) honor students. 

And since I'm ranting and raving. 
Wait, that was just one rant OR one rave? 

When you see someone slouched over, don't you want to run over and push their back IN and their shoulders back?
{Did you just straighten up?}
Let's be real though, I'm not running anywhere, but I've contemplated it just because it gets on my nerves and it hurts my back to see this. 
On occasion, after a few hours at my computer,  I've found myself hunched over before and I actually leave my body and see myself from across the room and wow-that looks so uncomfortable Suzanne! 
Straighten up and get your act together woman. Also, I should not leave my body so often in case I get lost out there.  

Now that I got all that off my back (!!) I feel a bit better. 
You know I'm just pulling your leg hairs...I'm really a ray of freaking sunshine. 

Any grievances you'd care to share with the class? 
Wishing everyone a great weekend doing something fun while having the best posture ever. 

October 16, 2019

Too much of a good thing keeps Suz happy.

I've been on a cottage cheese and pineapple kick lately. Every darn day. 

Breakfast? Sure. 

Snack? Hells yeah!

Dinner? Suz, you might need SOME variety in your life.  

One of the awesome gifts that the Coach procured for my birthday this year is flower delivery from The Bougs. You might recall he gifted this to me a few Christmas's ago and I loved it so much.
So, Suz gets flowers delivered every 2 weeks. 
Why, yes, I am a spoiled little brat thank you very much. And no, I'm not going to feel bad about that either.      *removes hands from hips and moves on*

If you know me at all, which I'm sure you do, I love having fresh flowers in the house. If I can't have them, I'll cut some stuff from the yard and bring it in. Weeds, flowers, tree branches, poison ivy. Some lessons are hard learned. 

Most of the bougs that come are so large that I have to split them into two or more vases; what a daunting job I have. 
 {I don't always watch Ellen, but when I do, I'm cooking dinner}

In the words of my Grandma, "IT LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE DIED!"

Gerbera daisies and eucalyptus. It smells like a spa in here!

The white roses lasted nearly forever. 16 days. That's almost forever, right? 

What a sweet and thoughtful gift from my one and only. I'm gonna have to pay him back with something special....hmmmm....dinner and a movie? A day of fishing? A day of me not asking him any questions? Goodness...he's hard to shop for!

Anyone else have anything they're digging lately?  

October 15, 2019

Birthdays and weekends~two of my favorite things.

This little nugget had his 54th birthday on Monday.

He was (and is) so adorable! 

We had a nice family dinner at home on Sunday with his Mom, Step-Dad and Linds. 

Then on Monday, we went out to dinner with his Dad and Step-mom. I love birthdays!
The Coach doesn't get excited about his big day...he can 'take it or leave it'.
ME? I want to be celebrated every freaking day. Well, without the getting-older-every-day-part.

We had a nice weekend at our little rental condo by the beach. It's been 6 weeks since we were able to get over there, so we were excited. Although the Coach was gone literally all day Saturday (5:30am-10:15pm) helping to coach a college team for the day.
Yes, he retired last year. Yes, he can't say NO when someone needs help.
We're hoping to get more time at the beach before the snowbirds arrive (agghhhh, they're annoying!) and before we rent it out for the winter.

So, is it weird that I won't leave a vase full of flowers at home? I always take them with me. ;)

Callie the Cow dog enjoys our visits there because that means I have to walk her. There's none of this 'just open the front door and let her roam'. The HOA would have our heads on a platter. So, really, it's good for both of us as we tend to get more exercise.

I'm still amazed at how good she is on a leash. We've had her just 4 years now and from day one, she was well behaved and listened as best as she could. For a dog that had NO training and had never lived in a home with people, but worked her entire life, she's adapted very well. She's getting close to 13 and seems to be in good health. Her hearing is going a bit, (mine too!) but aside from that, she's a happy camper.

I hope everyone had a great weekend as well!

October 11, 2019

Fall gifts from Bev

Isn't it funny how your Mom never really leaves you? 

Just putting out some Halloween and fall decor and BAM, there is my Bev.
My Mom loved giving gifts. She never had much money, but she always found little gifts to give; that was her love language.

~I've probably had the jack-o-lantern candle holder and the ceramic pumpkin on my dining room table for at least 25 years from my Mom.~

My Mom had a gift closet that was pretty impressive; nothing very expensive, just small thoughtful gifts. Bev passed away in June of 2015. When the family and I went to see my Cuz Patrick and give him the bad news he was very upset, but without missing a beat, he asked if She had already got him a gift for his upcoming (August) birthday. We all had a little giggle and assured him, that there was most likely a gift. She was always ahead of the game.  


In other random news, I'm re-doing my front butterfly garden. 

Not to be confused with my back or side butterfly gardens. The zinnias screamed FALL at me. Which was kind of jarring, but I purchased them anyway. And the daisies are just lovely; Bev's favorite flower. 

This is about as fall as it gets down here in SW Florida. But I'll take it. 

Have a great weekend~~xoxo