December 05, 2019

A few big things

I've been so busy with home/party/holiday/medical stuff and I feel like December is trying to crush me.
And not the kind of crush that makes you wear lip gloss 24/7.
But in the words of the great Gloria Gaynor: I will survive.

I just wanted to drop a few big things here on the blog.

My kale. (planted 8 weeks ago)
DaYuMMMM, it's big.
And it's also delicious sauteed with some garlic.

We're still working on our landscaping and I have a butterfly whisperer helping me out. He's eons ahead of me with butterfly knowledge. I mean he uses real names for them and not 'that big yellow one with spots on it' and has chosen some great plants; there is going to be a butterfly orgy when it's all said and done. Rated R for Ridiculous!

Look at the (BIG) size of this pipevine flower. Have you ever seen anything like this?

Well, now that I think of it, it resembles something I might have seen in health class.
This pipevine will attract the elusive (to me) polydamas swallowtail. If you hear some loud screeching soon, it's me finally seeing one in person!
Did you just roll your eyes and call me dramatic? 

I started to put up Christmas decorations and it was all good until I realized that I loathe my Christmas tree. I used to love it, but after the last 4 years of it losing sections of lights here and there, I declared that we are going to break up.
The new (unlit) tree is ordered, just trying to figure out what to do with old tree to avoid the landfill.
I've had two different Dr. appointments this week (it's only Wednesday) with two Orthopedics. I'm gonna just say that 52 is the age that my body is starting to turn on me. (knees & elbow/arm)
But again, I will survive. Thank you, Gloria.

We have a full weekend of fundraisers/parties and house guests.
Then I have two weekends of hosting parties; personal and our business party for employees. And I think Christmas is a minute after that.
And then someone has her 24th birthday. Spoiler alert, it's not me, hence the Dr. appointments.

I'm really not complaining because life is beautiful and I'm fortunate enough to have alll these plans. Also, we have health insurance. I'm gonna blame the orthopedic issues on something that one of my ancestors did in the past that I'm now paying for karma-wise. ;)
Thank you great-great-great-grandfather for doing something unkind to another person. You fart blossom you.
That made me chuckle; I love calling someone a fart blossom. Even if they're no longer with us.

So, how are my people? Anything positive that you can share with me?
Sharing is caring.


December 02, 2019

B*tch Champagne

The Dom story from Thanksgiving. 

{Lindsay who enjoys Dom and isn't a b*tch}

Many years ago (5?6?) while the Coach was coaching girls travel fastpitch softball we were very friendly with a family of the girls that he coached. (3 daughters, who played at different times for him) I liked the family, but they were a bit on the 'loud, in your face' kind of people. The girls were very sweet though and the Coach just loved them.
While at a travel weeklong tournament in Orlando, the mom of this family was having a birthday. My husband, ever the generous and thoughtful person purchased a bottle of Dom Perignon for her to enjoy that week at her rental house for her birthday.
Well, during that tournament, both the Mom and Dad of that family were irritated with Coach because of something minor....I don't recall exactly, but he wasn't 'playing' the girls as much as the parents wanted them to be played. And they were pissed. They caused a scene and you would've thought their life was over.
So, after the tournament week was done and everyone was packing up to leave The Coach went into their rental house to retrieve something of his and saw that the family had already departed.
He noticed the bottle of Dom Perignon sitting on the counter. *well, damn*
They were just going to leave it for the cleaning lady because they were so mad about the stupid softball game; I'm sure he spent over a hundred bucks on the bottle.
The Coach brought it home and we aptly named the bottle "The b*tch champagne."
I'm not a champagne drinker, so it sat in our beverage fridge in the theater/pool room for years.
I knew a special occasion would come and I could open and share it with people who appreciated Dom.
But then I never opened it and Hurrican Irma came and left. That champagne sat in the fridge when the power went out for over a week.
I just knew it wasn't going to be any good.
My Aunt mentioned to me a few days before Thanksgiving how much she loved the bottle of Dom that someone gave to them for their 50th anniversary a few years ago.
I said: "I have a bottle in the fridge, let's open it up on Thanksgiving and see if it's any good. Surely it's gonna be rancid."
Lo and behold, I opened it and it was perfect. Apparently b*tch champagne can handle severe temperature changes. Everyone loved it. Well, almost everyone.
I had half a glass and felt loopy. Back to the grapes for me. :)

It was funny and made me think of all the people over the years who would get so angry, or lose their actual minds over their kids sports and participation. Sometimes we run into these parents now and I want to ask: SO, how is your daughter doing in her professional softball career? Because there is no way you were that passionate about it unless she was going to be so successful that you could retire and live off her riches for eternity.

People need to relax. Don't stress everything your kids do or don't do and enjoy a damn gift when someone gives you one.

Now, on to the festivities and enjoying Christmas cheer.

November 29, 2019

The fourth Thursday in November is my favorite Thursday

Thanksgiving our way.

We don't always have Dom Perignon, but when we do call it B*tch Champagne.
I'll explain in another post, because it's pretty funny.
 {My Linds}
 {Coach's Dad & Step-Mom}
 {My Aunt Trisha & Uncle Jim}
 We took our family Christmas card pics on Thanksgiving minus our Lolo.
{Linds posing while I set up the camera}

Nathan was finally able to fly up and spend some time with Lolo this week. On Thanksgiving they drove about 5 hours south to spend some time with Nathan's Mom and family. So, Lolo wasn't with us, but she was with them and that made me happy.

{Nathan, Mattis & Lolo}

I've taken down my Thanksgiving tree and hope to put up my Christmas tree soon.
We had a great day with awesome people and fabulous food.

I'm just pulling your leg hairs....I don't have a Thanksgiving tree. Yet.

I hope everyone had an equally blessed day!

November 26, 2019

Smoking, singing, Thanksgiving-ing.

Happy Tuesday before Thanksgiving!
We're all a 'flutter around here and it's not just the butterflies.

As I type this, we have two guys removing & replacing (banging) some wood floors in the theater/party room, new countertops will be delivered soon and the plumber and electrician are on schedule for tomorrow morning.
All I asked for when we started talking about this project 6 months ago was that it was completed by Thanksgiving. So, if the workers depart 10 minutes before we eat, the Coach has come through. :)

The Coach is a busy smoking bee. On Friday he and some of our awesome employees smoked 700 lbs of turkey that will be delivered to the Bahamas, then he and my Uncle smoked 150 lbs of turkey on Sunday for the homeless that we delivered on Sunday evening.

{A freezer full of smoked turkey heading to Hope Town, Abacos Bahamas}

Need anything smoked? He's your guy. 

Saturday night we headed to a private party where some of our favorite songwriters were performing. 

Wyatt Durrette and the Coach. Wyatt won the Song of the Year at the Country Music Awards a few weeks ago for Luke Combs "Beautiful Crazy". (I think that makes 17 or 18 #1 songs he's written) He's a beautiful soul and we always enjoy our time with him. 

Our Friend Patrick Davis also performed at the party. (along with Levi Lowery) They're such sweet souls with lots of talent and we're proud to call them friends because they are also very charitable.
{Suz, Phyllis, Patrick, and Michelle}

It always pays to spend time with good friends. Suz got an unsolicited breast exam from Phyllis. Good news, I'm healthy!

My Aunt and Uncle arrived on Saturday and will spend the week with us, my Cuz Patrick arrives today. We only have 8 of us for Thanksgiving, so it will be small and intimate. Totally manageable and  I won't lose my remaining 3 marbles.

Wishing everyone a beautiful week and Thanksgiving day with those that you love to hang with and *cheers* to not losing your marbles!!